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Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Girls

So the U.S. Women's team lost in the World Cup final to Japan in a free throw contest.  As most of you know, I am not the biggest soccer apologist and for me to start a take on soccer without the words of "stretcher", "bomb and/or urine bombs" or "riot" is a bit of an accomplishment.  I have to say, I watched when they played Brazil, watched online at work when they played France and yesterday, I watched the entire game.

The U.S. seemed to be in control the entire way, missing point blank opportunities, which will always come back to bite you.  I enjoyed the drama, but I had the feeling there was no way the U.S. was not going to pull it out.  Wanbach is nasty and Hope Solo is a superstar, and when the penalty kicks thing happened, I wasn't crushed or anything.  I was disappointed for our girls and happy for Japan, but life went on.  I like that there were no stretchers and the game keeps moving.  It's hard to get into a huge moment because the game keeps on going.  There are few replays, no breaks and you can't really pause and realize what a huge score just happened, like with a touchdown or RBI or a three point dagger.

Also, they keep counting up and even the woman who played didn't know how much time was "left" and then the extra time is like the end of gym class.  Well you need 5 minutes to change, but I can't see the clock and let's just say next score wins.  Then some dork says "hey we only have 3 minutes before the period ends" and the game ends.  Come on soccer.  However, I do like the girls game better than the flopping ponytail airplane humping guys game.  Like I have said on twitter (@jamiedupler) if there is a competition and a flag involved, I am down (unless it's guy's soccer, then I do not care whatsoever, however I will tune into the final game if Brazil is playing another good team or something).  Also, why wasn't Gus Johnson doing every game?  See you on the pitch in 2015, ladies.  Oh and Alex Morgan (@AlexMorgan13) is hawt