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Monday, November 28, 2011

My College Football Rankings - Week 14

Week 14
Another week, another game of the week LSU played in.  This time, they welcomed #3 Arkansas to town for the battle of the boot.  They got down early 14-0, then proceeded to outscore the Hogs 41-3 en route to the school's first ever 12-0 start.  They play UGA in the SEC Championship next.  The BCS gurus have said that even if they lose, their schedule and wins are so impressive that they wouldn't fall beyond two, assuring a rematch of Bama-LSU in the title game.  For Championship Week, we are looking at Oregon hosting a .500 UCLA team that lost to USC 50-0 while 11-1 Stanford and Alabama sit at home.  Bedlam matches the Sooners at the Cowboys with the winner taking the Big 12.  Sparty and Bucky rematch for the first ever B1G title game and Houston hosts Southern Miss for the C-USA crown.  One more week left.  Here are my rankings:

1. LSU 12-0 (8-0)
W 41-17 vs. #3 Arkansas
Next Game: vs. #14 Georgia SEC Championship in Atlanta

2. Alabama 11-1 (6-1)
W 42-14 at #24 Auburn
Next Game: Bowl

3. Oklahoma State 10-1 (7-1)
Next Game: vs. #10 Oklahoma

The Rest:
Boise State

Week 13
#2 Oklahoma State lost at Iowa State, #4 Oregon lost at home to Southern Cal and #5 Oklahoma lost at Baylor.  LSU remains the only undefeated team after going into Ole Miss and winning by 9 touchdowns.  Now it is time to compare losses.  Lose to Iowa State? Out.  Lose to Texas Tech and Baylor? Out.  Lose to LSU and USC? Sorry Oregon.  White hot Arkansas moves up and the top 3 in the SEC West are now the top 3 in the country.  The top is shaking out.  Here is my top teams for week 13.

1. LSU 11-0 (7-0)
W 52-3 at Ole Miss
Next Game: vs. #3 Arkansas (Friday)
Loss: None

2. Alabama 10-1 (6-1)
W 48-21 vs. Georgia State
Next Game: at #24 Auburn
Loss: vs. #2 LSU 9-6 OT

3. Arkansas 10-1 (7-1)
W 44-17 vs. Miss. State
Next Game: at #1 LSU (Friday)
Loss: at #3 Alabama 38-14

4. Oklahoma State 10-1 (7-1)
L at 37-31 2OT at Iowa State
Next Game: BYE, vs. #9 Oklahoma 12/3
Loss: at Iowa State 37-31 2OT

Others looking in:
Virginia Tech

Week 12
LSU had a layup against Western Kentucky, Alabama beat Mississippi State.  And then all hell broke loose.  The Pokes put up 66 (!) against a Texas Tech squad who are content with their win in Norman a month ago.  Boise went Boise for the second straight year and lost to a down TCU squad at home by giving up a two point conversion and missing a straight away 35-yard field goal by about 15 feet.  Oregon went into Palo Alto and ran all over the Cardinal and Oklahoma did nothing and moved up.  LSU has Arkansas and the SEC title game left and of course there is Bedlam.  Here is what my top teams look like for week 12:

1. LSU 10-0 (6-0)
W vs. Western Kentucky
Next Game: at Ole Miss

2. Oklahoma State 10-0 (6-0)
W 66-6 at Texas Tech
Next Game: at Iowa State (Friday)

3. Alabama 9-1 (6-1)
W 24-7 at Mississippi State
Next Game: vs. Georgia Southern, at Auburn

4. Oregon 9-1 (7-0)
W 53-20 at #4 Stanford
Next Game: vs. USC

5. Oklahoma 8-1 (5-1)
Next Game: at Baylor

6. Arkansas 9-1 (7-1)
W 49-7 vs. Tennessee
Next Game: vs. Mississippi State

Week 11
The Game of the Century happened and LSU went into Tuscaloosa and came out winners 3-2 9-6 in what was a great defensive game but no 42-39 GOTC.  I cannot fault Bama too much since their kicker missed 2 and had another one blocked.  They are still better than Boise and Oklahoma who lost Broyles for the season with a torn ACL and will be underdogs when they take on Oklahoma State for Bedlam in December.  The Pokes did their thing after getting down early and held off Kansas State at their goal line to preserve their 9th win of the season.  Stanford rolled Oregon State and Oregon went into Seattle and doubled up the Huskies.  Nebraska lost to Northwestern at home as they were down the entire game.
ESPN College Gameday will be at the Pac-12 North Championship is this week when the Ducks travel to Palo Alto for this week's Top Ten matchup.

1. LSU 9-0 (6-0)
W 9-6 at #1 Alabama
Next Game: vs. Western Kentucky

2. Oklahoma State 9-0 (5-0)
W 52-45 vs. Kansas State
Next Game: at Texas Tech

3. Alabama 8-1 (5-1)
L 9-6 vs. #1 LSU
Next Game: at Mississippi State

4. Stanford 9-0 (7-0)
W 38-13 vs. Oregon State
Next Game: vs. #5 Oregon

5. Oregon 8-1 (6-0)
W 34-17 at Washington
Next Game: at #4 Stanford

6. Boise State 8-0 (3-0)
W 48-21 at UNLV
Next Game: vs TCU

7. Oklahoma 8-1 (5-1)
W vs. Texas A&M
Next Game: BYE, at #25 Baylor

Week 10:
Alabama and LSU had byes to rest for the showdown Saturday night.  Oklahoma State put 59 on Baylor.  Stanford escaped LA with a thrilling 3OT win against the Trojans after Luck threw a pick 6 in a tie game with 3 minutes left.  Oregon rolled Wazzou and sets up a nice little match when the Cardinal host the Ducks Nov. 12th for the Pac-12 title/Rose Bowl birth.  Clemson finally went Clemson and lost to Georgia Tech.  OU bounced back against an undefeated Kansas State in the Little Apple and Boise played another MWC game had a bye.  Nebraska jumps in after a dominating 24-3 victory against Sparty.  I will not include Arkansas, South Carolina nor Virgina Tech in my top 8.

1. Alabama 8-0 (5-0)
Next Game: at #1 LSU

1. LSU 8-0 (5-0)
Next Game: vs. #1 Alabama

3. Oklahoma State 8-0 (5-0)
W 59-24 vs. Baylor
Next Game: vs. #14 Kansas State

4. Stanford 8-0 (6-0)
W 56-48 at #20 USC 3OT
Next Game: at Oregon State

5. Oregon 7-1 (5-0)
W 43-28 vs. Washington State
Next Game: at Washington

6. Boise State 7-0 (2-0)
Next Game: at UNLV

7. Oklahoma 7-1 (4-1)
W at #9 Kansas State 58-17
Next Game: vs. Texas A&M

8. Nebraska 7-1 (3-1)
W vs. #11 Michigan State 24-3
Next Game: vs. Northwestern

On the outside:
Clemson 8-1 (5-1)
Houston 8-0 (4-0)
Arkansas 7-1 (5-1)
South Carolina 7-1 (5-1)
Virginia Tech 8-1 (5-2)

Week 9:
LSU dominates Auburn.  I've never seen a defending champion with some quality wins get dismantled by a team that has been already challenged in 4 big games.  LSU is ready.  Bama is also ready, taking out Tennessee 38-7 after a normal, slow start.  Oklahoma ends its 39-home game winning streak and Wisconsin plays poor and ends up losing due to a Sparty Hail Mary.  Just a standard Saturday.  Pokes roll, Stanford crushes Washington and Oregon gives up a safety to Colorado after putting up 29 in the 1st.  Air Force showed heart and hung with Boise and Clemson put up 59 on North Carolina on a potential Clemson-style trap game.  I think we have a new entry to the top 8.  Outside, Arkansas had to come back and hold on at Ole Miss.  Right about now, Oregon's loss to LSU isn't looking too bad.

1. Alabama 8-0 (5-0)
W 45-7 vs. Tennessee
Next Game: BYE, Nov. 5 at #1 LSU 8PM

1. LSU 8-0 (5-0)
W 45-10 vs. Auburn
Next Game: BYE, Nov. 5 vs. #1 Alabama 8PM

3. Oklahoma State 7-0 (4-0)
W 45-25 at Missouri
Next Game: vs. Baylor

4. Stanford 7-0 (5-0)
W 65-21 vs. Washington
Next Game: at #20 USC 8PM (Gameday)

5. Oregon 6-1 (4-0)
W 45-3 at Colorado
Next Game: at Washington State

6. Boise State 7-0 (2-0)
W 38-26 vs. Air Force
Next Game: at UNLV

7. Clemson 8-0 (5-0)
W 59-28 vs. North Carolina
Next Game: at Georgia Tech 8pm

8. Oklahoma 6-1 (3-1)
L 41-38 vs. Texas Tech
Next Game: at #9 Kansas State 3:30

On the outside:
Kansas State 7-0 (4-0)
Michigan State 6-1 (3-0)
Wisconsin 6-1 (2-1)
Nebraska 6-1 (2-1)

Week 8:
Nothing changes.  Every team won and the only close call was Oklahoma State at Texas and they still won by 12 on the road.  Bama welcomes in Tennessee, LSU has Auburn and Wisconsin goes to East Lansing for Gameday.  Stanford hosts Washington who cracks the top 25 for the first time this season.

1. Alabama 7-0 (4-0)
W 52-7 at Ole Miss
Next Game: vs Tennessee

1. LSU 7-0 (4-0)
W 38-7 at Tennessee
Next Game: vs. #20 Auburn

3. Oklahoma 6-0 (3-0)
W 47-17 at Kansas
Next Game: vs. Texas Tech

4. Wisconsin 6-0 (2-0)
W 59-7 vs. Indiana
Next Game: at #16 Michigan State (GAMEDAY)

5. Oklahoma State 6-0 (3-0)
W 38-26 at #22 Texas
Next Game: at Missouri

6. Stanford 6-0 (4-0)
W 44-14 at Washington State
Next Game: vs. #25 Washington

7. Boise State 6-0 (1-0)
W 63-13 vs. Colorado State
Next Game: at Air Force

8. Oregon 5-1 (3-0)
W 41-27 vs. #18 Arizona State
Next Game: at Colorado

Week 7:
Not a lot of change at the top.  Wisconsin had a bye.  Bama had a bye (vs Vandy).  LSU rolled UF.  OU rolled UT.  Pokes put up 70, the Cardinal put up 48.  Boise hung 57.  Ducks, 43 after down at half.  Other undefeated teams include Clemson (who beat BC but Boyd hurt his hip), Michigan, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Kansas State and Houston.  Here are my Top 8 with their big upcoming games and big victories.

1.  Alabama (6-0)
Big Games: vs. LSU (11/5), at Auburn (11/26), SEC Championship (12/03)
Big Victories: at Penn State 27-11, vs. Arkansas 38-14, at Florida 38-10

1.  LSU (6-0)
Big Games: vs. Auburn (10/22), at Alabama (11/5), vs. Arkansas (Fri 11/25),
SEC Championship (12/03)
Big Victories: vs. Oregon 40-27 (Dallas), at Miss. State 19-6, at West Virginia 47-21,
vs. Florida 47-11

3.  Oklahoma (5-0)
Big Games: at Kansas State (10/29), vs. Texas A&M (11/05), at Baylor (11/19),
at Oklahoma State (12/03)
Big Victories: at Florida State 23-13, vs. Texas 55-17 (Dallas)

4.  Wisconsin (5-0)
Big Games: at Michigan State (10/22), at Illinois (11/19), Big Ten Championship (12/03)
Big Victories: vs Nebraska 48-17

5.  Oklahoma State (5-0)
Big Games: vs. Baylor (10/29), vs. Kansas State (11/05), vs. Oklahoma (12/03)
Big Victories: at Texas A&M 30-29

6.  Stanford (6-0)
Big Games: vs. Oregon (11/12), Pac-12 Championship (12/03)
Big Victories: None.  Average score 46-11

7.  Boise State (5-0)
Big Games: None.
Big Victories: vs Georgia 35-21 (Atlanta)

8.  Oregon (5-1)
Big Games: vs. Arizona State (Thu 10/13), at Stanford (11/12), Pac-12 Championship (12/03)
Big Victories: None.  Average score 50-24