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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Week 1 Picks

Back as the defending champ, here are my picks for week 1.  For those of you who don't know, my buddies and I put in $5 and pick 7 college games a week, and after the bowls, the winner gets the money.  You get a bonus for picking your "money game", going 7-0, 6-1 or 0-7, and having the best record that week.  A running total is kept throughout the season.

Anyway, I won last year and am back to defend my title.  Here are my picks with notes.  The lines we get are out on Tuesday afternoon and we have until kickoff on Thursday night to submit our picks.  I will also include a few extra picks I like but don't have the guts to include them in my top 7. 

Overall: 2-5, money game victory

Week 1
Pick $:
8 Michigan vs. 2 Alabama -13 (Dallas)
If even Brady Hoke starts his "suspended indefinitely" running back (glass house, Sun and Blue nation), Saban has had all summer to figure out how to stop the college version of the NYJ Tebow package (call passing play - run around - recievers go deep - run for a couple yards).  Denard will not leave this game under his own power.  Anything under 13.5 and I'm on this like Chuck Weis on homemade cookies out the oven.
W 41-14
Bama got up 31-0 and dominated the entire game.  Just as I suspected.  There weren't many Michigan Men out there Saturday night.

Pick 2:
9 South Carolina -7 at Vanderbuilt
7:00 ESPN Thursday - College Football Kickoff
1. Vandy cannot stop Lattimore. 2. Vandy cannot score against Clowney and co.  Easy 10-14 point win.
L 17-13
Early turnovers and the QB injury for the 'cocks led to a pretty bad performance from a top ten SEC team.  Vandy played pretty well and looks to be out of the cellar of the SEC East.

Pick 3:
24 Boise State at 13 Michigan State -7
8:00 ESPN Friday
Boise doesn't have the quarterback who has the most wins in the history of NCAA football as a starter and have to start out at Sparty at night.  7 is just fine, but you never know what those wacky Broncos will pull out.  I would hope a top-tier B1G team could beat this Boise team at home at night by at least 10.
L 17-13
Michigan State defense: pretty good.  Michigan State offense: pretty bad.  Ringer 2.0 in Bell and a new QB who looks like a new QB.  Clemson of the north shows again.

Pick 4:
Notre Dame vs. Navy +16.5 (Dublin, Ireland)
9:00A CBS
Foreign country, versus a pure-option team, and no answer behind center.  I've seen it before many-a-time and anything over two touchdowns is huge.  Also, I will never ever take Notre ever.  Take America.
L 50-10
Notre went pound and ground and outclassed Navy every way.  No pitch and catch = no pitch and pick.  9:00 AM live college football is great.  The NCAA should probably look into this more.

Pick 5:
Marshall at 14 West Viginia -24.5
12:00 FX
DubV put 70+ on Clemson.  A year later, a worse opponent, at home.  Kick is at noon so it may take a while for the Holgo train to get on track, but this is a quick fiddy spot for Geno and the boys.
W 69-34
Holgo be rollin'.

Pick 6:
Northwestern -1.5 at Syracuse
12:00 ESPN2
Love the Wildcats early in the year, on the road.  Half-empty Carrier Dome.  I'll take NW to get the W. Note: the .5 scares me.  Damn you Vegas.
L 42-41
Bad loss of the week.  The 'cats took a 35-13 lead and puked all over themselves.  They ended up scoing in the last minute to win by 1, naturally.  Damn you Northwestern.

Pick 7:
4 Oklahoma -30.5 at UTEP
10:30 FX
Boomer Sooner will have 38 at half.  Can the Sooners' back-up back-ups hold the Miners in the 3rd and 4th?  Top 4 teams don't give up multiple TDs late.
L 24-7
I'm getting off the Oklahoma train real quick.

Best of the rest:
Hawai'i at 1 USC -39.5
7:00 FOX
Why wouldn't I be looking at the number 1 team by over 5 touchdowns?
L 49-10
Why wouldn't they only win by 39?  Went for two about 10 times because their kicker was injured.  Damn you Lane and Vegas.

Toledo +10 at Arizona
10:30 ESPNU
No way a shitty Arizona will have the new Rich-Rod offense in sync, plus my heart lies with a visiting #MACTION team.  The Rockets could get a big win for the youngest coach in D-1.  Plus, a reason to watch football at 10:30 after tailgating all day.  Gotta have something on the tube while I take down multiple Locos Tacos.  GO SCHOOL FROM OHIO.
W 24-17 OT
The Rockets battled and could have won.  Don't sleep on the MAC!

Kentucky at 25 Louisville -13.5
3:30 ESPN Sunday
Heated rivalry, and Louisville is playing Kentucky.  They aren't very good.  I don't see a court or hoops.  Under two touchdowns?  Me likey.
W 32-14
Kentucky gave up an opening 99 1/2yard drive.  Holy Hell they are bad.  Look for them in these posts in the future.  Joker = Citgo