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Friday, August 5, 2011

Favorite NCAA Football Unis

I am a huge uniform dork.  I am a die hard "classic" look guy, sans Oklahoma, Texas, USC, UCLA, Penn State, LSU, UGA, just to name a few.  However, I have a few that stand out that I take a fancy to.  I am also a huge Nike guy and sometimes I think they ruin a schools look (Arizona State, Minnesota, Illinois, Miami, and some of the horrible throwbacks/Pro Combat), but there are a few, mainly in the 90s/00s that I love.  Part of the reason why these stick out to me is that I wish they would go back to wearing these.  Also, I love block numbers on the sleeves, stripes, light colored pants, white socks, and the school name on the front.  Jerseys also look better when they are worn during a winning era (2010 DuckTracker).  Here are some of my favorite unis from college football in no order (notice the OSU homer):

Arizona State: 2005

Colorado: Late 90s/Early 00s

Cal: Mid 00s (Away)

Ohio State: late 90s due to high white socks and the start of Nike

Oregon: Diamond plates, flames on the helmet, silver wings on it

Texas A&M: Late 90s/Early 00s 

Army/Air Force: America

Notre Dame: 2005 vs USC 

Illinois: Late 90s, I'm a sucker for 3 color stripes

Mississippi State: Late 90s, love their maroon

Baylor: late 00s, normally not a fan of green but this combo is sick

Syracuse: Late 00s, shoulder stripes plus orange and blue

Virgina Tech 2011: Throwbacks become permanent