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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

John Pigskin Bro

John Pigskin Bro
I want to have a post about the most-talked about college football player since number 15 was smoking fools in Gainsville.  Johnny Manziel (I hate “Johnny Football”).  I don’t really want to get into the HESHOULDGROWUPNOWANDSTOPRUININGTHEGAMEOFCOLLEGEFOOTBALL hot sports take, (UPDATE…I DO)…
This was originally going to be a post strictly about John on the football side, but he has had such a brotastic summer that I have to get to his superstardom as well.
If you follow college football, you’ll notice a bunch of old guys who think Johnny is an embarrassment and that they know how a college superstar should live his life in college in 2013 that has nothing really to worry about.  Oh, and he’s a bro.  Don’t forget about that part.