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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's welcome Memphis to 2013 Big East Football

With news coming down that Memphis has accepted an offer to become the newest, and 12th member of Big East football and in all other sports, the Big East's goal of surviving as a conference is complete.  However, surviving the exits of Syracuse, Pitt and WVU, they may solidified their status as a mid-major conference.  Let's take a look at the new Big East (assuming all the teams leaving are able to leave for the 2013/2014 school year):

Big East East:
Central Florida (added 2012, C-USA)
Cincinnati (added 2005, C-USA)
UConn (added 2004, Independent. I-AA 1980-1999)
Navy (added 2015, Independent)
Rutgers (Original member)
South Florida (added 2005, C-USA. I-AA 1997-2001, Independent 2001-2003)

Big East West:
Boise State (added 2012, MWC/WAC)
Houston (added 2012, C-USA)
Memphis (added 2013, C-USA)
Louisville (added 2005, C-USA)
San Diego State (added 2012, WAC)
SMU (added 2012, WAC)

Teams lost:
Boston College (2005, ACC)
Miami (FL) (2005, ACC)
Pittsburgh (2013, ACC)
Virginia Tech (2005, ACC)
Syracuse (2013, ACC)
TCU (2012, Big XII)
West Virginia (2012, Big XII)

Now if these teams do not define a mid-major conference, I do not know what does.  The Big East could not have expected, as the weakest auto-BCS league, to lose the "best" programs, raid C-USA and keep their BCS status.  Oh and the football program they just added had their fired coach say this at his exit presser.
Good luck with that, Big Least (ahhhyyyoooo)