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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brown Stain on My Heart Again

Well lookie here, the 2011 National Football League started this past weekend, and the Browns hosted the Bengals and were favored (!).  The Browns, looked by many as last year's Lions (too young but the parts could be in place in a tough division) were actually picked to win (!!).  If you happened to stream WKNR (ESPN Radio in Cleveland) on your ipad while playing NCAA Football '12 before the game, you were exposed to a 20 point line, in favor of the Orange and Brown of course.  The Bengals, looked by many as the last 20 years Bengals, had no chance (can anyone explain why Marvin Lewis was not only not fired but had his contract extended????). 

The Cleveland professional football team looked like they were well on their way to get victory number one.  But not unlike their previous squads, the Browns would not let victory get out of the hands of defeat.  On a third and long and facing a guy not named Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer or Carson Palmer's brother who went to UTEP, the Browns decided to stay in their defensive huddle for approx. 38 seconds, then run at the Bengals as the ball was snapped, you know, the ol' backboard-is-hit-so-everyone-that-is-out-is-now-back-in from backboard dodge ball defense.  As you can imagine, it looked like this .  Which reminded me of when this happened.  Which made me feel like this

Next week, the Colts, who looked pretty good losing to the Texans 100-0 or something.  I think the Colts quarterback is out or something.

Me likey: The Steelers got their ass kicked.

On the fantasy front, Straight Ca$h Homey lost despite Thomas Brady going HAM...maybe next year I'll take a runningback not named The Edge and before the sixth round.

Oh, and Teddy Ginn is fast.  Not SEC fast though.  Well maybe.