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Friday, March 16, 2012


So I started a tumblr for my daughter, posting a picture of her everyday with the intention of looking back at it with her when she gets older to see what it was like in her first 2 years. 

Then I came up with the idea of posting whatever I read at work when I'm not dealing with retirees and the world's most renown professors and surgeons who cannot fill out forms properly.  Just about every article I read I post, along with videos and comments about what I am reading.  It is pretty easy and I found that I like to comment on other people's work, rather than do the work myself. 

You can find me at and

I am most active on here with my college football betting and I am not sure how I can do that over there (I haven't found how to add pictures to a post with a caption), but I have about 10 readers so I don't think it matters.  Anyway, I will be over there more often than not.