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Friday, September 28, 2012

Just a reminder...Wisconsin Road Uni vs. Nebraska

Just a reminder, this is happening tomorrow night. //shoots self in eyeball with nail gun...

Hm ok.  So last year, Michigan wore a "throwback" or whatever with a giant M on the front with a little number on the upper chest.  Ok cool.  That's how teams rocked their unis back in the day when there was no TV.  Nebraska took to it (another adidas school) when they showed off their "unrivaled" set with a big N on the front with a little number on the upper chest.  When the Huskers came out with that jersey, there were rumors and then an official statement that Wisconsin too, would have a special jersey for that game (another adidas school).

Well today, Wisconsin showed that special jersey.  And guess what?



Let's see, there's the giant letter of the school with a little number on the upper chest and diffe
rent color shoulders.  It's so lame and so copied and the teams will look the exact same.  One thing Nike gets is that they kind of got away of the "Nike templet" at least for special uniforms and occasions.  Not only is adidas copying what Nike started, which is fine.  New gear, new replicas, new money.  But they are copying themselves.  So the Ns will be playing the Ws.  Awesome!  Horrible job.  Jersey isn't bad, but I don't wanna see the Ns vs the Ws.  Do something different, for once.  Oh and the black socks typify the shittiness of this. #techfitisshit

Here's was the Ns will be wearing by the way: