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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Craig James' first political Ad

If you know anything about me, or have been on the Internet this past year, you know that I do not like Craig James.  I don't didn't mind him as an announcer, but his role in the firing of Mike Leach from Texas Tech and ESPN's have-his-back-at-all-costs is utterly dumbfounding.  My favorite meme ever is #FireCraigJames and after this season, he announced he was in the running for the Senate seat of his home state, Texas, which took him off the air.  The fact he is running is laughable at best, but at least he is off my TV.  His first ad hit the airwaves this week and here it is:

The fact he wants to be the next Rick Perry is awesome.  I'm not political at all, and I hope he gets tens of votes.  As long as he is off my TV and not getting coaches fired because his son is a spoiled entitled slow receiver with the dropsies, I'm good with it.

Awful Announcing has been all over this entire thing, along with the outstanding college football community on twitter.  The day Craig James stepped down at ESPN was a victory for every college football fan.

Awful Announcing featuring Craig James

Here's a nice post about hating on James.