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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weeks 1, 2 College Football Picks 2011

This year, my buddy ol pals have set up a college football pick 7, with one of those as the "Money" game.  Each week, every one's records are totaled and standing are kept.  Each week everyone puts in $5 and the winner collects after the bowl season.  Here are my picks (and results).  This is probably one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done.  I have bet on college during college for three years, and gave myself $50 and once it was gone, it was gone.  Over that time span, I must have gone 3-30, even when I would take 6 to 7 point teasers.  The point: I love college football and know a lot about the players and teams, and who should win, who should show up, and teams that are not very good.  Then I bet on only "sure" games and I get my ass kicked.  I'm not very good at picking teams I think should cover or win, so I have changed with betting on games I will be watching and the teams I want to win.  It is such a toss up and this is more fun than making money as a job, so I don't take it too seriously.  We started this for the bowl pickems last winter and I was awful, but had a great time and it is something really fun to do with your boys.  I will post my picks and results every week.  This is right before week 3 (the lines come in at noon on Monday and the picks are due Thursday at noon) so here are my results so far.  Hopefully I will keep this updated.
Week 2: 5-1-1, 8-5-1
$ Michigan +3.5 W (Michigan 35 Notre Dame 31)
Oklahoma State -14 W (Oklahoma State 37 Arizona 14)
Missouri +7 T (Arizona State 37 Missouri 30 OT)
Wisconsin -21.5 W (Wisconsin 35 Oregon State 0)
Cincinnati +7 L (Tennennesse 45 Cincinnati 23)
Alabama -10 W (Alabama 27 Penn State 11)
South Carolina -2.5 W (South Carolina 45 Georgia 42)
Pick I took off for the Cincinnati pick: BYU +7 W (damnit, again) (Texas 17 BYU 16)

Week 1: 3-4
$ Oregon -1 L (LSU 40 Oregon 27)
Auburn -22 L (Auburn 42 Utah State 38)
Missouri -16 L (Missouri 17 Miami OH 7)
South Florida +10 W (South Florida 23 Notre Dame 20)
Oklahoma State -37 L (Oklahoma State 61 ULL 34)
East Carolina +20.5 W (South Carolina 56 East Carolina 37)
Maryland +5.5 W (Maryland 32 Miami FL 24)
Pick I took off the board but I loved: Northwestern +7 W (damnit) (Northwestern 27 Boston College 17)