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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Bowl Week: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Don't expect a lot of banging
New Year's Day

Finally some quality bowl games.  No more Monday Night or Thursday Night Jags-Jets games (MY GOD I CANNOT TAKE ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE GAMES MY GOD)...There is a great race for the title, as a 3-way tie approaches this final week.  I, however, am no where close to it.  Just playing for my pride at this point (and the last 7 weeks). 

Bowl week is always hard, like the first week, due to a few factors.
1 - Everyone is healthy
2 - Everyone is rested, which allows a hot team to cool off and an underachieving team to kick off next year
3 - Mental states.  Is a team really happy to be bowling, and is their opponent disappointed by their bowl?  How about their coach (if they have one)?  A lot of psychos show up around the New Year.

Those are major major major factors that make a seemingly sure-handed blowout become a potential upset.  The worst thing I fall into is taking a huge big-time program favorite and have them completely not show up (see: Oklahoma every year).  Therefore, I have leaned in my TOTAL BOWL BLOWOUT PICKEM SPECIAL to the underdogs (and by underdogs I mean teams that are favored by less than double digits...old habits die hard y'all).  These picks, however, are pretty standard for yours truly.  TO THE BOWL WEEK PICKS...

Thursday 12/27
Baylor Pick vs. UCLA
My favorite non-major bowl because the Big Ten is out of the Alamo and usually involves top teams that had a few bad losses.  Baylor has been a surprise and I like them against Jim Mora Jr.

Saturday 12/29
West Virginia -4 vs. Syracuse
Dub V gets their bowl on and runs away in Yankee Stadium

Oregon State -2 vs. Texas
Texas has been overrated the entire year.  Oregon State has been underrated the entire year.  I would take the Beavers up to -6 here.

BW3 BOWL - 10:15 ESPN
TCU -2.5 vs. Michigan State
Very close to being the money game.  TCU can handle Sparty's pound-n-ground and could easily run away against the very disappointing green and white crew in the 3rd.

Monday 12/31
PEACH BOWL Chick-Fli-A Bowl - 7:30 ESPN
LSU -3.5 vs. Clemson
Oh man, this game could go either way.  Except you know, it's Clemson against a national SEC power.  I'm taking LSU all day on this one.  A great way to end the year.

Tuesday 1/01
$$$ Oklahoma State -17 vs. Purdue $$$
Purdue is f8cking awful and Okie State can put up some points like men.  It's going to be 24-0 after the 1st quarter.

Northwestern +2 vs. Mississippi State
The only reason why Miss. State is a favorite is because they play in the big bad SEC and any team would lose 5 in a row in that gauntlet.  F8ck that.  The Wildcats are for real.  They should win by at least 10, or at least be up by 10 in the 4th until they give up the lead and lose by 3.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Michigan's Bowl Uni - 2013 Outback Edition

Michigan is once again changing their uniform.  This time, for the Outback bowl.  They are also changing their helmet.  They are going to wear matte navy and maize, which is the trend that seems to be dead (unless it's all black errthing).  The jerseys don't look too bad, which follows their uni changes.  I like the gold numbers and the blue on the shoulders look fine.  I can't tell if they have block Ms on the sleeves or numbers, but either way, it's better than their normal whites with yellow lines all over the place.  Grade: B+ (C- if you are a traditionalist)

After I keep looking at it, adidas has done some pretty good work (Texas A&M, Mississippi State) and some bad work (Wisconsin, Nebraska) and this falls with Michigan's past uni changes.  They want to keep it as classic as they can.  I really like it as a non-die-hard Michigan Man.  The Outback Bowl patch though...

Source: All over the Internet, but I'll give it to Michigan Football's twitter

New Cincinnati Football Helmet for bowl game

They look sweet with the checker pattern and the claw stripe up the back.  This will also be their alternate helmet for next year.  I imagine they will have some sort of pride uni from adidas to match these.  I'm guessing either an all red-out (similar to Arizona) or Black on red with these helmets.  Well done UC.

Grade: A-

From: Uni-Watch

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Go Get 'Em Bert

The most surprising move on the college football coaching carousel comes in the form of my most hated program/coach moving down to the SEC to take over the tire fire known as the Razorback football.  I'll be quick and to the point: I have no idea why this is happening, from both sides.  Bert is leaving Wisconsin and is taking his 4TE/Goal line offense down south to rebuild an Arkansas program that was top ten in 2010 and supposed to be back in 2012.  I have two major problems with Bert going to Fayetteville:

1) How is he going to get the players Petrino got?  Nobody down there knows or cares about the Rose Bowl or the Big Ten.  Nobody down there knows or cares about ground-and-pound 3 and 4 tight end sets.  (Nobody = 17 and 18 year olds)
2) He has to face Alabama and LSU every year and running the ball 50 times at them will not and does not work.

Also, why would he leave Wisconsin?  He has built a good program and with Penn State being down for 5-10 years, they are now the 3rd most known program in the Big Ten with back-to-back* Rose Bowls and a good thing going.  He got a minimal raise to move to a program that would be even with Wisconsin at best.  It makes no sense.  He's from Illinois.  He played at Iowa and has a program up in Wisconsin.  Next year, his out-of-division SEC opponents are Florida and South Carolina.  They will be lucky to be .500.  At least Wisconsin can go get Chyrst from Pitt (sorry Mark May but it's karma, bitch).

I just don't get it.  I say he lasts at most 4 years with an average SEC team and then comes back to the Midwest, probably to Iowa when Ferentz gets run out of Iowa City.  Good luck fat man, you're going to need it.  I really hope you get a chance to go for 2 up 40. Against another SEC team, douche.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Week 14: KING KONG AIN'T GOT SH*T ON ME

So yeah, that just happened.  6-1, money game, best record, and money for going 6-1.  I went from owing $77 to having $23 in my favor.  I'm still 9+ games back from the lead with the two most sketchiest of weeks ahead, but yeah, s*ck on dat.  Ohio State beats Michigan, the Browns beat the Steelers and Wisconsin loses.  The irony is that I would have gone 7-0 if I took my heart and not-took-Clemson and instead I thought Bucky had an ounce of fight left in them and it turns out that Penn State, yes Penn State of 2012, has more wins than the "Top 10" program in Madison.  F*CK YOU BADGERS!!!!!  Championship Week is upon us.  However not really because I am not making my trip to Indy to see the 12-0 Buckeyes play for the B1G Championship and so Championship Week is not really Championship Week at all.  TO THE PICKS!!!!!!

MAC Championship:
17Kent State +6.5 vs. 21Northern Illinois (Detroit)
I have been known to go against the Flashes this year, but just under a touchdown with a 1-loss ball club and a win gets them into a BCS Bowl.  Hell yes I'm taking the Ohio team for the Mac Champ.

PAC12 Championship:
$$$ 8Stanford -8.5 vs 16UCLA (Stanford) $$$
So this is a repeat of last week when Stanford dominated the Bruins, but some feel like UCLA took it easy so they wouldn't have to face Oregon.  Uh OK YEAH THIS IS DIVISION 1 FOOTBALL. Stanford ROLLS.  BIG. Like 42-21 big.

West Virginia -20 vs Kansas
2:30 FX
No Kentucky, no Colorado, no Auburn this week.  However, my home-away-from-home-take-me-home got back on the winning track at Ames last week (and covered) and now they get the hapless Fightin' Weis'.  20 is huge, but Geno is going to score and Austin will not be stopped.  'Neers ROLL.  BIG.  Like 49-0 big.

SEC Championship:
2Alabama -7.5 vs 3Georgia (Atlanta)
4:00 CBS
Over a touchdown seems big, but has Georgia shown up in a big game outside of beating Florida this year (6 turnovers)?  Has Alabama not shown up in a big game?  I expect Bama to pull away after forcing Murray to beat them up top.  Damn I wish this was 4.5.

6Kansas State -11.5 vs 18Texas
8:00 ABC
I have no idea why Texas is ranked at all.  They are the same ole Texas of the last few years.  Klein and Co make a statement and knock Texas the f*ck out.

ACC Championship:
Georgia Tech +14 vs 13Florida State (Jacksonville)
8:00 ESPN
Both are coming off losses to their in-state arch rivals.  Only GT looked like shit.  Two touchdowns.  FSU beat Miami by 13.  And they lost their dcoord to UK.  The week of playing an option team.  Closer than the experts think.

B1G Championship:
12Nebraska -3 vs Wisconsin (Indianapolis)
8:17 FOX
F*ck you Badgers.  7 wins and in the championship game.  GO HUSKERS!  (Ohio State beat both these teams so I am rooting for the BUCKEYES!)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Week 13: GET IN MY BELLY

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Showdown Saturday is here, just in time as you are released from your turkey coma.  A lot of people don't like the Michigan game after Thanksgiving, but I love it.  No work on Friday, and it caps off a great holiday break.  Also next year, it will give the Buckeyes one week less of layoff before the championship game.  Last week I took some 'dogs and ended up 4-3 with the money game as Northwestern went in to Sparta and beat them straight up.  This week I am going with a lot of heavy hitters and taking the biggest spread as my money game.  I also have tonight's game, a game tomorrow and the rest on Saturday.  I also came out of the basement and now I am second to last and owe $77.  A far cry from last year, but my head is up and my picks are in...on to week 13...

Record Last Week: 4-3, $
Record to Date: 38-41-1, 5 money games, 11.5 games back
Place: 14th out of 15

TCU +7 at 16Texas
7:30 ESPN
The Longhorns have been playing better, but they couldn't really play worse than they did at Kansas.  TCU has shown up this year, and a whole touchdown is a lot of points.  Patterson is good at either stopping the spread or keeping up with it, and I think Texas may be a little down not playing A&M anymore.

West Virginia -1.5 at Iowa State
3:30 ABC
Going with my heart on this one.  I think WVU walks in Ames and blows them out of the cornfields.  Anything under 10 and I like them 'neers.

Ohio State -4 vs 19Michigan
12:00 ABC
I mean come on.  Michigan is now running more pro-style with Gardner under center and their best injured player who is a quarterback at running back and running power plays.  Michigan's defense came back to Earth this year and I think Ohio State wins by at least 10.  It could be close because RIVALRY GAME but really, Ohio State wins 55-14.  #hateweek

5Oregon -10 at 15Oregon State
3:00 P12N
Oregon bounces back and puts a whoopin' on State in the Civil War.  Either that, or OSU beats them outright at home and Chip Kelly goes to the Eagles next week.  If you win, your uniforms looks sweet.  You lose, you look like f*cking clowns.  Back to warp speed please Ducks.

$$$ 2Alabama -31.5 vs Auburn $$$
3:30 CBS
This could be a literal murder.  I'm going 55-0 Alabama.  Chizik should have been fired after going to overtime with Monroe.  There is a new NCAA Investigation (don't get me started) and Auburn is runaway Tire Fire of the Year, which after the Razorbacks motorcycle wreck, seemed impossible.  Alabama got up 24-0 on Cam Newton, what in the hell are they going to do against this Auburn team?!

Wisconsin +2.5 at Penn State
3:30 ESPN2
Bucky ends their season with a W in Happy Valley.  Could be close, but I think Wisky pulls away because Penn State doesn't really have anyone.

1Notre Dame -6.5 at USC
8:00 ABC
I keep telling myself, how in the hell does USC score on these guys with a backup freshmen quarterback?  Then I look at the wideouts and Silas and I think they could put up some points.  However, a team that struggles with Matt freaking Barkley behind center will for sure struggle against a top 5 defense.  Notre comes in as a team that has shown up big in big games against a team that has no-showed in big games.  Under 7?  I'll take this all day (which is exactly what Vegas wants).  Notre Dame wins and heads to the National Championship game.  Unbelievable.

Games I like and will keep an eye on:
Rutgers +2 at Pittsburgh
12:00 ESPN
I took Rutgers as a 'dog at UC and they won outright.  They do the same at Heinz Field.
12South Carolina +4 at 11Clemson 
7:00 ESPN
Louisiana Tech +4.5 at San Jose State
10:30 ESPN2
Tech was down by 3 touchdowns in the second half last week (to 1-loss Utah State) and ended up forcing OT.  They go to San Jose and get that W.  #WACATION

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ohio State "Rivalry" Nike Unifroms

Nike came out and said they were paying homage to the 2002 team.  Then they said they were going to pay respects to the 1968 team.  They did neither.  This looks like a uniform from the Mario level where everything is huge.  I don't mind them and will use them in NCAA '14, however, for the Michigan game, where you can see all the Buckeyes they have earned the entire year, and for this year to be THE last game, I think I am with everyone else when I say that these should have been worn for the Nebraska game, not for THE game.  This game will be the most watched and I get it, Ohio State has now done this for 4 years (3 out of 4 Michigan games).  I just want a normal-looking Ohio State-Michigan game.  These are all the pictures from the pep rally tonight from the Ohio Union.  The numbers are reflective, but won't be that big of deal on a gray November day at noon.  The stripes are all exaggerated, and there are 7 Buckeye leaves on the back collar.  The helmet will feature no Buckeye stickers and is a "dull chrome".  It looks like the scarlet stripe has texture to it, probably Buckeyes or buckeye tree bark.  No black tv numbers (1968) or normal stripes like in 2002.  Good effort, wrong game.  It would be a lot cooler if Nike only chose special teams.  When every team and their mother are doing special uniforms every week, the teams that don't change shit seem to stand out more.  Dream senerio?  1990-2000s throwbacks but used as normal jerseys with the big Steeler gray stripes.  Whatever.

Uniform: B
Timing: F

This picture comes via @BenAxelrod a must follow for Ohio State fans.
Like years in the past, former Buckeye running back Raymont Harris is the model.

New VT helmets

These were worn against BC this past weekend.  All white, with a new Hokie bird on one side, TV numbers on the other.  I don't mind the look if the rest of their set was non-traditional, but with the classic look, the helmet looks 1)stupid 2)out-of-place and 3)trying too hard/ripping off Boise State.  If you're going to rock the UCLA stripes on the shoulders and the same stripes down the pants, go ahead and put those same exact stripes on your helmet.  If you want to go psycho, go all in, like Maryland or Boise or Oregon.  Don't class up the joint with a suit and then wear a neon trucker hat.  All class or all psycho.  And I would like to see the numbers on the helmet match the numbers on the jersey.  Alabama doesn't so not a huge deal though. Grade: C-

Source: Nike Blog

New White Virginia Tech Helmets

New White Virginia Tech Helmets

Friday, November 16, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Week 12: I Let the 'Dogs Out

Please pick us.

This week is personal.  Ohio State plays Wisconsin and I hate Wisconsin. I hate their team, I hate their style, I hate their coach, I hate their program and I hate their shitty fans.  When did Wisconsin have a win over Ohio State and when was that win not the biggest win in their program's history outside of Pasadena?  F*ck Wisconsin.  This week, I'm taking the 'dogs.  And whoever is playing against Maryland.  And Bill Snyder.  Simple enough.  On to Week 12...

Record Last Week: 3-4, $
Record Last 2 Weeks: 9-5, $ $
Record to Date: 34-42-1, 4 money games (Last)

10Florida State -31 at Maryland
12:00 ESPNU
At this point, I'm looking at Maryland as Jacksonville State or Savanna State or whatever team that was a 70-point underdog earlier this year and the coach was being questioned about his players literal safety.

$ Northwestern +6.5 at Michigan State
12:00 ESPN2
F*ck Sparty.  If NW gets up by double-digits and then loses to Mich St in OT by 7, I'm going to kick my dog and smack my fiance.

Rutgers +6.5 at Cincinnati
12:00 Big East Network (?)
F*ck Nippert.  Rutgers looks bad one week and now they are just under a touchdown 'dog to a very very average UC team.  Big East Football errr'body!

17UCLA +4 vs 18USC
3:05 FOX
F*ck Lane Kiffin.  If anyone could get the preseason no. 1 team to 4-5 losses, it's Lane.  Coach 'em up.  THROW THE RECORDS OUT FOR THIS GAME.  Home 'dog all day.

Ohio State +3 at Wisconsin
3:30 ABC
F*ck Bert and Bucky.  Ohio State is 10-0 and has shown up to every tough road game this year.  Wisconsin had a good day running at IU.  You know who else had good days running at IU? Lydell Ross.  F*ck Bucky.  No spread offense (aka run right at Hankins and Simon and Sabino is back)? I like the Buckeyes.  A LOT.  ON TO 11-0 after going 6-7!!!!!!!! BLEEP YOU BADGERS!

20Louisana Tech +3 vs Utah State
WAC Championship.  Both teams have one loss.  Utah State is a missed field goal away from beating Wisconsin at Wisconsin.  LTech put up 48 against TAMU. Utah State is 10-0-1 ATS this year.  LTech is at home and scoring over 50 points a game.  Please put this game on TV.  Home 'dog. Yes.

1Kansas State -12 at Baylor
8:00 ABC
F*ck yes Bill Snider.  Baylor cannot stop anybody and having this as a night game gives Klein an extra 4 hours to heal from his elbow or head or whatever.  Could be a shootout, but K-State pulls away late.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Maryland "Black Ops" Uniforms vs FSU

Blah.  We get it, Maryland.  We get it.  I think people would care if you could field a team.  They look cool, but if you have a chocolate sundae every night after dinner, then the good sundaes get lost with the average to bad sundaes.  Win games. Wear the same shit.  Then bring out special unifroms.  Don't waste them on a shitty shitty football team.  But yeah, if Maryland had 11 of the guy below, watch out ACC.

Source: Dr. Saturday

Ohio State Pro Combat Unis 2012 for The Game

Looks like I am a little late to this since my phone has died due the texts and pictures sent a few days ago about the "leaked" new uniforms OSU will wear next week when they play Michigan.  They are a tribute to the 2002 team and will sport a new helmet.  Chrome? Chrome.  At least it's the same-ish color as their normal helmet.  The stripes will be super huge, which is cool, but they should probably just wear the 2002-style and then forever.  Luckily, I still have a few of those styles left so I will be wearing my 2005 Teddy Ginn authentic.  Also, there are a few shirts available and I plan on getting both of them very soon.  Grade: B+ due to the many possibilities, Nike chose to go this route and it's not horrible.

As soon as anything is "officially" released, I'll be on it

All this comes from a banner from the Ohio State team store.



And my favorite of the bunch I will wear every day...
Nike Ohio State Buckeyes 2012 Rivaly CPRS T-Shirt

And up close because why not
Nike Ohio State Buckeyes 2012 Rivaly CPRS T-Shirt

Monday, November 12, 2012

Johnny Psycho

Major upsets are fun.  First, when the game is brought up, anyone who brings up that the favorite could lose gets laughed at.  Then the upset happens and everyone then claims they saw it coming and that the favorite was ripe for the upset.  Bullshit.
Texas A&M went into Tuscaloosa and beat Alabama and didn’t trail one time.  Their redshirt-freshmen quarterback showed up, balled out, and become a legend after he went half-RGIII half-OMG OMG OMG hey look an open guy.  Bama was down 20-0 and in the 4th,  needed a Michigan/Nard-dog-everyone-go-deep-and-I’ll-underthrow-it-deep-pass just to be put in a position to take the lead in the 4th.  Then the QB on the best team who never makes a mistake made a mistake and threw a pick at the goal line which sealed Bama’s fate.  Alabama did have a chance to get the ball back, but what was a microcosm of the entire game, they jumped offside on the punt which resulted in a first down and the Aggies shocked the world.  They were two-touchdown underdogs.
Last week, at Game of the Century IV or V or whatever, LSU lost to the Best Team Ever in the History of College Football after they failed on a fake punt, failed on an onside kick and missed a field goal.  The writing was on the wall.  Alabama should have lost and needed a last-minute drive to beat LSU.  Was Alabama showing merit of a champion, because no season goes untested, or did this show that Alabama wasn’t a perfect team and chaos should be prepared for?  Would Bama bounce back and crush the newbie at home, or would the now-overrated Best Team in the History of College Football have to fight for a second straight week and could get beat?  Latter and Latter.
A&M came in white hot, but I thought their defense couldn’t stop Alabama.  The spread might give the Tide some problems, but Johnny wouldn’t leave the game under his own power.  You cannot throw 50 times against this defense (see: Michigan) and tell your girlfriend(s) about it on the ride home.  I also thought that even if A&M does give them early fits, Saban will figure it out (like his teams always do) and they will methodically beat down (like they always do) the Aggies and run away with it in the 3rd and 4th (like they…you get it).  I took Bama -14 and figured the score would be 35-14 ish with at least two picks and a fumble recovery.

The Aggies came out with 0 shits given and got up by 3 touchdowns.  Alabama looked rattled but was in no way out of it by halftime.  Even when you thought in the 3rd quarter, “Ok, Bama has settled in.  They  just scored and all the Big Mo is with the Tide.  They will stop A&M or get a pick or fumble, and the rout will be on.”  Well John went legend and marched the Aggies down the field.  That was it.  He showed that he just doesn’t care, and anything wrong that could happen, he’ll just run around ala RGIII and find an open guy because you can’t cover guys for 10 seconds.  He has the speed to get away from 2013 NFL rookies on Bama’s d-line and will/can find an open receiver that has come back to him and find the open spaces.  If not, he’ll just run for 10 yards, make a guy miss and get another 5-15.  Dude is straight out of NCAA 13 for XBOX/PS3.
Their new coach came from Houston and has spent a good majority of his career preparing for upsets, and his team showed no fear.  They threw the first punch, then a few more, took a few, but never backed down, even in the belly of the beast.  When TAMU opened up with Florida, Johnny showed up and played like a psycho.  I remember sitting there with my eyes wide open, shocked that this young kid doesn’t care about getting killed by Florida’s defense.  He just did his thing over and over and over again.  His offense might be trashy, with every big play as a broken-play, but I’ve seen young QBs and most of them just get sacked and throw picks and look like young kids.  Johnny is a freak.  There is something with this kid that I haven’t seen out of a QB in a long time.  He doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing, but he’s going full speed and just doesn’t care.  He is going to ball out no matter what.  Welcome to the SEC.  Gig em.  Rawl Tide.  Hello, chaos.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Week 11: Call Me Butter 'Cuz I'm on a Roll

Rawr Eagle

6-1 (Hey!  The team that beat Auburn 12-10 showed up!) with my money game, thank you Clemson and Duke.  No matter how Clemson Clemson is, Duke is bowling and so yeah, thanks guys!  This week the Buckeyes have a Bye week so my heart won't be pounding out of my chest for 4 hours on Saturday.  I may even spend time with my daughter.  Haven't seen much of her since camp kicked off back in August. #dadoftheyear

Week 11...nothing really counts other than the money game, so fuggit.  Big favorites and a couple of home dogs.
Last Week: 6-1, $
Last 2 Weeks: 9-5, $
Record to Date: 31-38-1, $$$, T-Last

Indiana +7 vs Wisconsin
12:00 ESPN2
Bucky wins, they go to Indy.  IU wins, they still control their own life to Indy.  IU is tough at home, Wisconsin doesn't have a clue at QB and they suck, along to looking forward to the Bucks coming to Camp Randall next week.  I'll take the Hoosiers.

Miami OH +6.5 vs Kent State
1:00 Kent State Closed-Circuit Dorm TV, Sports Time Ohio? FSN Cleveland?
Love the Redhawks.  Kent State had a guy return a punt the wrong way.  The Flashes have been playing well, but just under a touchdown is a lot in Oxford.  Go Hawks. Go #MACTION

1Alabama -14 vs. 15Texas A&M
3:30 CBS
Two touchdowns to the white-hot Aggie squad with their freak behind center.  Bama is pissed and they will be able to score a lot of points.  Aggies, not so much.

13Clemson -31.5 vs. Maryland
3:30 ESPNU
Maryland is missing their top everybody.  Clemson is rolling.  Spread covered by half.

$ 5UGA -15.5 at Auburn
7:00 ESPN2
Auburn is done and if UGA wins they head to the ATL to face Bama.  LOVE THIS GAME.  I wish it was under 14 but that's why Vegas is Vegas.

3Oregon -28 at Cal
10:30 ESPN
Cal lost their QB last week and do not have their best weapon at WR.  Oh and how in the hell are they going to stop Oregon?  They go for 2 up 50.

18UCLA -14.5 at Washington State
10:30 ESPN2
Leach has suspended his best player, there are reports of near fist-fights at halftime, and the Bruins put 66 on Rich Rod.  Again, wish this was under 14 but Wazzu is done.  21-28 point win easily.

9Louisville -3 at Syracuse
12:00 ABC
I like the 'ville, but I could care less about this game.  Also, the Carrier Dome can sneak up and bite you at any time.  I do have a love for the Cuse and want to actually take them, so I'mma keep this one off the board.

New Knicks/HEAT/OKC Alt Uniforms: Oh Snap It's Just Color on Color on Color

Well looks like the color on color softball look is the new trend in the NBA.  Last year, the HEAT's blackout jersey was black numbers on black jerseys.  This year, the Knicks are going Orange, and the HEAT are going white.  I do like that the Knicks dropped the stupid black this year, but I don't personally like color on color.  Unless it's a special one-time thing.  Whatever.  Thanks HEAT.  Bonus: New OKC Alternates.  Takes a page from the awesome Miami/ABA throwbacks with the name horizontal.  But yeah, blah.

Source: Cosby Sweaters

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ohio State camo Carrier Classic uniform

This might be the greatest thing I have ever seen.  I need a pair of these shorts and 8 pairs of these socks now.  I don't know if they will release them, but I will be standing outside of Long's until they get a pair.  They play Marquette this Friday night (7:00pm on NBC-SN) on the USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC.  Of course Meshaun's jersey is shown because if you don't like Meshaun in all camo, then go ahead and let TSA you are a terrorist.  Buckeyes, USA, supporting our troops.  It's all good fellas.  This is sooo good, I am completely ignoring the Lebron shoes.  Grade: US-A+ BAR HAS BEEN SET

Source: all over the internet, but I got these pictures from Ohio State's SB Nation page

Seriously, this is the best shit I've ever seen.  Make a scarlet version with either red camo or camo inside the white stripes.


Friday, November 2, 2012

New Army football uni for the Navy game

Army will rock gold when they play Navy in December.  Classic sleeve stripes, very simple and clean. Westpoint on the back.  I am surprised the numbers aren't camo but I bet camo will be included some way.  I love this look.  We'll see how I feel once the entire uni is put together, but I would for sure wear this around.  Grade: A

Source: Uni-Watch


Straight Ca$h Homey Week 10: Go Big or Go Home

All hail the single digit predator

Things looked bad when Louisville beat UC by 3.  That damn .5 gets ya all the time.  Then Sparky battled back, and OSU blasted the Nittanys in the 3rd quarter after Kansas State pulled away from Texas Tech.  Of course USC straight up lost to Rich Rod's desert crew to take my money game.  Then the night games happened and OU failed to show up (again) and Oregon State lost to Washington.  I finished 3-4 with no money game and now the only thing that matters is the money game.  I am 11.5 games out and can no longer defend my title, however I can start getting money back by winning my freaking money game.  This week, I am going big, with favorites on the road.  And best believe my money game is on the team that invented the single digit predator crazy baybay!!  On to Week 10...

Georgia Tech -7.5 at Maryland
Maryland lost their 4th quarterback for the season and is starting a freshmen linebacker who played quarterback in high school.  In the Wing T.  He might know how to stop the Jackets, but uh yeah, good luck with that Edsall.

14Stanford -28 at Colorado
2:00 FX
Huge line, however Colorado is awful and I think it's going to be 35 at half.

Ohio State -27.5 vs Illinois
3:30 ESPN
The Fightin' Illini have not fought once this year, and they lost to Michigan 45-0.  Even though Shazier said that the Buckeyes are already 10-0, and even though the Buckeyes play down or up to their opponent, Illinois is just that bad.  Under 28?  Like.

Baylor -17 vs Kansas
3:30 FSN
I am taking this game because Baylor has an offense that knows what they are doing.  I also like this game because Kansas had Texas beat and they came from ahead to lose.  Kind of like Purdue last week, they will bounce back by getting crushed on the road by a Bears squad that could score twice in 10 seconds.

4Oregon -8 at 17USC
7:00 FOX
Arizona gashed USC.  It's safe to say Oregon has more weapons than Arizona.  USC could have been looking ahead, but they were also up by a couple scores in the second half and then BAM down and out.  They could not stop Arizona.  I see Oregon by 10-20.

$$$ 13Clemson -14 at Duke
7:00 ESPN2
The way Clemson did Wake a few weeks ago has me all in on the Tigers.  I know that I laugh when anyone takes Clemson, however they are out of the national spot light and they are really good at looking really good against teams they should kill.  Duke is bowling for the first time since the early '90s (with a win over their rival) so they are pretty much set.  Clemson rolls, by 30.

1Alabama -9.5 at 5LSU
8:00 CBS
LSU struggled with TAMU, Auburn and got punched in the face by Florida.  Alabama will be ready and looking for a fight.  Obviously, 9.5 points, on the road, at LSU at night is almost un-bettable (new word), but I think this could turn out like the national title game.  Once Saban and his boys settle in, LSU just doesn't have the horses.  Roll Tide.  Bama by 10-17.  I hope.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

UCLA All Blue Errrthang

UCLA is either going baby blue on navy, or baby blue on baby blue for their upcoming game with Arizona.  I can't really tell from this instragram pic.  Either way, it's really lame.  They are planning with an "LA Nights" constume uniform later, and I ding this one because I like their standard blue on gold.  Once again, adidas, you're trying WAY too hard.  Grade: C-

Source: CBS - Eye on College Football

Here is the "LA Nights" jersey the Bruins will wear against Stanford on November 24th...
Click here to view larger image

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Texas Tech "Pride" Uniforms

This is what the Red Raiders will wear this weekend following their beat down in the Little Apple.  I love the Texas Star and for Under Armour, this looks pretty good.  Grade: B+

Source: Uni-Watch

Monday, October 29, 2012

Best looking NFL game ever

Yesterday, the Redskins played the Steelers.  The 'skins wore their white tops with gold pants and striped socks.  When Washington added their gold pants a few years ago with those socks, they become top notch.  Then the Steelers busted out their 30s throwback, and as the NFL Redzone Channel flipped to this game, I got excited.  I'm just going to post some pictures and leave it at that.  Other than the black side panels and the stupid Nike collar for the skins, A+++++++++.  I need a pair of those socks.  Both.  And then another 20 pairs.

Source: Uni-Watch

UNC Helmets

This year, UNC introduced white helmets with a white facemask along with their normal Carolina Blues, and then they put a navy facemask when they played Duke.  This past weekend, they went full chrome with their Tar Heel logo and as a non-UNC football fan, I think they looked pretty sweet.  Very trendy, very Hokie-ish with an atlernate logo on a new helmet, but if you're gonna go chrome, might as well go Heel too.  Grade: B+

Source: Uni-Watch

Friday, October 26, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Week 9: Keep It in the Gut

Last week Notre Dame.
This week Lane Kiffin. Betting sucks.

Fact: Last week I ended up with a winning record (4-3).  Fact: Miami scored a pointless touchdown down 20 to rip a 4-2-1 record from me.  Fact: Notre Dame had the classic trap game and didn't get me my money game.

I have won 2 money games this year and right now owe over $100, so that's not very cool.  I am also 7.5 games back which isn't too bad, but there are 5 guys within a few games, so basically I am playing out the string.  What do I do?  Do I keep going with my gut, usually taking double-digit favorites on the road?  Or do I pick the teams I want to root for in the big games?  I mean this should be fun after all, and once I'm out of it, I kind of want to go with the teams I like.  (But Thank God I Didn't Take WVU Last Week.  Holy Shit!!@!@!@!@)  Even if I go with teams I want to win, if they lose and don't cover, it's a double punch in the dick.  I think I'm going to keep picking with my gut and if I finish last, then thems the breaks.  On to Week 9...

16Louisville -3.5 vs Cincinnati
8:00 ESPN (Friday)
One-loss UC comes into Papa Johns after losing to Toledo (#MACTION!!) and a steady 'ville team is favored by just over a field goal on a Friday night.  Like.  Oh, and a bet on the Friday night game? Double like.

UCLA +7 at Arizona State
3:00 FX
UCLA regains its mid-September form and beats Sparky, who is still smarting from the woodshed beating they took from the Alpha Ducks.  Anything over 4 and I like it.  Go Jim Mora Jr.s!

4Kansas State -7 vs. 15Texas Tech
3:30 FOX
The Beat the Shit Out of WVU Bowl takes place in the Little Apple this week.  Texas Tech beat TCU in a great 3OT thriller and blew WVU the f*ck out in back-to-back weeks, but...I'm still not sold.  What I am sold on is that Bill Snyder is the best coach ever and he will beat the Red Raiders by more than a touchdown in Bill Snyder Family Stadium with his Heisman front-running QB doing his thing.

$$$ 10USC -6.5 at Arizona $$$
3:30 ESPN2
Easy trap game for the Trojans, who play OU next week.  However, the line has moved from -10 to under a touchdown and I don't see the 'cats keeping Barkley, Woods, Redd, Lee and whatever 5stars they put into the game under 50.  Also, under a touchdown means if the game gets within 10 or14, Kiffin will try to score (and go for two) so there won't be any shitty losses like FSU last week.  No real reason this is the money game other than once it gets back to 10, USC can step back on the gas.  In this case, -7 is a whole nother ball game than -6.5.

9Ohio State -1 at Penn State
5:30 ESPN
I thought the line would be PSU -2 or 3 but the Buckeyes are still favored going on the road after a great but terrible win.  I guess they are still favored because, well, the Buckeyes have a better team, even if their middle linebacker was the starting fullback for the past 3 1/2 years.  The Buckeyes have no depth, but I doubt there are more than 3 players from Penn State that would make the Scarlet and Gray 2-deep.  Taking the Bucks on the road.  LET'S GO BUCKS!  This looks like a classic FU game from Vegas...make the crappy-looking team a road favorite by the over-achieving hot team, forcing bettors to take PSU and the points while the Bucks win by 10+.

8Oklahoma -10.5 vs 5Notre Dame
I have struggled mightily with this pick.  I really want to take the 5th ranked and undefeated Golden Domers against Big Game Bob and the under-performing-since-2000-crew...but how exactly is Notre Dame going to score more points than the Sooners?  10.5 is huge.  It's actually a giant slap in the face of Notre with a sign that reads NOT YET BACK BUT GOOD JOB BEATING THE B1G.  This falls into two objectives in this failure of a betting season.
1)Go against a "no duh" pick and
2)Have something on the big prime time game instead of shying away from it.

7Oregon State -4.5 at Washington
10:15 P12N (ESPN Scorecenter --> Gamecast on ipad/iphone)
Gotta roll with the Beavers and the less-than-a-touchdown-spread.  Washington has maxed out on their home-at-night-upset.  Hardly doubt I will be up past midnight and will check it Sunday morning, before I start the lawn stuff and listen to the Browns pregame.  Oh God do my Sundays suck ass.

Boston College Wounded Warrior Uni (Under Armour)

Here is what BC will wear when they play Maryland, another UA school this weekend.  This goes in part with UA's work with the Wounded Warrior Project.  UA has previously just added some camo with each school's colors, so this is a bit different.  It is a bit overdone, but whatever.  I love Old Glory and it goes for a good cause and NEW UNIFORMS OMG.  Grade: B

The socks are beyond tight and the stars around the UA logo is a nice, logo creep touch.  Too bad Boston College doesn't have one player that looks as good as this UA model.


Boston College Under Armour Wounded Warriors Freedom Uniforms (1)

Boston College Under Armour Wounded Warriors Freedom Uniforms (2)

Boston College Under Armour Wounded Warriors Freedom Uniforms (3)

Boston College Under Armour Wounded Warriors Freedom Uniforms (4)

Boston College Under Armour Wounded Warriors Freedom Uniforms (5)

Boston College Under Armour Wounded Warriors Freedom Uniforms (6)

Boston College Under Armour Wounded Warriors Freedom Uniforms (7)

Friday, October 19, 2012

7th Heaven - Where the Bucks are now

Ohio State is 7-0 and ranked number 7th.  Going into this season, I was expecting a few things:

-4 games that were 50/50.  At Michigan State, vs Nebraska, at Wisconsin and vs Michigan.  Averages say the Buckeyes would go 2-2 in those big games as they rebound from a 6-7 season with a whole new offense and coaching staff
-An unexpected “good” win and an unexpected “bad" loss, i.e. Wisconsin last year and Purdue the last few years, respectively
-Time for the offense to find Urban and vice-versa.
-The D-Line to be a strong point/dominate
-Linebackers make it or break it.
-Best Case: 9-3/10-2 (12-0 obviously), win over Michigan and/or Wisconsin
-Worst Case: 7-5, losses to top 4 and Penn State/Cal or random foe

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Week 8: One Step Closer to an Intervention

This is what it has come to.

Holy crap. I went 2-5 last week (18-30-1 overall) with my money game on WVU -4 at Texas Tech.  Of course they lost 49-14.  What the shit.  I have no answers, no confidence, and have no idea what in the blue hell is going on.  If you have anything, anything at all with picking ATS when college kids play football, please please please, shoot me something (anything) this way.
Here are my picks for week 8.  I am not happy with them at all, and after looking at them, it seems like I keep taking road double-digit favorites.  Damn I suck.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Week 7 Picks

Here is what I have for week 7.  Last week I went 3-4 but won my money game (hay!).  Looks like I just can't get off road favorites.  This weekend I am off to Columbus West (Bloomington) to cheer on my Top-10 ranked Buckeyes for a HOMEGAME with my college buddies, so I will be in and out of other games.  I hope my phone doesn't die as I check the scores while pounding beverages with my homeboys.  Here you go, delinquents.
6Kansas State -6.5 at Iowa State
12:00 FX
15Texas +3 vs 13Oklahoma (Dallas)
12:00 ABC
1Alabama -21.5 at Missouri
3:30 CBS
5West Virginia -4.5 at Texas Tech
3:30 ESPN
10Oregon State +6 at BYU
3:30 ESPN3
Oklahoma State -23.5 at Kansas
3:30 FSN
22Texas A&M -8 at La. Tech
9:00 ESPNU
25Michigan -23.5 vs Illinois
3:30 ABC
4Florida -8.5 at Vanderbilt
6:00 ESPNU
8Ohio State -17 at Indiana
8:00 BTN

Loss in the Family

As some of you know, there has been a reason I haven’t updated this thing for a few weeks.  My father passed away last week after battling liver cancer ten years ago and then lymphoma for the past year.  He came down with pneumonia and as the chemo from lymphoma took out his already-depressed immune system, he couldn’t fight it anymore.
Without getting into everything, he was my best friend and there will be always a hole in my heart.  He was 65 but lived the hell out of those 65 years.  He isn’t sick nor fighting anymore, and is with my mom on the beach with his headphones on, so I am ok with that.  The hardest part is when I reach for the phone to text or call him about some sports thing or to send him a picture of my daughter and knowing he isn’t going to pick up.  Also, as I enjoy the moments of my daughter as she grows up, he won’t be there and she is too young to remember how much he truly loved her and how he tried to spend as much time as he could with her.  I am sad about the times we won’t have at the Clippers or at the ‘Shoe or talking ball, but what kills me is for my daughter to not have that time with her grandpa as she gets older.
The support has been great, at times overwhelming as I have to explain what happened to him and how I feel over and over, but if the biggest problem is that too many people care about him and me and my family, then I think I am going to be ok.  He touched so many people and had an effect on just about anyone who ever met him, and that’s all you can ask for.  I will miss him forever, but he couldn’t do the things he loved to do this past month (drink beer, hang with Ella, go to Ohio State games, coach) so he is so much better now.  He will always be here with me and my family.
Anyway, I took some time off work so I am catching up with that, and will try to update this thing as much as I can.  For the near future, I may just put up my picks and if I have time, post why and the reaction, but at this point I’m still in the bottom half and will pretty much take the teams I want to win in the games I want to watch.
If you read this and have sent me a text or call or came to the service, I can’t thank you enough.  Everyone has been so great and I can’t explain how much it means to have great friends, family and support.  I love you dad.  Tell mom I said hi.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Just a reminder...Wisconsin Road Uni vs. Nebraska

Just a reminder, this is happening tomorrow night. //shoots self in eyeball with nail gun...

Hm ok.  So last year, Michigan wore a "throwback" or whatever with a giant M on the front with a little number on the upper chest.  Ok cool.  That's how teams rocked their unis back in the day when there was no TV.  Nebraska took to it (another adidas school) when they showed off their "unrivaled" set with a big N on the front with a little number on the upper chest.  When the Huskers came out with that jersey, there were rumors and then an official statement that Wisconsin too, would have a special jersey for that game (another adidas school).

Well today, Wisconsin showed that special jersey.  And guess what?



Let's see, there's the giant letter of the school with a little number on the upper chest and diffe
rent color shoulders.  It's so lame and so copied and the teams will look the exact same.  One thing Nike gets is that they kind of got away of the "Nike templet" at least for special uniforms and occasions.  Not only is adidas copying what Nike started, which is fine.  New gear, new replicas, new money.  But they are copying themselves.  So the Ns will be playing the Ws.  Awesome!  Horrible job.  Jersey isn't bad, but I don't wanna see the Ns vs the Ws.  Do something different, for once.  Oh and the black socks typify the shittiness of this. #techfitisshit

Here's was the Ns will be wearing by the way:

Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Week 5 Picks

After my first winning week at 4-3, I rebounded to go 2-5 and fall 6 games back with a overall record of 10-18.  I have no idea what is going on, but the good teams aren't super good, and the bad teams show up once in awhile.  I can't get any worse, so once again, I am going with my gut and looking at the horrible teams and taking whoever they are playing.  A lot of favorites, a lot of double digits.  Week 5...

Money Game:
7South Carolina -21 at Kentucky
7:00 ESPN2
The 'cocks are on a roll and Kentucky is God awful.  This should be a cover around the 10:00 mark in the 2nd quarter.

9West Virginia -12.5 vs 25Baylor
12:00 FX
WVU only beat Maryland by 10 last week, and this is their first Big XII game against a ranked opponet, so look for Holgo and Geno to turn it up against a porus Baylor defense.  Monroe put up 30 against these guys, and WVU is no Monroe.
Miami OH -5.5 at Akron
2:00 ESPN3
I have been impressed by the Hawks since they showed a little in Ohio Stadium, albeit in a 56-10 drubbing.  Akron may be the worst team in the MAC and with Miami's passing game, they should score early and often.
17Clemson -9.5 at Boston College
3:30 ESPN2
Clemson is not the 17th best team in the country.  BC is one of the worst.  Classic rebound game.  This was my money game, but I couldn't look myself in the mirror if Clemson had a little $ next to its name.
UCLA -20.5 at Colorado
6:00 P12N
UCLA lost to those pesky Beavers and Colorado stunned Leach and Wazzu.  There is no way these Buffaloes can make it two-in-a-row and UCLA is going to be pissed.  They beat Nebraska and were a top 20 team.  20.5 is large, but the Buffs did give up 69 to Fresno and lost to Sacramento State.
15TCU -16.5 at SMU
TCU looked strong last week and SMU is God awful.  If Baylor can run SMU out of their own stadium, what is a legit Big XII contender going to do?  This game is not listed to be on television this week.  I may have a problem.
1Alabama -31.5 vs Ole Miss
9:15 ESPN
Nothing to see here, just business as usual.

Best of the Rest:
Minnesota +6.5 at Iowa
12:00 ESPN2

Texas -2.5 at Oklahoma State
7:50 FOX

Thursday, September 27, 2012

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Week 4 Picks

Coming off my first winning week (4-3 after starting 0-3), I am still near the worst picker of all time, Trapp in 2012.  My God is he horrible.  This week I am going back to my bread-and-butter...double-digit favorites (and Syracuse).  I am being a p*ssy though, putting up the 3 big night time games but not using them for my picks....the bad record this year has shaken my confidence.  Week 4 HERE.WE.GO....
The ole 2-5 and money game loss.

Money Game:
Maryland at 8West Virginia -27
12:00 FX
If the 'noles can put 52 on Wake, WVU can put 60 on Maryland.  The Thundering Herd's defense shows more heart than the Terps.
L 31-21 Barf.

Kentucky at 14Florida -24.5
12:21 SEC Network
If 'Bama can put 52 on Arkansas, a red-hot Gators team can put 30+ on Kentucky, coming off a loss to directional-Kentucky school.
W 38-0 Gators on a roll, and Kentucky trying to play basketball in the fall.

Miami (FL) at Georgia Tech -14
If Miami gave up 52 to Kansas State, then GT, who has found their groove after putting up 50+ on UVA last week, can beat the 'canes by two touches.
L 42-36 OT The U had an incredible comeback from GT's comeback and won in OT.  Bad betting loss.

2LSU -20.5 at Auburn
7:00 ESPN
Auburn is bad.  LSU is pretty good.  Big spread, on the road, however LSU has been known to step it up against good opponents and I gotta roll with the Tigers in purple and gold.
L 12-10 Auburn showed some backbone and LSU's offense looked like Ohio State's after racing to a 9-0 lead.

20Louisville -13.5 at FIU
This one snuck up on me.  I don't know who is worse, FIU or Kentucky, but they are similar and under 14 looks really good.  Almost too good to be true.  Should be someone's money game.
L 28-21 I have no idea what happened in this game.

Vanderbilt at 5Georgia -13
7:45 ESPN2
Same ole UGA, same ole Vandy.  If Georgia can go into Mizzou at night and beat them down, Vandy, at home, at dusk could get away from the Commodores early.
W 48-3 When in doubt, go against Vandy in SEC play.

Syracuse +1.5 at Minnesota
8:00 BTN
'Cuse looked "good" against Southern Cal, and Minnesota just lost their only playmaker since Marion Barber III and and Laurence Maroney.  The Orange For The Win.
L 17-10 No idea but Syracuse is a decent team.  Nice W for the B1G I guess.  Look, the Gophers are 4-0!

Best of the Rest:
18Michigan +5.5 at 11Notre Dame
7:30 NBC
Everyone is on the Golden Domers, including me.  However, these games have been close, and Sparty's offense is not like Michigan's.  Could be a shootout.
L 13-6 Holy shit Michigan's offense is bad.  Holy shit Notre's defense showed up.

15Kansas State +14 at 6Oklahoma
7:50 FOX
K-State made me some money last year and OU has been known to, you know, not show up for these types of games.  Two touchdowns is HUGE.  I was expecting around 4-8.
W 24-19 K-State wins outright in Norman,  Not surprised at all.  Boomer Sooner is now officially Chokelahoma.

10Clemson at 4FSU -14
Clemson in a big game.  The 'Noles looks great.  14 is HUGE but there is no way I can't not take Clemson.  This could be close, but probably a blowout, like 52-14ish. 
L 49-37 One late freaking touchdown by Clemson covers for them.  Probably the most fun I had watching a game in a few years.

New Mississippi State football uniforms (2)

adidas is doing it again.  They are really getting annoying.  It would be cool if they did anything (something) new, but they just keep repeating themselves and Nike.  This time, they are giving the Bulldogs a "snow bowl" uni for when they play Texas A&M this year.  They are paying homage to the 2000 Independence bowl, of course, when the two teams played in a snow storm and Miss. State went all white.

You might be asking, "Oh that's cool, are they going to wear the uniforms they had in 2000 (which are one of your favorites)?"  Um no, because they (and A&M) were Nike schools at the time, they couldn't possibly wear a 2000 Nike template.  No, adidas is going to do what Maryland and Under Armour did last week and go with an all white/silver errrrthing uniform.  Very lame.  The helmet also has a giant dog face on it.  So they have ripped off Under Armour (Maryland) and now Nike (Missouri, and don't forget Carolina basketball's silver anniversary edition uniforms from a few years back). I do like the template, pretty plain and classy, but yeah, not original and you can't even read the numbers.  Oh yeah, your competitors have been doing the same thing for about 5-10 years.  Do something (anything) original for one team.
Grade: D

Now onto their "Battle for the Golden Egg" unis.  Last year: Cool.  This year: Over done/trying too hard.  Let's Miss. State has a new uniform for all of 2012, and then a white out and an Egg Bowl 2.0 uniform.  And they are an average to below-average SEC West team.  Holy shit, enough already.  The only thing missing is #HAILSTATE as the back nameplate.
Grade: C

Source: Hail State