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Monday, October 31, 2011

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey: Week 9 NCAA Picks

Tough week 8 all around (Bucky, Boomer Sooner) as I finished 3-4 and fell 3.5 games behind Brad who went 5-2.  I did, however, when my money game so thank you Case Keenum and the fellas.  Marshall was asking who the backup quarterback was and made it public they wanted to knock Mr. Keenum out.  Case went 376 for 6 touchdowns en route to a 63-28 beatdown while he broke the NCAA record for total offense.  Back in the baby pool, Thundering Herd.

Overall, I am a respectable 36-19-1 and the weeks are only going to get tougher.  I will be happy with 3-4 or 4-3 and the money game.  With the conference races taking shape, more and more games could go either way.  Here's my week 9 picks to click:
Started 4-0 with the Money Game, ended 4-3.  Oh well, the Buckeyes won and I went over .500.  Life is good.

Money Game:
My arm is tired...
from countin' all this bread
Rice at 17Houston (-27.5) 8:00 CBS Sports Net (THURSDAY)
Houston keeps rolling and I thought I would never see the day I am betting on a 4 touchdown spread Thursday night C-USA game but here I am.  It just got sad real.
W Houston 73 Rice 34.  Keenum threw 9 touchdowns and were down 17-7 in a driving rain early.  Every guy is open by 10 yards.

I support you this week
Purdue at 18Michigan (-13.5) Noon ESPN
Purdue is coming off a "huge" upset win over the Fightin' Zooks and Michigan has blown out teams they should have blown out but have lost to under Richard (see: the San Diego State, Minnesota, and Northwestern games).  Go Blue at home against a team that peaked last week?  Under two touchdowns?  Mich rolls.
W Michigan 36 Purdue 14.  Purdue scored a touchdown with 15 seconds left, spread not in doubt at any time.

Guns up, good sir
Baylor at 3Oklahoma State (-14.5) 3:30 ESPN/ESPN2
Oh lookie here, two of my favorite betting teams.  Baylor has screwed me (twice) and the Pokes have been rolling.  Gundy's squad got a little fight on the road against a fordable Mizzou squad and that games proved that all the Cowboys need is one stop beacuse they score every time they get the ball.  Two touchdowns against a team that has been ranked for the whole year is a lot, and the O/U is 79.5 (holy shit) but Baylor cannot keep up and Stillwater keeps partying.
W Oklahoma State 59 Baylor 24.  Pokes keep rolling and keep making me money.  LIKE.

I'm taking this guy as the underdog
to cover and win outright in Happy Valley
Illinois (+5.5) at 19Penn State 3:30 ABC/ESPN2
The Fightin' Illini cannot be as bad as the last two weeks and Penn State has the same wow factor as Lindsay Lohan in rehab/jail/community service/jail/playboy/jail/rehab.  Happy Valley is a nightmare to visitors, but I see the Zooks to rebound and to win outright against a below average State team.
W Penn State 10 Illinios 7.  Of course the Illini were up 7-3 the entire game and miss a field goal to tie it by hitting the upright.  The middle of the B1G is pretty much what this game was.  Nice snow in October, too.

You have until 2017 to win
the Legends Division.
Hopefully Notre Dame will in the B1G by then.
Iowa (-16) at Minnesota 3:30 BTN
One thing that has helped me this year is I tend to bet against the horrible teams.  Those teams are as follows (off the top of my head): Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa State, Minnesota, Ole Miss, and UCLA.  An average B1G team, on the road, favored by just under 3 scores?  America Needs Farmers and I need the Hawkeyes.  Oh, and Minnesota just extended coach Jerry Kill's contract by 7 years (!).  The Golden Gophers are currently 1-6 and winless in the B1G.  They have been outscored 144-31 against Michigan, Purdue and Nebraska in the last 3 weeks.  Their only win?  29-23 against the Redskinshawks of Miami University from Oxford, Ohio.  I would say it is an ideal time for a contract extension in his first year while he battles continued medical issues.
L Minnesota 22 Iowa 21.  Heard about this at the tailgate.  Didn't see one play.  No idea how or why Minnesota got their second win and first in the Big Ten.  If they play 10 times, Iowa wins by 40 nine times.  Sweet job Hawkeyes.

Your husband sucks as much
as you are good looking
4Stanford (-8.5) at 20USC 8:00 ABC GAMEDAY
Kirk, Corso and Fowler are back in L.A.  However, Reginold, Leinhart, LenDale, LoJack and Cassel are not walking through that door.  Dillon Baxter, who coach Kiffin said could be "the next Reggie Bush" is off the team to focus on academics.  He was looking as the prime suspect to take over the running game after senior Marc Tyler went TMZ to TMZ outside a night club and was suspended.  But then a funny thing happened:  Baxter didn't see the field against Arizona State nor Cal and didn't even make the trip to South Bend as Tyler regained his posistion atop the depth chart.  8 and a half is a big amount and some say Stanford hasn't been tested (way to show up Huskies).  They have beaten 10 straight opponets by 25 or more points and will come close to that again against the Men of Troy in the coliseum.
Oh and here's a fun fact I heard on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday morning:  In the last calander year, Stanford is 12-0-1 against the spread.  If you had bet $100 on the first game and let it ride, you would be looking at a $234,000 profit.  Does it end Saturday night?  I think not.
LStanford 56 USC 48 3OT.  The actual line was 7.5 at kickoff so everyone who took Stanford still covered, which could only happen if Stanford scored in the 3rd OT and USC turned it over.  Which happened.  However, for us, the Cardinal didn't cover.  I saw the end after the Buckeyes win so I don't really care.  Tough loss but whatever.

Is this the year?
Single Digits think so
6Clemson (-4) at Georgia Tech 8:00 ABC/
So Clemson, who is known for their undisiplined ways, are facing a triple option team who will kill you if you are undisiplined.  Also, Clemson is on the road after putting up 59 previous week.  Apparently white is black, up is down, and water is dry beacuse I am taking Clemson.  They are ranked in the top 10, favored, on the road, a week after a big output, against a team who forces you to be focused and do your job every play.  That being said, Dabo has too many toys single digits to play with and this '11 team doesn't seem to care about Clemson going Clemson.  Until they meltdown.  Hopefuly, this week they dodge the Clemson going Clemson bullet again.
L Georgia tech 31 Clemson 14.  And there it is.  They gave me one against Maryland and took one away here.  Now I'm done.  Thank you Clemson.

I like but won't take:

Looks about right
Washington State at 7Oregon (-37) 3:00 FSN
Oregon is at home.  Oregon covers at home.  Washington State is Washington State and their new branding technique is to wear all grey at home.  That is all.  I want to be tailgating with beverages and not checking my phone every 15 minutes to see if Oregon is up 40 yet, so this one is off the board.
Oregon 43 Washington State 28.  Amazed Wazzou put up 4 scores and this is exactly why I didn't take a 37 point line.  It was 15-10 at half and the Ducks put 21 up in the 3rd quarter to build a 36-20 lead.  Both teams added a score in the 4th (the Cougars with a two poitn conversion).  Oregon was in no way in chance of losing this game, but didn't cover and didn't cover by a lot.  Nice no-call Dupe.

I have been giving America's picks the past few weeks and the average is right around .500 so screw that.  I will not settle for mediocracy.  Half of America is stupid and biased.  Just listen to a sports talk radio show with callers.  You'll see.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

UNC vs. MSU-Veteran's Day Basketball

On November 11th, North Carolina and Michigan State will play on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to support the troops.  Here's another thing: They both will wear special camo-jerseys with "U.S.A." on the back above the numbers instead of their last names.  Sparty's was leaked and UNC just unveiled theirs. 

Here is what they look like:

Those are freaking awesome.  No word on whether they will be available for retail but I imagine if they are, they may sell out pretty quickly.
11/11/11: UNC-MSU 7:00 ESPN
Of course, shout goes out to Uni Watch and Nike Blog.

Monday, October 24, 2011

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey: Week 8 NCAA Picks

Another 5-2 week (6th 5-win week in a row, 33-15-1 overall) but once again, not only do I not gain any traction on Bradley, but I fall further away.  His only loss?  Georgia Tech.  What a Delta Bravo.

There are a bunch of good games on TV.  I am an average bettor that looks at this stuff for a few hours each week and have a winning percentage of 67%, and I am not even winning my own pick 'em pool.  The goal for point spreads is to have have of the bettors take one side.  For Vegas to break even, the bettors should be around .500.  Anyway, this year, the guys who pay rent by betting are absolutely killing Vegas.  Therefore, all the spreads are inflated and I do not feel comfortable taking all 20 and 30 point favorites.

This week I am heavily relying on the trends of America and anything over 90% is fair game.  I don't like to bet on random games that aren't even on TV and in the past this has bitten me in the ass, but that's my strategy this week.  Conference USA/ dominates my picks to click for Week 8:

Update: Went 3-4 but won the money game.  Whacky week and only two guys had above .500 records.  Brad picked 5 games and extended his lead from .5 to 3.5 games.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Throwback Thursday

Jay Z featuring The Roots and Mary J. Blige - "Heart of the City (Ain't No Love) (Live)" from his MTV Unplugged album, 2001

Coolest gloves ever

This is what LSU is wearing against Auburn this weekend.  More than a 50-50 chance I buy these.  Single Digit predators all moved up LSU a few spots on their recruiting list.  Too bad the Honey Badger (along with the starting running back) is suspended, he would have flashed these a few dozen times. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

*UPDATE* Straight Ca$h Homey: Week 7 NCAA Picks

Finished 5-2 for the 4th straight week, lost because Maryland came back, yet again in the second half against Georgia Tech.  Also lost when Ohio State blew a 27-6 lead and gave up 4 unanswered touchdowns to lose 34-27.

I am still down 1.5 games due to a 6-1 run (30-12, 71.4% overall) by Cosmic Warrior Brian Yontz (thanks for having us over) and Brad going 5-2.  Aceholes.  Also included in the 5-2 club were Pacetta and Kirby.

I bet on Ohio State once in 2004 against Marshall, when the Buckeyes needed a 55-yard field goal from Nugent to beat the 3-touchdown underdog Thundering Herd.  The other time?  Last week.  Bucks lose. Nebraska doesn't cover.  Lose, lose, lose, lose, lose.  Never again.  Never. Again.

The season is half over.  My trends continue as the same teams keep showing up.  Here is what I am looking at while I head to McGee's sit in Columbus for the Illibuck showdown.
*Lines are from Tuesday at noon from Cesar's/Hilton

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Earl Simmons: Where My Dogs At?

Dog is a dog,
blood's thicker than water

So I hop on twitter this morning and I see #DMX is trending.  This is either pretty cool (hey a comeback!) or a sad day (RIP DMX, which is highly likely).  I do some research and see he performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards last night.

As many of you know, my favorite rapper is Dark Man X.  I started listening to rap in middle school.  My first rap cd was Puff Daddy's "No Way Out" and Busta Rhymes' "When Disaster Strikes" (had a gift card to Blockbuster).  I was all in on Bad Boy and Def Jam.  I would play the cds on my boom box and record them onto cassette tapes, then listen to those mixtapes on my dad's walkman as I made my way to Hastings on my bike. 

When I got to high school, I had a discman and my newly found Jones friend Brad Frye introduced me to DMX and the single "It's Goin' Down" as we were walking to Big Bear for lunch (F Freshmen Freeway).  That was it.  Earl was my guy and took over as my favorite rapper.  His movie "Belly" is also one of my favorites.

Fantasy Football Quit Guy

Rome's final burn from yesterday.  His little skits naming "guys" are tremendous.  Taken from my phone off of the tv.  Modern day Spielberg over here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Citgo Watch: Long Gone in the desert

Mike Stoops, brother of Bob Stoops, is out as head coach of Arizona.  This year, they are 1-5 and are coming off a loss to a previously win-less Oregon State, 37-27.  Dr. Saturday thinks it is stupid.  I think it has been a long time coming (see: UCLA). 

Frogs go out east, come back home

You'll fit right in

 Texas Christian University announced last night that they have officially accepted an offer to join the Big XII, starting July 1, 2012.  This comes after the school had accepted a move to the Big East last year, which made absolutely no sense other than TCU getting out of the Mountain West and into a BCS situation.  After Boise State joined the MWC, it looked like they were going to have their little BCS-Buster playoff per the winner of the Mountian West.  The move to play UConn as a conference foe seemed even more peculiar.

With Texas A&M gone to the SEC and Mizzou wanting the Big Ten but would settle for the SEC, the Big XII, who has been on the complete brink of collapse twice, had to make a move and TCU makes the most sense.  If not for them, the conference too, filling a void left by the Aggies.

UFL Roster Check

There is a story out about how Clarett and Troy Smith aren't exactly taking Ohio State's back, and won't be in attendance when the Bucks are playing Nebraska, which is kind of surprising since they both play for the Omaha Nighthawks, which is about 20 miles away.  That led me to look up the Nighthawks roster, and wow did I find some gems.  Then I went down the other 3 teams' rosters.  Here are the guys I know from instant name recognition.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday

Lil Wayne featuring Drake - "She Will" off of Tha Carter IV
Explicit Lyrics, NSFW

Lil Wayne - "Sorry 4 The Wait" (Rolling in the Deep Remix) off Sorry 4 the Wait mixtape
Explicit Lyrics, NSFW

11W: Regarding The Ohio State Situation

I read this post from Eleven Warriors.  I agree with every single thing in this article.  Here's the link.  Here is the article:

The Shameless Shaming of DeVier Posey

By DJ Byrnes - 09 October 2011
I don't know if watching Ol' Dude Bauserman inherit a Bentley, get drunk on a handle of Scotch, and then crash that Bentley into my living room last night has anything to do with it--but I am suddenly missing Jim Tressel. I wonder where Saint Jim was watching the game from while I stood outside in the street and watched my house burn down with a crunked Ol' Dude Bauserman (and you will never convince me he wasn't crunk) told me things like "Don't worry, bro. It's all going to be okay," before he passed out in the gutter.

*Results Upate* Straight Ca$h Homey: Week 6 NCAA Picks

*5-2 again this week, lost money due to Yontz going 6-1.  Started .5 games back, now 1.5.  Somebody stop the Yontz train.  Now.

Rallied for a 5-2 week after the USF ass kicking at Heinz Field on Thursday night.  Baylor lost straight up, of course, so the 5 wins is a bit misleading.  I stand at 23-11-1 (3-2 in money games) overall. 

This week, hmmm little iffy (have said that since week 3).  Here is what I got.  No underdogs this week.  And by no I mean none.  At all.  Risky.

Exept when Boise visits the Valley

America, along with my 'stache
are taking the Broncos

*W 57-7.  One of the touchdowns was decribed as if "Boise State was running against air during walk through."
Money Game: 5Boise State (-21) at Fresno State 9:00 ESPN Friday
93% of America is taking Boise.  Sounds good to me.  From

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Al Davis

According to Al Davis has passed away (via @kegsneggs)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Citgo: Longhorn Down

Found this on Dr Saturday:
Happy Trails.  To the surprise of no one, Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert has decided to transfer after losing his starting job and subsequently watching the offense take off under sophomore Case McCoy and true freshmen David Ash.  Gilbert arrived in 2009 as the home-grown, five-star heir apparent to then-senior Colt McCoy, and leaves as one of the most notorious busts in school history: In 14 career starts, he was 7-7 with 19 interceptions, not including a four-interception debacle after being thrust into the 2009-10 BCS title game after Colt McCoy was knocked out the first series.

Next stop:  Most likely at SMU, where Gilbert was reportedly spotted at practice ($) on Wednesday and would have one year of eligibility remaining in 2013.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died last night at age 56.  You can read plenty of who he was and what he did all over the internet.  Here is his inpact on me:

My grandma had an Apple II with a black screen, green text and floppy disks.  I played Number Munchers, Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo?

Apple II

Macbook 2008

Nebraska Week

So Ohio State heads to Lincoln to match up with the newest member of the B1G this Saturday for what looked to be an awesome prime time game when the schedules were released.  The week leading up to it?  Not so much.  Gameday was scheduled but was then pulled in favor of the Texas State Fair, and for good reason. 

Nebraska, who was in Madison last week as Gameday traveled to the land of Bucky, got run out of the stadium by Wisconsin, who solidified their position as a legitimate BCS contender and runaway Big Ten favorite.  Nebraska actually took a 7-0 and 14-7 lead before Bucky did their thing and Wilson led the offense to scores (it seemed like) every time they touched the ball.  Martinez, who hit Wisky's defensive backs and linebackers between the numbers, didn't help matters as the Bagers converted turnovers into touchdowns and before anyone knew it, it was 41-14.  Bucky scored once more to make the final 48-17.  Enjoy the corn back home.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My College Football Rankings - Week 6









*Week 5 Update* Straight Ca$h Homey: Week 5 NCAA Picks

Week 4 summarized:

Dude lives in a mordern-day west coast The Progam
The Pac-12 is stupid

*Note: These lines are from Tuesday Morning, Caesars-Hilton Sportsbook*
I feel like my luck may be running out after 3 weeks of 5 wins.  Each week I like less and less of the games but here we go:
Even I like Robert Griffin the Third
against the Wildcats

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.
More touchdowns than incompletions.
Thank you sir. May I have another?

*Loss.  The Third had over 300 yards and 5 touchdowns (mainly to Wright, 9 for 201 and 3 scores), but one costly pick in the redzone to which the Wildcats converted into the game-winning FG inside 3 minutes left.

Yeah, about that.
Kansas State 36
Baylor 35. Wonderful