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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey - Week 12 NCAA Picks

Took the bagel in the loss column this week and am only a half-game behind Frye Guy.  Out of 11 weeks, I have had only two losing weeks, each 3-4.  I may have to look getting back into or bodog.  No pics or witty captions due to Open Enrollment at work (which is like a fatal fourway, free-for-all hell in the cell buried alive match in the world of HR) and moving houses, my head is spinning.  Week 12 picks to click:

Money Game:
17Wisconsin (-14) at Illinois 12:00 ESPN2
The Badgers have rolled the bottom-feeders of the B1G.  Next up:  The Fightin' Zooks.  Two scores?  Thank you sir, may I have another?  The defense may walk off just like the Zooker did himself at his weekly presser on Tuesday.
L Wisconsin 28 Illinois 17
The Zooks had some pep in their step and raced out to an early lead.  Wisconsin, with no points to prove, took the lead and got out of the House that Zook Tried to Rebuild.  Up Next: The Leaders Division Game of the Century-Penn State vs Wisconsin.  Winner meets Sparty for the B1G Championship.

2Oklahoma State (-26.5) at Iowa State 8:00 ESPN FRIDAY
Another Friday night classic upset?  Hell no.  The pokes have been out for blood this year and Ames is a slaughter house.
L Iowa State 37 Oklahoma St. 31 2OT
The Pokes had heavy hearts and Iowa State played their ass off.  The 'boys only fell to third and if all hell breaks loose again this weekend, the Bedlam may be resurrected.

Mississippi State at 7Arkansas (-13) 3:30 CBS
Arkansas is white hot since their comeback against Texas A&M at Jerry's World.  They just put 49 on Tennessee and I took them as my money game.  The Bulldogs played hard but still lost to Alabama by 17 after the GOTC.  Less than two touchdowns?  I like this a lot.
W Arkansas 44 Miss. St. 17
The Razorbacks kept up their white-hot status, however, a redshirt-freshmen tight end was found dead Sunday morning.  I doubt the team will be able to battle LSU on Friday.

SMU at 11Houston (-20) 3:30 CBSSN GAMEDAY
Houston under -70?  Check.
1LSU (-29) at Ole Miss 7:00 ESPN
LSU crushed Auburn and Auburn > Ole Miss.  Oh and Ole Miss lost 27-7 at home to La. Tech and have suspended the starting quarterback and running back.  Yikes and I MEAN 45-0 at half YIKES
W Houston 37 SMU 7
Gameday showed up and Coach Corso dropped the F-bomb.  Keenum and Co. keep making me money and I like that.

1LSU (-29) at Ole Miss 7:00 ESPN2
This could be a 17-20 point W for the Tigers, but Ole Miss is just that bad and LSU enjoys beating up the cellar dwellers. Guex Tigers.
W LSU 52 Ole Miss 3
Les took a knee 4 times inside the 1 in the 4th.  Yup.  Next Up: Arkansas

5Oklahoma (-15) at Baylor 8:00 ABC/ESPN
My 1st half darlings host the Sooners.  Just over two scores?  Boomer Sooner will cover by the first 3 drives.
L Baylor 45 Oklahoma 38
The real Baylor showed up (yay!/finally) and Oklahoma's mo after tying it up at 38 didn't matter.  Baylor fans got to rush the field for the second time this year, and RGIII is back on his way to NYC in December.

13Kansas State (+9) at Texas 8:00 FX
I have no idea why Texas is favored, more or less by a touchdown and a field goal.  Look for the Synders' Family team to beat Bevo straight up.  This almost falls under the "too good to be true usually is" section.
W Kansas State 17 Texas
I had no idea why Texas was favored by more than 2.5 and K-State beat 'em straight up at home.  Texas is not as bad as they were last year but they are not back.  Too many young guys and too much coach turnover.  They still have 5 stars running around and will get it back next year.

Games I like but won't take:
Georgia Tech (-10) at Duke 12:30 ACC on ESPN/
I will take just about anyone unders two scores, even it they are at Duke.  I love this game but I am not interested nor will watch it.  Therefore you get the boot, ACC.
GT 38 Duke 31
Classic ACC battle.

Boston College at Notre Dame (-24) 4:00 NBC
This is a game the Notre looks to dominate.  They love beating up on bad teams.  And by bad teams I mean the worst BC squad since, uh well, I don't know the history of BC football off the top of my head but normally they are a 6-6 squad.  This year, BC sucks and sucks hard.
ND 16 BC 14
Classic Catholic school battle.

California at 9Stanford (-19.5) 10:15 ESPN
Stanford will beat down the Golden Bears and I will profit from it.
Stanford 31 Cal 28
Classic Nor-Cal battle.