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Monday, January 9, 2012

Football things that piss me off

I watch football.  A lot of football.  More college than pro (unless I get free Sunday Ticket/Redzone Channel, then I'm all in).  I love football.  I don't like to bitch and moan about things I love (America isn't perfect, but it's the best).  If there was no football, I'd be greatful to see a touchdown.  Then a replay break for a commercial. Then a PAT.  Then a commercial.  Then a kickoff (touchback).  Then a commercial.  Then a play and an injury.  Then a commercial with the soft Fox/Techmo Bowl injury music.  Then another play, a pass, with a roughing the passer/PI/illegal touching/defensive holding penalty.  And after tonight, I'm going to miss and countdown until opening day for college.  BUT...there are things that happen game to game that really piss me off.  If I was in charge of such things, as on xbox, these are the things that drive me nuts and what I would do instead.  Coaching for the couch is fun!

Going for it on 4th and Punting/Kicking on 4th and 1 (inches):
     I wish more teams would call plays like they have 4 downs instead of 3.  3rd and 8, you can call two plays to get 8 yards instead of one pass for 10-15 yards and a punt.  Also, I am a big believer of "if you can't get a yard, you don't deserve to score".  Keep your offense on the field.  Also, if you punt it at when you are at the 50 and kick it into the endzone, they get the ball at the 20.  Then they have a good chance to get the ball to the 50 anyway, so why not give yourself a chance and go for it.  Most teams are not conditioned to defend against 4th down.  After 3rd down, they automatically go into the "we stopped them" mindset.

Running up the score:
     College, with the current system in place, you can only compare who you played, when you lost, and the score.  I used to be on the "put in the subs when the game is out of hand" camp, but style still matters and I usually take the big favorite, so stop it.  Pro, you get paid millions to stop it.  If you don't like it, then stop it.  It's a man's game and if you're scared, buy a dog.

Delay of game:
     After watching Ohio State and the Browns, there is no excuse for having a delay of game.  Especially out of a timeout.  WTF...Wasted yards, horrible coaching.  In high school, it will happen.  College and Pro? NO WAY.

Going for two too early:
     Teams that are down by 11 early in the fourth, score a touchdown to put them within 5.  Instead of kicking the PAT and going down by 4, they go for two.  If they make it, it's a one score game.  If they don't, they are down 5.  My general rule is only go for two when chasing points inside 6 minutes or if scoring has been really hard throughout the game.  If you go for two with 11 minutes left, there is still plenty of time to score again.  If the other team gets a FG, then you re down 8 and have to go for two again, instead of down 7 if you would have just played it out.  Just kick the PAT and only go for two WHEN YOU HAVE TO.  STOP CHASING POINTS.  I don't do the point card.

Continuing of the catch:
     The ground cannot cause a fumble, but the ground can break up a pass.  Also, a regular catch is different than a touchdown catch.  If you catch the ball and are marked down, then it should be a completed catch.  You shouldn't have to get up and hand the ball to the official after a guy hits you full speed to be a touchdown catch.  Too technical.  Sometimes, the NFL in particular, is hard to watch.

More fakes:
     Easy for me to say.  FAKE THE PUNT! FAKE THE KICK! I like to fake punt better because you aren't absolutely giving up points if you fail.  Do it when you can afford to, early in the game, 2nd half.  Even if you fail, it gives the other team (and upcoming opponents) something to think about.  BE THE RIVERBOAT GAMBLER!  You know you want to...this leads me to...

Coaching like a Bowl Game:
     Over the Bowl Season, I have heard time and time again, "He may go for it because it's a Bowl".  I understand you can't play every game like it's your last of the year with your team just about 100% healthy and nobody to play upcoming, but I would try different things and go for it and I don't know why you have to go psycho just because you are in a bowl game.  Let it all hang out every game and the players will respond.  Unless you fail every time. Hah.  I'd rather be sent to the Citgo going for it instead of just taking it.

Icing the Kicker:
     It isn't like you need the timeouts for later, but I would let the kicker kick it.  When you ice him, he gets to think about it more, but he also gets more practice.  He gets to test the wind, mark his spot on the grass or turf, and get to look at the kick for a long time.  Trot his ass out there and make a kick.  If a W comes down to a kick, you're lucky if he misses it anyway.

Defensive penalties:
     (1) Quarterback - Protect the QB on kill shots and the knees.  A graze on the helmet or a push after the ball, let it go.

     (2) Pass Interference - Both players, the DB and the WR both have a right to the ball when it is in the air.  Has there ever been a call on a WR when he breaks up a sure interception? NEVER and never will.  Why every team doesn't pass it in the NFL every time is beyond me.  See: Pats, Saints, Packers.  If it isn't a complete pass, you are at least getting an automatic first down through penalty.

     (3) Tuck Rule - I have no idea what this is or why Brady in 2001 vs Oakland was not a fumble.  If it wasn't a forward pass, and the ball gets knocked out, it should be a fumble.

Special Teams:
Missed PATs/FGs under 30 yards:
     If your kicker misses a PAT straight up, he gets that strike.  Another missed PAT, and we go to the soccer field.  A "gimmie" FG is automatic.  Your only job is to kick the ball and make it.  No plays.  No hitting.  Kick the ball through the damn goalposts.  If you can't make a PAT, you're gone.

Timeout called on PAT:
     Take the 5 yards and kick the PAT.  Do not waste a damn timeout because the wing guy is looking at the cheerleaders.

Onside kick (1):
     Down one score, 3 minutes left, 2 timeouts left.  Onside kick.  Fail.  Team drives 10 yards. kicks FG. game over.  Only kick onside if you can't give the ball back.  If you have time to stop them, I would rather have to stop them on their side of the field other than at our 40-45.  If you cannot give them the ball, then onside it.  If you are afraid of them returning the kick, either you suck or they have Eric Metcalf and kick it out of bounds.  If you fear of a straight kickoff, you have more problems than converting an onside kick.

Onside kick (2):
     I have not tried it, but I have always wanted to try to kick the ball as hard as you can right at one of the front guys.  A full speed line drive, bounce it off one of the guys, and see where it goes.  It seems to be a reasonable alternative to getting the big bounce that everyone is ready for.  It would be a nice surprise onside kick if you can hit one of the front fat guys.

Shotgun Quick Kick:
     If you aren't going to fake it, you can fake going for it.4th and 5 at your own 45.  Line up in shotgun.  Have the QB take on step back.  He receives the snap and kicks it with nobody back.  The WRs are the gunners and you trick the defense to pin them deep.  I LOVE THIS PLAY.  I YELL WHEN I SEE IT :)

College Overtime:
     I like it, but it would be perfect if the ball was moved from the 25 to the 30 or 35.  A team should have to advance the ball to be able to have a chance to score.   Starting at the 25 is too close.

     Every play is replayed in super slow mo and if one blade of grass painted white touches a guy running full speed down the sideline, he is out of bounds.  I want the rule where you get two views of the play, full speed.  Then you can change it or keep it.  Football wasn't meant to be looked at over and over, frame by frame.  The officials are not calling anything so everything can be overturned and the entire flow of the game is being destroyed.  Two looks, full speed, move on.