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Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Are...Penn State

Joe Paterno is out as head coach.  The President of the university is out.  The athletic director is out.  The VP of fiance is gone.  The long-time d-coordinator has been arrested on more than 40 counts of child sexual abuse. Mike McQueary still has a job (for now).  Joe Pa's statements.  The silence by the NCAA, the Big Ten, the President of the University and Joe Pa.  The Board of Trustees' press conference.  The student riots.  This is the worst and sickest story I have ever seen in the world of sports. 

Joe Paterno is out.
McQueary has to be next.

Eight, nine, students were raped, some in the Penn State locker room, by Joe Pa's right hand man.

This is not about Joe Paterno's legacy, for all he has done for Penn State.  This is not about Penn State football, not about sports, not about the Nebraska game, not about who is next in line. 

This is about protecting and helping children.  The worst thing even happened and people knew.  People knew and did nothing.  They knew children were being raped by a retired football coach and they reported to their superiors, but the police were not called.  The non-action is why everything had to go down like this.  You have to protect children that are in harm's way, were violated and will be hurting for the rest of their lives, the rest of their family lives.

The students are mad because their football coach since 1951 is gone.  How do the children and their families feel?  How have they felt for the past 10 years?  Past 15 years?  It's not about you rioting, or about you being on tv, or about you supporting a coach that harbored a sexual predator for 10-15 years.  Sandusky was on campus last week.  This isn't about football, about your football coach.  Children were violated and the adults that are in charge of leading young men did nothing.  That's the bottom line.

There is no way Joe Paterno should lead his team out of the tunnel for Senior Day.  There is no way Joe Paterno should lead his team out into the Horseshow and at Wisconsin and the bowl game.

The current members of the team who have given one, two, three, four, five years to this program had nothing to do with this, and their season, 8-1, ranked in the top 20, in hunt for a Big Ten Championship, are innocent bystanders in this mess.  Their season is ruined, their senior day, the proudest moment as a college football player is ruined.  They don't deserve it, but neither did the children who were sexual assaulted and had nothing done.  Everything about this story, every angle, is completely heart breaking.

The fact is everyone who SHOULD have done something, did nothing, and they have to be let go.

You think Sandusky stopped at 8, 9?  I am thinking there is well over 20.  Sandusky is the one who committed these heinous acts.  Joe Paterno and every one who knew about it, let it continue.  Sandusky held youth camps at Penn State and was seen on campus working out as late as last week.  They knew what he was accused of and still had Emeritus status, his own parking spot, free reign through the program.  Read the 23 page report.  Then decide if that was your child, your brother, your nephew and the adults in charge did nothing, what would you do?  Would you want to see Paterno and McQueary on the sidelines of Penn State?

Jerry Sandusky Grand Jury Report

It's not about football.  It's about the children who will be tormented, by someone they trusted, for the rest of their lives, and their family's pain.

If you see anything...hear anything...about child abuse, call the police.  Do not pass it along and forget it.  Please protect the helpless.  It ruins lives and families.  DO NOT DO NOTHING. 

National Child Abuse Hotline:1-800-4-A-CHILD