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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Week 8: One Step Closer to an Intervention

This is what it has come to.

Holy crap. I went 2-5 last week (18-30-1 overall) with my money game on WVU -4 at Texas Tech.  Of course they lost 49-14.  What the shit.  I have no answers, no confidence, and have no idea what in the blue hell is going on.  If you have anything, anything at all with picking ATS when college kids play football, please please please, shoot me something (anything) this way.
Here are my picks for week 8.  I am not happy with them at all, and after looking at them, it seems like I keep taking road double-digit favorites.  Damn I suck.

Money Game:
5Notre Dame -14 vs BYU
3:30 NBC
That's right, I'm taking Notre Dame as a favorite, for my money game.  My, how the mighty picker has fallen.  This is the equivalent of doing black-tar heroin while lying in a gutter.  I hate this season.
3Oregon -10 at Arizona State
9:00 ESPN Thursday
Not taking the home-'dog on Thursday night where home-'dogs thrive and their top-ranked foes go to die, a springboard for all that hell to break loose.  But it's Oregon, and it's only 10.  I hate myself.
Michigan State +10 at Michigan
3:30 ABC
I'm taking Sparty, as an underdog, on the road.  And I really think they can win outright.  'Nard dawg will for sure go off and Sun and Navy will of course win by 17.
1Alabama -20.5 at Tennessee
7:00 ESPN
The one bright spot is Bama covering.  Best believe I'm gonna ride that pony until the legs break.
11Georgia -27.5 at Kentucky
The two questions I always ask this year: Who is Illinois playing and who is Kentucky playing?  Illinois has a bye this week.
Penn State +3 at Iowa
8:00 BTN
This game was in running for my money game.  Notre and Penn State for the most important game of the week...kick me in the junk.
Game I liked until their running back was listed as questionable/doubtful:
7South Carolina +3 at 2Florida
3:30 CBS
I really like the 'cocks to get the W and take out Muschamp's crew, but without Lattimore (he isn't starting) 100%, I'm gonna step off this doozy.
Another -/+3 SEC game I like but don't have the balls to take:
18Texas A&M +3 vs 6LSU
12:00 ESPN
Early game for LSU, and the 12th Man will be rocking.  Johnny Football will win a Heisman either next year (if Braxton breaks his legs) or in 2014 (if Braxton breaks both legs and head) and gotta take a look at a home 'dog.  But LSU could literally eat him alive and put 40 on a porous A&M defense.  Could be close, could be GEAUX TIGERS in a route.  I'm gonna step off this early doozy.  Plus, I won't get to watch it because GO BUCKEYES.