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Friday, September 28, 2012

Just a reminder...Wisconsin Road Uni vs. Nebraska

Just a reminder, this is happening tomorrow night. //shoots self in eyeball with nail gun...

Hm ok.  So last year, Michigan wore a "throwback" or whatever with a giant M on the front with a little number on the upper chest.  Ok cool.  That's how teams rocked their unis back in the day when there was no TV.  Nebraska took to it (another adidas school) when they showed off their "unrivaled" set with a big N on the front with a little number on the upper chest.  When the Huskers came out with that jersey, there were rumors and then an official statement that Wisconsin too, would have a special jersey for that game (another adidas school).

Well today, Wisconsin showed that special jersey.  And guess what?



Let's see, there's the giant letter of the school with a little number on the upper chest and diffe
rent color shoulders.  It's so lame and so copied and the teams will look the exact same.  One thing Nike gets is that they kind of got away of the "Nike templet" at least for special uniforms and occasions.  Not only is adidas copying what Nike started, which is fine.  New gear, new replicas, new money.  But they are copying themselves.  So the Ns will be playing the Ws.  Awesome!  Horrible job.  Jersey isn't bad, but I don't wanna see the Ns vs the Ws.  Do something different, for once.  Oh and the black socks typify the shittiness of this. #techfitisshit

Here's was the Ns will be wearing by the way:

Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Week 5 Picks

After my first winning week at 4-3, I rebounded to go 2-5 and fall 6 games back with a overall record of 10-18.  I have no idea what is going on, but the good teams aren't super good, and the bad teams show up once in awhile.  I can't get any worse, so once again, I am going with my gut and looking at the horrible teams and taking whoever they are playing.  A lot of favorites, a lot of double digits.  Week 5...

Money Game:
7South Carolina -21 at Kentucky
7:00 ESPN2
The 'cocks are on a roll and Kentucky is God awful.  This should be a cover around the 10:00 mark in the 2nd quarter.

9West Virginia -12.5 vs 25Baylor
12:00 FX
WVU only beat Maryland by 10 last week, and this is their first Big XII game against a ranked opponet, so look for Holgo and Geno to turn it up against a porus Baylor defense.  Monroe put up 30 against these guys, and WVU is no Monroe.
Miami OH -5.5 at Akron
2:00 ESPN3
I have been impressed by the Hawks since they showed a little in Ohio Stadium, albeit in a 56-10 drubbing.  Akron may be the worst team in the MAC and with Miami's passing game, they should score early and often.
17Clemson -9.5 at Boston College
3:30 ESPN2
Clemson is not the 17th best team in the country.  BC is one of the worst.  Classic rebound game.  This was my money game, but I couldn't look myself in the mirror if Clemson had a little $ next to its name.
UCLA -20.5 at Colorado
6:00 P12N
UCLA lost to those pesky Beavers and Colorado stunned Leach and Wazzu.  There is no way these Buffaloes can make it two-in-a-row and UCLA is going to be pissed.  They beat Nebraska and were a top 20 team.  20.5 is large, but the Buffs did give up 69 to Fresno and lost to Sacramento State.
15TCU -16.5 at SMU
TCU looked strong last week and SMU is God awful.  If Baylor can run SMU out of their own stadium, what is a legit Big XII contender going to do?  This game is not listed to be on television this week.  I may have a problem.
1Alabama -31.5 vs Ole Miss
9:15 ESPN
Nothing to see here, just business as usual.

Best of the Rest:
Minnesota +6.5 at Iowa
12:00 ESPN2

Texas -2.5 at Oklahoma State
7:50 FOX

Thursday, September 27, 2012

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Week 4 Picks

Coming off my first winning week (4-3 after starting 0-3), I am still near the worst picker of all time, Trapp in 2012.  My God is he horrible.  This week I am going back to my bread-and-butter...double-digit favorites (and Syracuse).  I am being a p*ssy though, putting up the 3 big night time games but not using them for my picks....the bad record this year has shaken my confidence.  Week 4 HERE.WE.GO....
The ole 2-5 and money game loss.

Money Game:
Maryland at 8West Virginia -27
12:00 FX
If the 'noles can put 52 on Wake, WVU can put 60 on Maryland.  The Thundering Herd's defense shows more heart than the Terps.
L 31-21 Barf.

Kentucky at 14Florida -24.5
12:21 SEC Network
If 'Bama can put 52 on Arkansas, a red-hot Gators team can put 30+ on Kentucky, coming off a loss to directional-Kentucky school.
W 38-0 Gators on a roll, and Kentucky trying to play basketball in the fall.

Miami (FL) at Georgia Tech -14
If Miami gave up 52 to Kansas State, then GT, who has found their groove after putting up 50+ on UVA last week, can beat the 'canes by two touches.
L 42-36 OT The U had an incredible comeback from GT's comeback and won in OT.  Bad betting loss.

2LSU -20.5 at Auburn
7:00 ESPN
Auburn is bad.  LSU is pretty good.  Big spread, on the road, however LSU has been known to step it up against good opponents and I gotta roll with the Tigers in purple and gold.
L 12-10 Auburn showed some backbone and LSU's offense looked like Ohio State's after racing to a 9-0 lead.

20Louisville -13.5 at FIU
This one snuck up on me.  I don't know who is worse, FIU or Kentucky, but they are similar and under 14 looks really good.  Almost too good to be true.  Should be someone's money game.
L 28-21 I have no idea what happened in this game.

Vanderbilt at 5Georgia -13
7:45 ESPN2
Same ole UGA, same ole Vandy.  If Georgia can go into Mizzou at night and beat them down, Vandy, at home, at dusk could get away from the Commodores early.
W 48-3 When in doubt, go against Vandy in SEC play.

Syracuse +1.5 at Minnesota
8:00 BTN
'Cuse looked "good" against Southern Cal, and Minnesota just lost their only playmaker since Marion Barber III and and Laurence Maroney.  The Orange For The Win.
L 17-10 No idea but Syracuse is a decent team.  Nice W for the B1G I guess.  Look, the Gophers are 4-0!

Best of the Rest:
18Michigan +5.5 at 11Notre Dame
7:30 NBC
Everyone is on the Golden Domers, including me.  However, these games have been close, and Sparty's offense is not like Michigan's.  Could be a shootout.
L 13-6 Holy shit Michigan's offense is bad.  Holy shit Notre's defense showed up.

15Kansas State +14 at 6Oklahoma
7:50 FOX
K-State made me some money last year and OU has been known to, you know, not show up for these types of games.  Two touchdowns is HUGE.  I was expecting around 4-8.
W 24-19 K-State wins outright in Norman,  Not surprised at all.  Boomer Sooner is now officially Chokelahoma.

10Clemson at 4FSU -14
Clemson in a big game.  The 'Noles looks great.  14 is HUGE but there is no way I can't not take Clemson.  This could be close, but probably a blowout, like 52-14ish. 
L 49-37 One late freaking touchdown by Clemson covers for them.  Probably the most fun I had watching a game in a few years.

New Mississippi State football uniforms (2)

adidas is doing it again.  They are really getting annoying.  It would be cool if they did anything (something) new, but they just keep repeating themselves and Nike.  This time, they are giving the Bulldogs a "snow bowl" uni for when they play Texas A&M this year.  They are paying homage to the 2000 Independence bowl, of course, when the two teams played in a snow storm and Miss. State went all white.

You might be asking, "Oh that's cool, are they going to wear the uniforms they had in 2000 (which are one of your favorites)?"  Um no, because they (and A&M) were Nike schools at the time, they couldn't possibly wear a 2000 Nike template.  No, adidas is going to do what Maryland and Under Armour did last week and go with an all white/silver errrrthing uniform.  Very lame.  The helmet also has a giant dog face on it.  So they have ripped off Under Armour (Maryland) and now Nike (Missouri, and don't forget Carolina basketball's silver anniversary edition uniforms from a few years back). I do like the template, pretty plain and classy, but yeah, not original and you can't even read the numbers.  Oh yeah, your competitors have been doing the same thing for about 5-10 years.  Do something (anything) original for one team.
Grade: D

Now onto their "Battle for the Golden Egg" unis.  Last year: Cool.  This year: Over done/trying too hard.  Let's Miss. State has a new uniform for all of 2012, and then a white out and an Egg Bowl 2.0 uniform.  And they are an average to below-average SEC West team.  Holy shit, enough already.  The only thing missing is #HAILSTATE as the back nameplate.
Grade: C

Source: Hail State

Georgia Southern Camo Unis

Here is what Georgia Southern will wear in October.  The interesting thing is that the players will have their last names on the front of their jersey.  On the back will read, "ALWAYS READY ALWAYS THERE" and will pay tribute to the Georgia National Guard.  The players can also add a patch of a relative who has served for this great nation. 

This looks like the first time a jersey that is paying respect to the military will actually look like a military uniform.  I think it looks freaking sweet, but only for a one time deal.  This has to be a one-and-done.  Very well done.  It may be cheesy, but I think it's awesome.  The full uniform can be found at Nike Blog.
Grade: A

New Georgia Southern Camo Football Uniforms

Source: Nike Blog

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UVA 1968 Throwback Unis

The Hoos will wear these when they play La. Tech on September 29th.  They are of the 1968 season.  Very cool.  Would love to see the swords instead of the V but these look very 1968ish.  Also no numbers on the helmet seems to be a bold look for the 60s, but gotta let Mr. Jefferson's University live.
Grade: B+/A-

Sources: Brett McMurphy via The Big Lead

Monday, September 17, 2012

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Picks Week 3

Alrighty, last week I went 2-5 again and losing my money game outright with Bucky falling to the Beavers, 10-7.  I don't know if Danny O'brien knows he isn't playing at Maryland anymore, but the fat man fired the o-line coach the next day, after Montaye Ball was held to under 100 yards.  And, um, 7 points against Oregon State.  Yikes.  So with that, you probably won't see me take any teams I hate with my money game, because it really did dampen a great loss by the Badgers.  Anyway, holy hell does the B1G 5UCK. 

Here are my picks for week 3 as I try to get out of the cellar with an overall 4-10 record.  Winning the championship is hard.  Defending it is harder.  Big shout to Trapp for going 3-11 to keep me from the worst picker in the first two weeks.  Week 3.  It starts now!
Winning week!  After starting 0-3, rallied for 4 straight!

Money Game:
13Virginia Tech -10 at Pitt
12:00 ESPNU
Pitt is horrible.  10 is a great number.  I was thinking it was going to be around 17 to 21.  I can't believe I am making myself flip between Ohio State and an ACC/Big East ESPNU game at noon.
L 31-17 Holy shit, Virginia Tech.  I was off them starting this year, but down 21 at this Pitt team?  They were not only not close to covering, they weren't close to winning.  Another stupid early season loss for the Beamer boys.  Sweet money game pick, Dupe.

Western Michigan +2.5 at Minnesota
12:00 BTN
Putting my MAC love where my money is.  Broncos go into TCF Bank Stadium and get the dubbya.
L 28-23.  Very close, and the Gophers' lost their only above C- player Gray in the second quarter.  Could have gone either way.

Auburn -16.5 at Louisiana-Monroe
12:21 SEC Network
Classic next-game-after-huge-upset.  Last week, after beating Houston, Texas State lost to Texas Tech 58-10.  I hope this gets ugly real quick.  Last time I take Auburn if they do indeed turn in a Tire Fire 2.0
L 28-21 OT Monroe did it again, down 14 late in the 4th, came back and forced OT.  Damn.  Auburn sucks.  They have LSU now.  Guess who I am taking?

UCONN -2.5 at Maryland
Maryland is horrible.  Anything under 14 is a great number.  Don't let me down, Huskies.
W 24-21 Huskies held on.  Next for Maryland?  WVU.  Yup.

Texas A&M -13.5 at SMU
3:30 CBS Sports Network
The Aggies have a freak freshmen at QB.  SMU has no freaks on defense.  This is based solely on the 'stangs blowout loss to Baylor in week 1.
W 48-3 Honestly forgot I picked this game.  Saw the final scroll at the bottom during the Sparty-Irish game.  Very close to being my money game.  Shoulda Woulda Coulda.

18Florida +1.5 at 23Tennessee
Haven't been sold on Tennessee since 1999.  The Gators proved something last week in College Station.  This game could go either way, but I'm rolling with the Gators.
W 37-20 Gators came on very strong in the 2nd half again.  Vols looked like the Vols of the past.  Florida ripped a few long scores.  Great win for Gator nation.

14Texas -10.5 at Ole Miss
9:15 ESPN
I have no idea why this isn't 21 to 24, but I like Texas by that much.  I don't know if you can tell, but I am basically going against every team that has sucked in the past 2 years.
W 66-31 Texas would score in 2 minutes.  Then Ole Miss would score in 2 minutes.  Texas stopped them more.  Great late-night game to switch back to during USC-Stan and MSU-ND timeouts.

Best of the rest:
12Ohio State -17 vs. Cal
12:00 ABC
The Buckeyes are down to their 3rd string running back, and even though Jordan Hall is "back", he is not ready for a full game and would a surprise factor.  I love Urban in non-conf so that is why this game is up I can see if I can trust him.  Ohio State's offense has been psycho (along with the defense) and the Cal Bears lost to Nevada, who run an running-option attack, but with less 3/4 stars than Ohio State.  Could be close, could be ugly.  17 is pretty big.  I'll take the Bucks 34-17 ish.
L 28-21 Buckeyes went into Tressel mode on offense and 2011 mode on defense in the second half.  Very glad I stayed off this one.

16TCU -21.5 at Kansas
12:00 FX
Kansas is Horrible. 21.5 is a big number, but I'm thinking this could be 30-plus.
L 20-6 Saw one play.  The most 20-6 game ever.

2USC -8 at 21Stanford
7:30 FOX
I want to take the high-powered high-ranked team again, but they have looked average compared to the weapons and points they put up last year.  Stanford struggled in their first game, but crushed Duke and seemed to return to form.  USC last in double OT last year and that's when Stanford had their best team maybe ever.  I like USC by two scores, but am staying away from it since it's over 6.
L 21-14 Stanford beat SC for the 4th straight year and the underwhelming Trojan offense was held to 2 scores.  Not the usual high-powered top team ala Bama and OK State last year.

Game I will not touch with a 27 1/2 inch pole:
Arizona State +6.5 at Missouri
7:00 ESPN2
Sparky is hot, Mizzou is coming off a close-but-then-beatdown in their welcome to the SEC.  I honestly don't know which team is going to show up.  Both for the Sun Devils and the Tigers.  No idea.  None.  Could be close, could be 10, could be a total blowout.  Either way.  If a game was ever a Saw situation, this would be it.
W 24-20 Vegas got this one right.  Sparky was intercepted in the endzone.  Mizzou didn't have their QB.  Could've gone either way on numerous plays.  I looked at this game like every NFL game.  No freaking idea.

Monday, September 10, 2012

*Results* Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Week 2 Picks

I started off defending my title by going a nice 2-5 thanks to a running-first Irish offense, a horrible Northwestern defense and no QB play from South Carolina nor Sparty.  I did straight up call the Michigan and Holgo and the 'neers remained on their late-2011 form.  This week, I have to do better, right?  Not "Showdown Saturday" by any means, so many of these are games I will be watching anyway.  Note: Urban Meyer is 35-7 ATS in non-conf games.  Therefore I am taking facts, not my heart, when I take Ohio State over the Golden Knights.  To the Week 2 picks...
2-5, lost the money game straight up.  Overall 4-10 and next to last in the standings.  Good news, 13 weeks left.  Hopefully I get a feel for some teams after getting my brains beaten in the first two weeks.  Time to pick and rally...

Money Game:
13 Wisconsin -8 at Oregon State
4:00 FX
The Badgers only beat Northern Iowa 26-21 last week.  However, UNI could probably beat the Beavers.  I love taking Wisconsin early, because 1)Their coach is a dick and 2)They don't have to face any team they put 70 on again (unless you count Northwestern).  Should Wisconsin beat Oregon State by at least 20?  Hell yes.  Wisconsin? Money game? Odd.
L 10-7 Wisconsin went to Reaser Stadium and lost to the Beavers.  Monte Ball had less than 100 yards and they were held scoreless for about 58 minutes.  The refs seemed to get the onside kick wrong, however, Bucky wasn't going to get to -8 any way you slice it.  They looked horrible against NIU and even worse Saturday.  I am very happy that Wisconsin lost, however this was a horrible pick.  Week 2 everybody!

Pick 2:
Central Florida at 14 Ohio State -17.5
12:00 ESPN2
Gotta go with Urban.  17.5 is a big number, against Ohio State's biggest non-conf game (thanks Cal, for nothing), but I like 3 scores here.  Let's hope for the best and prepare for the best.  I swear, this time, if OSU doesn't cover, I will be done with them.  Forever.  For real this time you guys (probably not).
L 31-16 I took Ohio State and they won but lost.  They looked a little sluggish both offensively and defensively.  UCF has some guys, but Ohio State didn't bring their A game.

Pick 3:
Miami FL at 21 Kansas State -7
12:00 FX
K-State was a great cover team last year.  Miami sucks.  In The Octogon Bill Snyder Family Stadium.  Noon.  7 points is pretty big, but Miami sucks.
W 52-14 Lone bright spot.  K-State put a whoopin' on them boys from Dade county.

Pick 4:
Auburn +3 at Mississippi State
12:00 ESPN
Auburn showed me a little last week against Clemson.  Miss. St. couldn't run through smoke.  The Bulldogs also have become also-rans in the SEC west and I look for the Tigers to rebound and take the W in Starkvegas.  War Damn Cover At Least.
L 28-10 Mullen and the Bulldogs get their first SEC West win outside of Ole Miss.  Auburn is 0-2 and didn't look good.  Bad pick, straight up.

Pick 5:
1 2 USC -27 at Syracuse
3:30 ESPN2
Syracuse gave up 42 to Northwestern.  Northwestern doesn't have Silas Redd, Matt Barkley, Woods nor Lee.  If the D holds the Orange under 13, easy cover.
L 42-29 After about a 2 hour lightening/halftime break, USC got the W but let the Orange score late.  They looked like they wanted to just get out of there instead of going for 'cuse's throat.

Pick 6:
7 Georgia -2 at Missouri
7:45 ESPN2
The locals will be fired up, and we will get to see the number one recruit try to do his thing against a stingy Bulldog D.  2 points isn't a lot and I think UGA's depth, experience and *speed* will knock off Mizzou in their SEC debut by at least a touchdown.
W 41-20 Missouri actually had the lead after a quick-strike long touchdown in the 3rd, but the Bulldog "old-man football" proceeded to kick the Tigers off its lawn.  UGA won running away.  Nice pick.  UGA seems either really strong or Mizzou is in a world of trouble when they go 3 and out in the SEC.

Pick 7:
18 Oklahoma State -11.5 at Arizona
10:30 Pac 12 Network (?)
After the Pokes put 84 on Sav. State last week, they got me.  I love big offense and I love to bet against shitty teams.  This one has both.  Arizona had to close one of their endzone stands so they could lump the fans together.  No home field advantage, and if you think this squad can keep up with Gundy, tit-for-tat, you are mistaken.  The only challenge will be staying up for this one, by following it on my iphone/ipad.  What the hell is the Pac-12 Network and how do I watch it?
L 59-38 After the Pokes went up 14-0 in the first 10 minutes, 'zona blew them out.  I watched up to halftime on my ipad with the newly redesigned ESPN Scorecenter app.  Pretty tight.  Pick sucked.

Best of the Rest:
23 Florida at Texas A&M -1.5
3:30 ESPN
Florida looked like shit against BG, and TAMU hasn't played a game yet under their new coach from Houston (holy shit does Houston miss him).  Standard early this-game-could-go-many-ways.  Did the "real" Gators show up last week, or could they put 50 on a traditional shaky Aggie defense?  Are the Aggies ready to air it out?  Home field sure, but after 4 straight 3-and-outs, can the Gators get a road SEC win?  We will see...
L 20-17 Gators outscored the Aggies 13-0 after they were down 17-7 at half.  Huge road win for Florida.

16 Nebraska -5 at UCLA
7:30 FOX
Don't get it twisted.  Taylor Martinez didn't become Tom Brady over the offseason.  They were showing clips from last year and against Southern Miss and I honestly didn't see that much difference.  I like the Huskers due to UCLA's defense and I don't think Jim Mora (don't dare call him Jr.) is a good coach.  Burkhead's MCL is HUGE, therefore I am not taking this one as one of my 7 picks.
L 36-30 Unforeseen shootout in the Rose Bowl.  The Blackshirts couldn't stop swing pass right nor swing pass left.  Par for the course for the B1G.  UCLA seems to be making major strides under Mora Jr.  I can't wait until they lose to Colorado and/or Washington State by 50.

Vanderbilt at Northwestern +3
8:00 BTN
Vandy should be feeling pretty good coming off their near-win against South Carolina, and night games in Evanston are no joke.  Home dog?  I'll take the Wildcats again.
W 23-14 The 'cats were down at half and I watched maybe three plays of this game.  Nice rebound W after their near-collapse at Syracuse last week.  Vanderbilt, who looked like they could not finish last in the SEC lost to Northwestern.  There you go.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Muck Fodell

Art Modell died yesterday morning at age 87 at Johns Hopkins of natural causes.  All day there was a debate on his legacy, and how he made the got the wheels moving for the NFL to turn into a giant with his TV deal making abilities or something in the 60s.  Congrats.  He also was an owner of teams that won 2 NFL Championships.  Congrats again, Art.  He also moved the Browns to Baltimore after the 1995 season and left Cleveland without a professional football team for 3 years.  Your father might have been the greatest dad ever, but once he hit your mom, he is a scumbag forever.  That’s how I feel about Art.
I am biased because I grew up a Browns fan and went to their games with my dad, who grew up a Browns fan and watched them in-person win NFL Championships in the 50s and 60s.  I was at the last game in 1995, crying after I got my seat taken by a security guy, after the Bengals had to turn away from the Dawg Pound once they crossed the 50 due to the stands being thrown onto the field and fireworks being let off in the bathrooms.  I didn’t have an NFL team from 1996-1998 when I was in middle school.  Art Modell took the Browns and made them purple and black in a city that once had their team stolen and taken to Indy.  The Ravens then drafted about 10 HOFers (with Ozzie’s help) and won a Super Bowl in 4 years, a game the Browns have never been to.  When Lebron James left Cleveland, some say he was the most hated athlete in Cleveland history.  He was, except for Art Modell.
I do have to admit there are some factors that would calm my hatred for that man.  Maybe if Browns made it to the playoffs more than one time since they came back in 1999.  Maybe if the Ravens didn’t draft guys who will end up in Canton and if they didn’t win a Super Bowl 4 years after they moved.
But guess what?  All of that did happen, and I will forever hate Art Modell.  I am not happy he died.  It brings back a lot of pain and anger.  But I’m not going to look at him as a good owner.  He was broke, moved to Baltimore, got a new stadium, won a Super Bowl in 2000 and had to sell the team in 2004 because he was broke again. 
You can come at me with, “you’re just a Browns fan, get over it.”  You’re right, I am a Browns fan, and no, I will never get over it.  He moved the Browns out of Cleveland.  I am glad he will not be alive when he gets inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the ceremony will be less than favorable.  I am sorry for his family for their loss, but don’t expect me to “get over it.”  He took my team because of greed and mistakes.  Muck Fodell for eternity.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Week 1 Picks

Back as the defending champ, here are my picks for week 1.  For those of you who don't know, my buddies and I put in $5 and pick 7 college games a week, and after the bowls, the winner gets the money.  You get a bonus for picking your "money game", going 7-0, 6-1 or 0-7, and having the best record that week.  A running total is kept throughout the season.

Anyway, I won last year and am back to defend my title.  Here are my picks with notes.  The lines we get are out on Tuesday afternoon and we have until kickoff on Thursday night to submit our picks.  I will also include a few extra picks I like but don't have the guts to include them in my top 7. 

Overall: 2-5, money game victory

Week 1
Pick $:
8 Michigan vs. 2 Alabama -13 (Dallas)
If even Brady Hoke starts his "suspended indefinitely" running back (glass house, Sun and Blue nation), Saban has had all summer to figure out how to stop the college version of the NYJ Tebow package (call passing play - run around - recievers go deep - run for a couple yards).  Denard will not leave this game under his own power.  Anything under 13.5 and I'm on this like Chuck Weis on homemade cookies out the oven.
W 41-14
Bama got up 31-0 and dominated the entire game.  Just as I suspected.  There weren't many Michigan Men out there Saturday night.

Pick 2:
9 South Carolina -7 at Vanderbuilt
7:00 ESPN Thursday - College Football Kickoff
1. Vandy cannot stop Lattimore. 2. Vandy cannot score against Clowney and co.  Easy 10-14 point win.
L 17-13
Early turnovers and the QB injury for the 'cocks led to a pretty bad performance from a top ten SEC team.  Vandy played pretty well and looks to be out of the cellar of the SEC East.

Pick 3:
24 Boise State at 13 Michigan State -7
8:00 ESPN Friday
Boise doesn't have the quarterback who has the most wins in the history of NCAA football as a starter and have to start out at Sparty at night.  7 is just fine, but you never know what those wacky Broncos will pull out.  I would hope a top-tier B1G team could beat this Boise team at home at night by at least 10.
L 17-13
Michigan State defense: pretty good.  Michigan State offense: pretty bad.  Ringer 2.0 in Bell and a new QB who looks like a new QB.  Clemson of the north shows again.

Pick 4:
Notre Dame vs. Navy +16.5 (Dublin, Ireland)
9:00A CBS
Foreign country, versus a pure-option team, and no answer behind center.  I've seen it before many-a-time and anything over two touchdowns is huge.  Also, I will never ever take Notre ever.  Take America.
L 50-10
Notre went pound and ground and outclassed Navy every way.  No pitch and catch = no pitch and pick.  9:00 AM live college football is great.  The NCAA should probably look into this more.

Pick 5:
Marshall at 14 West Viginia -24.5
12:00 FX
DubV put 70+ on Clemson.  A year later, a worse opponent, at home.  Kick is at noon so it may take a while for the Holgo train to get on track, but this is a quick fiddy spot for Geno and the boys.
W 69-34
Holgo be rollin'.

Pick 6:
Northwestern -1.5 at Syracuse
12:00 ESPN2
Love the Wildcats early in the year, on the road.  Half-empty Carrier Dome.  I'll take NW to get the W. Note: the .5 scares me.  Damn you Vegas.
L 42-41
Bad loss of the week.  The 'cats took a 35-13 lead and puked all over themselves.  They ended up scoing in the last minute to win by 1, naturally.  Damn you Northwestern.

Pick 7:
4 Oklahoma -30.5 at UTEP
10:30 FX
Boomer Sooner will have 38 at half.  Can the Sooners' back-up back-ups hold the Miners in the 3rd and 4th?  Top 4 teams don't give up multiple TDs late.
L 24-7
I'm getting off the Oklahoma train real quick.

Best of the rest:
Hawai'i at 1 USC -39.5
7:00 FOX
Why wouldn't I be looking at the number 1 team by over 5 touchdowns?
L 49-10
Why wouldn't they only win by 39?  Went for two about 10 times because their kicker was injured.  Damn you Lane and Vegas.

Toledo +10 at Arizona
10:30 ESPNU
No way a shitty Arizona will have the new Rich-Rod offense in sync, plus my heart lies with a visiting #MACTION team.  The Rockets could get a big win for the youngest coach in D-1.  Plus, a reason to watch football at 10:30 after tailgating all day.  Gotta have something on the tube while I take down multiple Locos Tacos.  GO SCHOOL FROM OHIO.
W 24-17 OT
The Rockets battled and could have won.  Don't sleep on the MAC!

Kentucky at 25 Louisville -13.5
3:30 ESPN Sunday
Heated rivalry, and Louisville is playing Kentucky.  They aren't very good.  I don't see a court or hoops.  Under two touchdowns?  Me likey.
W 32-14
Kentucky gave up an opening 99 1/2yard drive.  Holy Hell they are bad.  Look for them in these posts in the future.  Joker = Citgo