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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Got Heeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmm

By the looks of it, in the Pacific Northwest there won’t be any problems for a 5-star football player deciding on whether or not to sign a huge MLB contract and give up the gridiron for the diamond.  In the winter, when Cal lost their assistant coach and head recruited to Pac-12 rival Washington, the fallout was almost immediate.  Shaq Thompson, 5-star DB almost instantly switched from Cal to UW, a major get for the Huskies.  He is an all-around great athlete, as evident by him being in the Red Sox minor league system.  Same story as most two-sport stars.  Then, in the summer, he got to play a few AA games.  Now, I’m not a big stat guy.  They can give you the whole story, or empty fodder for your point of view, with other factors not playing a part.  Anyway, let’s get to Shaq.  Here is what he accomplished in the summer: 0-39, 37Ks.  He didn’t have one hit, and all but two of his outs were not strikeouts.  Got HeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmX37.  Looks like we’ll see Shaq full-time in the fall on Saturdays and probably Sundays.  Good job, good effort, Shaq.  Stick to cover 2 buddy.