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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Straight Ca$h Homey 2013: Week 2

Well that was fun. College football was back and there were a ton of good games. There were a ton of bad games too with bad teams losing to 1-AAs all over the place. The spread revolution has made smaller teams able to keep up and bigger defenses grab for the oxygen. Bad losses in August get made up by winning streaks in November, but yeah, Oregon State, USF, Kansas State…see ya.
How did we do? I went 5-2, winning my money game even though Bama’s offense looked more-or-less like very average, and they still won by 25. I went 2-1 with my alternate picks with Boise getting run off Washington’s new field. Yikes. Also, welcome to the Jamis Winston show. Him along with Oregon’s signal caller are my Heisman darkhorses. Rob went 5-2 as well, getting his money game with the winded Clowney on Thursday. Not a bad weekend over all, but with the Buckeyes up 23 after the first quarter, what the hell was that?! They were on pace for a 92-0 rout :(
This week…well everyone takes a breather. South Carolina at UGA, The U and Gators, Mich and Notre, and that’s about it. Oregon at UVA, ok??

Week 2 Picks
$$$ Cincinnati -7.5 @ Illinois
12:00 ESPN2
The second best team in Ohio is a lot better than what might only be the third best team in Illinois. #OATW
This seems like a very solid bet, considering Purdue is better than Illinois. I don’t really care about this game enough to put money on it, but I like it the pick.

13Oklahoma State -27 @ Texas-San Antonio
12:00 FS1
I thought UTSA was FCS. Found out they didnt even have football until 2010. They also play in the Alamodome and are coached by Larry Coker. Gundy time.
$$ Agree. This is basically money printing itself due to Oklahoma State’s non 60-point outburst against them Bulldogs last week. The spread should be pushing 70.

3Ohio State -28 vs. San Diego St
3:30 ESPN2
Let's try this one again. San Diego State just got blown out at home by an FCS team. If THE cant cover this week, be ready for a lot of this in my house
Agree. SDST lost to a 1-AA school last week, and the Buckeyes have things to fix. Look the hell out.

2Oregon -22.5 @ Virginia
3:30 ABC
Virginia got blown out an awful lot last year by teams much worse that Oregon. I dont think much has changed. They havent been good since Schaub lost his hairline.
Agree. The Ducks didn’t miss a beat last week. My major concern was their coach, and he seems to let the ponies run. I’d really like it if it was under three scores, but Oregon doesn’t stop in the 4th quarter, when the defense is dead tired. It could go from 21 to 35 in 2 plays.
11Georgia -3 vs. 6South Carolina
4:30 ESPN
My favorite game of the week. If UGA goes 0-2 vs the state of South Carolina this year, the state of Georgia might as well just give up everything east of Lawrenceville. And I have some friends whose Twitter mentions will be in flames like Sherman came through again. Do it for state pride. For the future. For Mark Richt's family.
I don’t have the stones to take the Bulldogs but I like the home team. Carolina looked good-ish in their first win. UGA lost to Clemson in a great game that they could’ve pulled out if they made a chip shot fieldgoal and threw the ball on 3rd and goal instead of giving it to their fullback. UGA runs a pro-style offense, which falls into the lap of next year’s number one pro draft pick. He’ll also get time to breathe while everyone huddles up. UGA gets the nod due to this game being played between the hedges. It feels like USC should be favored, so heavy money will be on the ‘cocks and the points. This seems to be a “see what the public is doing and go the other way” type bet.
19Northwestern -13 vs. Syracuse
6:00 BTN
GF's alma mater vs. alma mater of my Sister From Another Mister. Northwestern somehow overcame losing Kain Colter on the first drive and little contribution from Venric Mark to win by 2 scores on the road. They might turn out to be pretty good this year.
Syracuse +13
‘Cuse had Penn State on the ropes, and Northwestern won a shootout in Berkley after getting their starting QB, RB and DB knocked out. The 'cats won by two touchdowns and had one guy return two picks for touchdowns. I don't know if that's an inditment on Northwestern playing with fire or a quality road win versus a better-than-expected Cal team. After week 1, these two teams aren't really different talent-wise...The Orange(men) hang around keep it close in Evanston.
17TSUN -3.5 @ 14Notre Dame
8:00 ESPN
My least favorite game of the year.
Notre Dame +3.5
OHMYGOD MICHIGAN IS USING MODERN ELECTRICITY TO PLAY A FOOTBALL GAME AT NIGHT..WITH LIGHTS…AGAIN HOLE LEE COW GET A SHIRT TO SAY YOU WERE THERE…it’s 2013, calm down Michigan Men…Michigan looked really good vs Directional In-State School and Notre blew up Temple 14-0 real early and then held on for 14 the rest of the game…nobody is as good or bad in the first week and these games are always tight. I’m going with the team I want to lose less than the other team, so I’m taking the Golden Domers. This game is even, with Mich getting the Big House advantage (which is overrated, that place is a dump and the fans suck), and even though I don’t like these programs, damn do I respect them and I will be sad to see this game go away after next year. BOO.
My other picks:
Washington State +14.5 @ 25USC
10:30 FS1
Wazzu played a helluva game in Auburn, and USC had their 5-stars play like 3-stars because that’s what Kiffin does. I don’t like USC to cover, ever, under Kiffin. Wazzu would beat Hawaii, and probably by more than USC did. This could be a sneaky “change the channel to the pending upset game”. The Cougs have the ball late, already covering, with a chance to win, or USC blows the doors off and this one is a laugher in the 3rd. Under Kiffin and Leach, anything is possible.
Still haven't watched enough West Coast games to be comfortable enough picking this one, but I like your thinking here. Plus it Leach seems like the type of dude who wants to piss Lane "The Chosen One" Kiffin off for having he audacity to suck as his job and get a better one. Leach probably feeds off of that.
5Stanford -26.5 vs San Jose St.
11:00 P12N
I don’t get the Pac 12 Network, nor will I be up past halftime following the gamecast on the ole ipad. Stanford will run the ball for 4,000 yards and they have a history of sneaking in a late score to cover. Another team that runs their offense after a big lead. Their ground and pound offensive style almost scores by accident. SJST was a great story last year, but they lost their coach to the Buffaloes (NICE W BY THE WAY over Colorado State!!!!) and I have no clue if they can put up a fight. This is also Stanford’s first game. Spread under 28? LIKE.
I thought about this one but then I remembered that San Jose State actually gave Stanford fits last year. But then I remembered their coach left for Colorado. Then I realized they lost half their starters from last season. After all that remembering, I forgot to put this on my list. I won't watch this game anyway.
Alternate Picks to Click:
Miami +3 vs 12Florida
12:00 ESPN
Miami has the real deal in the backfield with Duke Johnson, and Florida averaged 9.0 yards per pass attempt, down from just over 13 last year. Home ‘dog? Sure why not. Even though you need your own fans to come to your home stadium to be considered home, I’ll make an exception for this one.
I support this pick. Jeff Driskel isn't so great at passing the football so they're not gonna score a lot of points. And Duke Johnson can house one at a moment's notice. I'm excited to watch this one.

15Texas (-7.5) at BYU
7:00 ESPN2
Texas got it rolling a little late last week. BYU doesn’t have one guy outside Van Noy who could be on the Texas two-deep. Also, BYU put up a fight last year so Texas knows what they’re getting into. A touchdown doesn’t cover and that’s scary, but Texas should separate themselves as the game wears on and the’ horns win by at least 14.
David Ash will keep me from picking Texas on more than a few weekends this year. But he doesn't need my support when he has this
16Oklahoma (-20.5) vs WVU
7:00 ESPN2
WVU beat William and Mary by a touchdown last week. At home. What?
The Center Gawd Tim Kelley could have told you and all those 'Eers fans that the Tribe ain't nothin' to $*&% wit'. Except this guy He's to be $*&%ed wit'. Anyway, I don't know whether Holgersen needs time to work the new guys out or whether they just lost a ton of talent from last season. I don't think it matters either way because playing defense has never been of any interest to West Virginia, and you can't have a shootout with no bullets. I approve this selection.
$$ CIN -7.5
OKST -27
OHST -28
ORE -22.5
UGA -3
NWST -13
MICH -3.5
RTD: 5-2
MG: 1-0
LW: 5-2
L2Ws: 5-2

$$ OKST -27
OHST -28
ORE -22.5
CUSE +13
NOTRE +3.5
WSU +14.5
STAN -26.5
UGA -3 (ALT)
TEX -7.5 (ALT)
OKLA -20.5 (ALT)
RTD: 5-2
MG: 1-0
LW: 5-2
L2Ws: 5-2


Dupes has been kind enough to offer his platform as a place to post my hairbrained, half-baked NFL weekly picks. Since Roger Goodell has decided to screw up everyone's first fantasy week with the opening Thursday games, I'll have to go ahead and pick this one ahead of when I would normally go through the NFL lines.
Baltimore +9 @ Denver: Has a defending Super Bowl champ ever been a nearly double-digit underdog the opening game of the next season? Baltimore is sure to miss Anquan, and to a lesser extent Ed Reed, but lets not pretend their linebackers didnt get about 14 times faster with Ray Ray retiring, and Champ Bailey is still pulling Torrey Smith's shoestrings out of his ass. Plus Denver's starting center is out for the year. These things tend to leave pass protection in disarray. I still think Denver will win, but this line is too high.