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Friday, September 30, 2011

Ohio or Florida? Drink and Duck: Guns in Bars OK in Ohio

But you said you didn't have a gun.
You gave me your word!

Today you are more than welcome to pack heat in your finest watering hole if you live in my great state of Ohio.

When this was first proposed, and people were all up in arms that the one thing missing from America's landscape was the ability to bring an Uzi into Out R Inn and that possibility could be a reality this year, I honestly thought it was a joke, like a skit from the Daily Show.  I mean there are more than enough fights when alcohol is involved in public places, and to bring a weapon that fires bullets and is deadly are allowed into situations that involve drunkenness is mindbogglingly insane.

Citgo Watch: Chowads

Great move if you hate Sawx Nation.  Francona is a great manager and man.

I hope the Sawx sign this guy

Vintage Cowherd: Eat it Hard Boston Fans

Intro to Sportsnation yesterday.  Cowherd goes retro with video.  Takes me back to college when he wasn't such an elite gasbag.  Just a gasbag.  Recorded from my phone on my dvr after Rome is Burning

Thursday, September 29, 2011

*Wild Card Update* Sinking Sawx

September 29th:  In no other words can I describe last night other than the most amazing night of baseball I have ever witnessed, the Red Sox, who were up 3-2 with 2 outs and 2 strikes and they closer who has blown 2 saves the entire year, gave up 2 doubles and a single as the O's came from behind to leave the Sawx's season on the brink of the biggest collapse in history.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

College Football Rankings Week 5

After four weeks, I like to look at the best teams.  Preseasons ranking are ish.  The first three weeks, there are injuries and upsets and all that jazz.  After a month, I feel it is the right time to look at the best teams and putting them in order.  I like to do it by region and teams that just "look" good.

Soccer Sucks

Waving jerseys to cool the unconscious player? Dropped from stretcher? This video has it all.

Where did I see this?  Check out

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post Manning Era Update

The Colts are working out this guy
Good luck with that.

Michigan State Week. Love Me Some Sparty

Charles Rogers. Legend and Leader.
If you know anything about me, you know my love for Sparty.  They are Clemson of the Big Ten.  They get all the players that should've gone to Michigan and Penn State and Ohio State and Notre Dame, but are missing something (not looking at you Kirk Cousins)

Monday, September 26, 2011

El Citgo Watch: Los Lobos Edition


In a move that seemed a long time coming, New Mexico fired Head Coach Mike Locksley after a fake recruit was picked up with a DWI in a Mike Locksley-registered vehicle outside the stadium before New Mexico's Homecoming OT loss to Sam Houston State 48-45

Browns get it done, forget the first 56 minutes

Game-winning 14 yard TD catch
(Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal)

Good God that was a bad game, with flags galore.  The Juggernaut was out with strep throat, I hope someone gets his homework for him.  Willie Green Montario Hardesty took the bulk of the carries (14 for 67, and looked all the part of a 2nd round pick) and against the desperate and winless Dolphins, all signs pointed toward another Browns loss where they played down to their opponent and small mistakes lead to a big loss with a sprinkle of WTF/OMG in the last 2:00.

*UPDATE* Straight Ca$h Homey: Week 4 NCAA Picks

 *Went 5-2, never taking Southern Cal and Notre again.  That is all*
Army QB Trent Steelman
had 3 touchdowns

While looking at this week's games, the conclusion is the good ones are few and far between.

Last week I apparently missed the ole sand in the eyes, as the game of the week had Northwestern-Army as a pick 'em Monday morning and by Thursday, Northwestern was giving 7.  By kickoff, the Wildcats had moved further and were favored by 9.  Since our lines came out Monday, a Northwestern pick 'em was free money.  Then, of course, Northwestern went Northwestern and lost outright to Army by a touchdown, 21-14.  I had no idea about it until halftime.

Here's the convo:
-Hey check the Northwestern game
-Uh what?
-Yeah, the Northwestern-Army game
-Uh what?
-Yeah, I took Northwestern for my money game.  It started out as a pick 'em and by kick they were giving 9.  Check the game.
-Go on your smart phone and check it yourself.  That game is not on television.  Oh here it is. It's tied...(a few hours later)...UPDATE.  ARMY 21. NORTHWESTERN 14.  FINAL.  Thanks for your monies.  Idiots.

Well played Dupe, well played.  On that note, here is what I am looking at this week:

Pockets REAL BIG.

Money game: 10Oregon (-15) at Arizona 10:15 ESPN2
Thanks, for the third straight week, Arizona
*W Oregon gets up really big really early, takes out the Cats 56-31.  Brother Stoops is dead man walking in the desert*

Top Plays of the Week

There seemed to be a lot of great plays from this weeking in college and pro football and here they are:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

15 Years Ago. Suck it Mark May

15 years ago today, as brought to my attention by The Torg, Ohio State's 1996 squad opened up a can against Mark May's Alma mater.  This comes after a week that Rice vowed they would never play Ohio State again after they were taken out back 70-7.  The Buckeyes score 142 points in the first two games and I was at there with my dad.  Here's OurHonorDefend's Drive Thru.  Watch. Smile. Be happy you are a Buckeye.

American Futbol: Red Cahd for the Big Blue

I am not a big fan of soccer.  There are many things I don't like about it.  The red and yellow cahds, the no scoring (one-nil. BLOWOUT), the counting up, the no definitive end to the match, the no use of hands, the pony tails and celebrations, the fan riots/murders, the refs making up rules and not having to explain themselves, the FIFA political crap, etc.
I know everyone in America gets caught up in the World Cup and the pubs are packed at noon until we lose to a nation that needs running water.  Then everyone gets ready for NFL preseason.


The Buffaloes, one of the newest members of the Pac-12, stroll into the 'shoe at 3:30 with Craig James giving his insight across the World Wide Leader.  Luckily for me, I will be in the South Stands with Tiffany and my father.

You may have not heard about Colorado for a few years, and probably the last time you heard anything about Colorado football was because of this:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Browns off the shnide

AJ Mast-AP
Browns 27 Colts 19.  Pat Shurmur got his first career victory as a head coach on the backs of the Juggernaut and Joshua Cribbs.  Colt looked strong at times, and the defense made plays when they needed to.  Jabaal Sheard is a man beast and this looks like a Browns team could have easily been looking at a 2-0 record going into this week against the 'phins (1:00 CBS).

Money May: PO$

Looks like boxing is back in the news.  So glad we ordered the fight after the Buckeye debacle in South Beach.  I miss title fights that don't include choke and poke, ground and pound, Affliction and rolling around in a cage.  Needless to say, something wwf-esq has to happen to get boxing on the front page, and that certianly happened Saturday night.

The U 24, Buckeyes 6. Air Raid We Are Not

So you can probably guess why Tress did what he did.  He was looking at this team, this game, this result.  If he had told the NCAA about the players, and they were to be suspended, this is what it would have looked like.

If you're reading this, you probably watched the game, scared a few women, made a couple babies cry (I made my own child whimper into the night) and consumed a beverage to pass completion ratio of about 5 to 1, which would made you drink, oh let's do the math.  6 passes completed times 5, is 30 beverages.  2 of those passes I missed because they came after we turned it to OU-FSU, you know, the real prime-time game.  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

*UPDATE 9/18/11* Week 3 College Football Picks 2011

The first two weeks I had a lot of games that I loved.  I came out the best I have ever last week and IF I went with my gut and took BYU and Pinkle didn't ice his bleeping kicker (TWICE) then I would be coming off a week of 7 and 0...oh well them the is what I am looking at this week, with two days left to change.  I want to go with my gut after I look at the picks so this week there won't be too much going back and forth.  I don't really know anything about half of these pics so if I go .500 I will be happy.  Here We Go

*UPDATE* Went 5-2 with Stanford looking like a legit Pac-12 title contender and Luck as the number one pick, Oklahoma State putting 59 points in the prime time Hawaiian timezone slot, Wisky doing their thing and Texas getting closer to back on track after traveling to the left coast and going HAM in the Rose Bowl on the Baby Blue L.A. softies (Neugeisel Citgo)  Overall record through week 3: 13-7-1

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Clemson of the Week: Mississippi State and Notre Dame

I have to preface this by saying I love everything about Clemson in a football program I do not live and die with.  I respect anyone who calls themselves an actual Clemson fan.  Why you would voluntarily root for a team that is .500 no matter who is playing, coaching, or where they are.  Guy who would go to bigger programs, but are just missing something.  Could be attitudee.  Could be discipline.  Could be anything, but Clemson gets guys who seem to only play for NFL, and care a lot about what name is on the back of the shirt and not on the front.  They are truely the real live create-a-team.  Why Nike hasn't been all over them I have no idea.  They would be Top 10 if they added black and gun metal grey to their current orange, purple and white outfits.  They are my favorite team outside of Ohio State.

Miami Week: Remember When They Mattered?

It's still Miami week, a few days before the Buckeyes travel down to south Florida and take on the Hurricanes in The Orange Bowl, The New Orange Bowl, Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, Land Shark Stadium, Sun Life Stadium in one of the toughest road tests in college football.  Here are a couple of videos that take it back to the glory days of the U.  The Ineligibowl. ESPN. 730.  Oh, the 7th floor crew song (2004-2005)...NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miami Week

Here's a video.  What The U used to be.  May not be safe for work/children/general population.  The title is "2001 Baillin' Boys" The Best Team Ever.

Citgo Watch



Give up a 99 yard touchdown where the guy beats you for 20 and glides the rest of the 79 yards on Monday Night Football? DING!

Here's the article, found from The Big Lead's Roundup, a must read to start every day for the rest of history

Brown Stain on My Heart Again

Well lookie here, the 2011 National Football League started this past weekend, and the Browns hosted the Bengals and were favored (!).  The Browns, looked by many as last year's Lions (too young but the parts could be in place in a tough division) were actually picked to win (!!).  If you happened to stream WKNR (ESPN Radio in Cleveland) on your ipad while playing NCAA Football '12 before the game, you were exposed to a 20 point line, in favor of the Orange and Brown of course.  The Bengals, looked by many as the last 20 years Bengals, had no chance (can anyone explain why Marvin Lewis was not only not fired but had his contract extended????). 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weeks 1, 2 College Football Picks 2011

This year, my buddy ol pals have set up a college football pick 7, with one of those as the "Money" game.  Each week, every one's records are totaled and standing are kept.  Each week everyone puts in $5 and the winner collects after the bowl season.  Here are my picks (and results).  This is probably one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done.  I have bet on college during college for three years, and gave myself $50 and once it was gone, it was gone.  Over that time span, I must have gone 3-30, even when I would take 6 to 7 point teasers.  The point: I love college football and know a lot about the players and teams, and who should win, who should show up, and teams that are not very good.  Then I bet on only "sure" games and I get my ass kicked.  I'm not very good at picking teams I think should cover or win, so I have changed with betting on games I will be watching and the teams I want to win.  It is such a toss up and this is more fun than making money as a job, so I don't take it too seriously.  We started this for the bowl pickems last winter and I was awful, but had a great time and it is something really fun to do with your boys.  I will post my picks and results every week.  This is right before week 3 (the lines come in at noon on Monday and the picks are due Thursday at noon) so here are my results so far.  Hopefully I will keep this updated.