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Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Local News Bloopers - 2011

If there is anything more stupid and better on TV when you are super bored, it's your local news program.  With the stupid fluffy bits about some lady's cats, or a report on the east side that a store was robbed and the only thing taken was cigarettes and diapers, here is a youtube video of the best of bloopers from local newcasts in the past year.  Reporting for the Healthy Scratch, Jamie Dupler.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Timothy Richard Tebow

One of the greatest college quarterbacks just finished another 4th quarter comeback as the Broncos moved atop the AFC West with a 13-10 overtime win against the Bears.  Once again, Denver was down 10-0 in the 4th and have a touchdown and a fieldgoal to tie it and a 52-yarder to win.  Denver is 7-1 this year at Tim as starter and look to be in control of the west as the Raiders free fall in grand fashion.

I love Tebow.  When at Florida, he was first introduced as the quarterback to beat the high school team on MTV's Two-a-Days.  Then, as a freshmen, he came in during goalline situations and helped the Gators win a national championships.  He won the Heisman as a sophomore and led the Gators to another title.  He was then drafted in the first round by Josh McDaniels, who was fired halfway through Tim's first season.  The majority of NFL guys said Tebow is not a qb.  He should be a goalline player or a TE/FB and became an instant underdog.  That's when I went from Tebow is good to LET HIM PLAY AND SEE WHAT HE CAN DO EVEN IF HIS HEAD COACH AND PRESIDENT DON'T THINK HE CAN PLAY QUARTERBACK AND WILL PROBABLY CUT HIM AFTER THIS YEAR.  I go over the top on Twitter by poking his haters (@Americaback10 and @mattharriman) and say he is a top 15 quarterback and all he does is win.  Since the Browns suck @$$, the Broncos are my new 2011 team and here is a list of starting quarterbacks.  Here are the quarterbacks he is better than.  Take it with a grain of salt and the tie goes to Tebow, duh.  Tebow is better than the quarterbacks in bold.

Monday, December 5, 2011

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey - Week 14 CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK

I posted my best week, going 6-1, winning my 10th money game and enlarging my lead over Brad from half a game to 3!  Two weeks left.  I wasn't sure how this week would go, but with 22 games, we are still picking the full 7.  Am I on "hang on" mode?  Hell no.  I am looking to run away with this (and if not, hoping that Brad picks the same games I do).  Pokes-Sooners.  Bruins-Ducks.  Cougars-Golden Eagles. Sparty-Bucky.  Tigers-Bulldogs.  Wildcats-Cyclones.  OH THE MADNESS!  Here are my picks to click, Championship Week edition:
3-4 but took the money game.  Bowl season up next to end the year.

Guex Tigers
Money Game:
14Georgia vs. 1LSU (-13.5) (Atlanta, GA) 4:30 CBS SEC CHAMPIONSHIP
Wow, UGA is on fire.  They get to play in their home state.  They have won 10 straight.  Biggest wins? Gators in Jacksonville and 45-7 vs Auburn.  No LSU, no Arkansas, no Bama.  Now they get LSU who has no regard for human life.  The Purple and Gold will be running around the Georiga Dome with that awesome SEC sign as Alabama sits at home, preparing for the REMATCH OF THE CENTURY OF THE GAME OF THE CENTURY in the TITLE GAME OF THE CENTURY between two of the best teams in the CONFERENCE OF THE CENTURY!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!)  Jan. 9th in the SUPERDOME OF THE CENTURY, in case you care.
W LSU 42 UGA 10
LSU once again got down in the 1st half, 10-0.  Then went on a nice 6 touchdown run with Honey Badger doing his thing and LSU's 14 tailbacks running amok all over the Bulldogs as the game wore on.  See you Jan. 9th.

BCS Title 2011: Rematch Lives Here

The BCS Championship game will face 1 LSU against 2 Alabama in the Superdome January 9th.  You may be familiar with this game.  It was played earlier this year under TGOTC in Tuscaloosa as LSU beat the Crimson Tide in overtime, 9-6 after Alabama missed two field goals, had one blocked, and threw an interception at the goal line.