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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Illini Uni?!

Here is a picture of a future Illini uniform that was tweeted from the head coach.  As you may know, the late 90s Illinois unis are in my top 10 with the navy-white-burnt orange stripes on the sleeves and pants.  I own a pair of Illini basketball shorts with the stripe design on the waist and it’s not too bad, but it looks like they are trying too hard.  Go back to when Nike first got into the game with the patterened sleeves and collars like TAMU and FSU.  Down the side of the pants look cheesy and the photo looks copied and pasted anyway.  A grey/dark grey uni with their colors?  I wouldn’t hate it.  I’m also a non-Illini supporter.

Bonus points for the shoulder stripe, but why is #55 running the ball?