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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Michigan's Bowl Uni - 2013 Outback Edition

Michigan is once again changing their uniform.  This time, for the Outback bowl.  They are also changing their helmet.  They are going to wear matte navy and maize, which is the trend that seems to be dead (unless it's all black errthing).  The jerseys don't look too bad, which follows their uni changes.  I like the gold numbers and the blue on the shoulders look fine.  I can't tell if they have block Ms on the sleeves or numbers, but either way, it's better than their normal whites with yellow lines all over the place.  Grade: B+ (C- if you are a traditionalist)

After I keep looking at it, adidas has done some pretty good work (Texas A&M, Mississippi State) and some bad work (Wisconsin, Nebraska) and this falls with Michigan's past uni changes.  They want to keep it as classic as they can.  I really like it as a non-die-hard Michigan Man.  The Outback Bowl patch though...

Source: All over the Internet, but I'll give it to Michigan Football's twitter