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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Bowl Week: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Don't expect a lot of banging
New Year's Day

Finally some quality bowl games.  No more Monday Night or Thursday Night Jags-Jets games (MY GOD I CANNOT TAKE ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE GAMES MY GOD)...There is a great race for the title, as a 3-way tie approaches this final week.  I, however, am no where close to it.  Just playing for my pride at this point (and the last 7 weeks). 

Bowl week is always hard, like the first week, due to a few factors.
1 - Everyone is healthy
2 - Everyone is rested, which allows a hot team to cool off and an underachieving team to kick off next year
3 - Mental states.  Is a team really happy to be bowling, and is their opponent disappointed by their bowl?  How about their coach (if they have one)?  A lot of psychos show up around the New Year.

Those are major major major factors that make a seemingly sure-handed blowout become a potential upset.  The worst thing I fall into is taking a huge big-time program favorite and have them completely not show up (see: Oklahoma every year).  Therefore, I have leaned in my TOTAL BOWL BLOWOUT PICKEM SPECIAL to the underdogs (and by underdogs I mean teams that are favored by less than double digits...old habits die hard y'all).  These picks, however, are pretty standard for yours truly.  TO THE BOWL WEEK PICKS...

Thursday 12/27
Baylor Pick vs. UCLA
My favorite non-major bowl because the Big Ten is out of the Alamo and usually involves top teams that had a few bad losses.  Baylor has been a surprise and I like them against Jim Mora Jr.

Saturday 12/29
West Virginia -4 vs. Syracuse
Dub V gets their bowl on and runs away in Yankee Stadium

Oregon State -2 vs. Texas
Texas has been overrated the entire year.  Oregon State has been underrated the entire year.  I would take the Beavers up to -6 here.

BW3 BOWL - 10:15 ESPN
TCU -2.5 vs. Michigan State
Very close to being the money game.  TCU can handle Sparty's pound-n-ground and could easily run away against the very disappointing green and white crew in the 3rd.

Monday 12/31
PEACH BOWL Chick-Fli-A Bowl - 7:30 ESPN
LSU -3.5 vs. Clemson
Oh man, this game could go either way.  Except you know, it's Clemson against a national SEC power.  I'm taking LSU all day on this one.  A great way to end the year.

Tuesday 1/01
$$$ Oklahoma State -17 vs. Purdue $$$
Purdue is f8cking awful and Okie State can put up some points like men.  It's going to be 24-0 after the 1st quarter.

Northwestern +2 vs. Mississippi State
The only reason why Miss. State is a favorite is because they play in the big bad SEC and any team would lose 5 in a row in that gauntlet.  F8ck that.  The Wildcats are for real.  They should win by at least 10, or at least be up by 10 in the 4th until they give up the lead and lose by 3.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Michigan's Bowl Uni - 2013 Outback Edition

Michigan is once again changing their uniform.  This time, for the Outback bowl.  They are also changing their helmet.  They are going to wear matte navy and maize, which is the trend that seems to be dead (unless it's all black errthing).  The jerseys don't look too bad, which follows their uni changes.  I like the gold numbers and the blue on the shoulders look fine.  I can't tell if they have block Ms on the sleeves or numbers, but either way, it's better than their normal whites with yellow lines all over the place.  Grade: B+ (C- if you are a traditionalist)

After I keep looking at it, adidas has done some pretty good work (Texas A&M, Mississippi State) and some bad work (Wisconsin, Nebraska) and this falls with Michigan's past uni changes.  They want to keep it as classic as they can.  I really like it as a non-die-hard Michigan Man.  The Outback Bowl patch though...

Source: All over the Internet, but I'll give it to Michigan Football's twitter

New Cincinnati Football Helmet for bowl game

They look sweet with the checker pattern and the claw stripe up the back.  This will also be their alternate helmet for next year.  I imagine they will have some sort of pride uni from adidas to match these.  I'm guessing either an all red-out (similar to Arizona) or Black on red with these helmets.  Well done UC.

Grade: A-

From: Uni-Watch

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Go Get 'Em Bert

The most surprising move on the college football coaching carousel comes in the form of my most hated program/coach moving down to the SEC to take over the tire fire known as the Razorback football.  I'll be quick and to the point: I have no idea why this is happening, from both sides.  Bert is leaving Wisconsin and is taking his 4TE/Goal line offense down south to rebuild an Arkansas program that was top ten in 2010 and supposed to be back in 2012.  I have two major problems with Bert going to Fayetteville:

1) How is he going to get the players Petrino got?  Nobody down there knows or cares about the Rose Bowl or the Big Ten.  Nobody down there knows or cares about ground-and-pound 3 and 4 tight end sets.  (Nobody = 17 and 18 year olds)
2) He has to face Alabama and LSU every year and running the ball 50 times at them will not and does not work.

Also, why would he leave Wisconsin?  He has built a good program and with Penn State being down for 5-10 years, they are now the 3rd most known program in the Big Ten with back-to-back* Rose Bowls and a good thing going.  He got a minimal raise to move to a program that would be even with Wisconsin at best.  It makes no sense.  He's from Illinois.  He played at Iowa and has a program up in Wisconsin.  Next year, his out-of-division SEC opponents are Florida and South Carolina.  They will be lucky to be .500.  At least Wisconsin can go get Chyrst from Pitt (sorry Mark May but it's karma, bitch).

I just don't get it.  I say he lasts at most 4 years with an average SEC team and then comes back to the Midwest, probably to Iowa when Ferentz gets run out of Iowa City.  Good luck fat man, you're going to need it.  I really hope you get a chance to go for 2 up 40. Against another SEC team, douche.