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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Go Get 'Em Bert

The most surprising move on the college football coaching carousel comes in the form of my most hated program/coach moving down to the SEC to take over the tire fire known as the Razorback football.  I'll be quick and to the point: I have no idea why this is happening, from both sides.  Bert is leaving Wisconsin and is taking his 4TE/Goal line offense down south to rebuild an Arkansas program that was top ten in 2010 and supposed to be back in 2012.  I have two major problems with Bert going to Fayetteville:

1) How is he going to get the players Petrino got?  Nobody down there knows or cares about the Rose Bowl or the Big Ten.  Nobody down there knows or cares about ground-and-pound 3 and 4 tight end sets.  (Nobody = 17 and 18 year olds)
2) He has to face Alabama and LSU every year and running the ball 50 times at them will not and does not work.

Also, why would he leave Wisconsin?  He has built a good program and with Penn State being down for 5-10 years, they are now the 3rd most known program in the Big Ten with back-to-back* Rose Bowls and a good thing going.  He got a minimal raise to move to a program that would be even with Wisconsin at best.  It makes no sense.  He's from Illinois.  He played at Iowa and has a program up in Wisconsin.  Next year, his out-of-division SEC opponents are Florida and South Carolina.  They will be lucky to be .500.  At least Wisconsin can go get Chyrst from Pitt (sorry Mark May but it's karma, bitch).

I just don't get it.  I say he lasts at most 4 years with an average SEC team and then comes back to the Midwest, probably to Iowa when Ferentz gets run out of Iowa City.  Good luck fat man, you're going to need it.  I really hope you get a chance to go for 2 up 40. Against another SEC team, douche.