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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Straight Ca$h Homey 2013: Week 1

This is the best time of the year. College football kicks off and there will be football every weekend from now until the Super Bowl. This year, I was approached by my buddy Rob (@iamnotajerk) who wanted to get in this straight cash homey. So when I get my lines, I send them to him. He does his picks with his thoughts, and then I respond with my thoughts. If I pick games that he doesn't, then I include those at the end.  He then will or will not send responses to those, because it’s a free country and who am I to have a gavel in my hand? We’re just talking ball and vegas, no big deal.  If keeping track seems confusing, YOU AIN'T GOT NO WORRIES. The picks will be laid out at the very end. NOW ONTO WEEK 1 YES FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL...this may also happen for NFL picks but since every game is +/- 3 points and any team can win for no reason, I may just keep those to Rob..WE'LL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE...

Rob is noted at "RP" and in black. My responses are after "JD" and are in blue.

Behind the scenes/techy dork note: writing emails in GMAIL seem to be terrible.  It auto-saves every third word and takes about 20 minutes to type a paragraph.  I am trying to figure out what works the best as I try to transfer and update the text, so the format of this thing may be jacked up.  Bear with me, or not.  Who cares, I’m not getting paid other than these picks.  America.


RP: The easy one first:
OSU -35 vs. Buffalo
12:00 ESPN2
Because The's schedule sucks, the best route to a national title game is to impress in every. Single. Game. Plust with suspensions to Roby and Hyde, the backups should want to do everything possible to earn playing time for later in the year. And Buffalo...well they're Buffalo.
JD: Agreed. The first games are always tricky because you never know what your team is and the suspensions and the hype and there are just a lot of questions. But...Buffalo isn't going to stop the Buckeyes and the Buckeyes will stop Buffalo. Also, Urban runs his offense with his 1s, 2s, 3s, and random students from the south stands. If it gets 28-0...he's still going to score. I'll be back at the tailgate by the early 4th with this game locked up. Not like Rice or Pitt in the 90s, but I think the Scarley and Gray are looking in the 60s. MACTION will have to wait.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Buckeyes: Fireworks like the 4th of July

Kickoff is right around the corner and what do we have here?? The Buckeyes are number 2 behind Saban the God. Preseason polls are stupid because the rankings are based on last year's bowl game, where the team is after spring ball, and/or where the team looks to finish because everyone can see into the future, but whatever, it's a nice starting point and something to talk about. I don't really rank the teams until after the non-conference is done and everyone is a few games into their respectful league play, but if you start high you have an advantage over a surprise team that is playing catch up the whole year.
What I want to do is look at the number 2 ranked team in the country and explain why I get aroused when the local guy comes on the radio and talks BUCKEYE FOOTBALL. Let's break down this team:
Coach(es): Strength
Urban's best year is his second, when the guys already buy in, know what the hell is expect and he can add more dimensions to the playbook. He also gets more of his recruits in there and can shape his personnel how he wants it. Big game coach, but also has a great view of the overall picture. Dominates rivals on the field and for high school 4 and 5 stars. 12-0 and he is just getting started