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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 year high school anniversary

10 years later, 10 beers in

Over the weekend, I had my 10 year UAHS reunion at the Bogey Inn.  It was really fun and just like high school, I talked to my homeboys I haven't seen for awhile and didn't really talk to anyone I wasn't friends with.  My homies met at my place before (we had power!) (!) and it was close to where the bus was to take us to the Bogey.  We took the last one and had the entire bus to ourselves. 

Anyway, this reunion got me to thinking, not about how much have changed since high school.  Since I am a completely different person, big changes 10 years out are assumed.  But it got me thinking (aloud to myself in the shower) about how much has changed in just 5 years since our last reunion at BOMA (Bar for Modern Art) which isn't there anymore.

July 2007, I had just graduated college in March after 4+ years, had not started going to school to become a teacher and was landscaping for my day job.  I still had both my parents, I was living at the Quarry with Hale and was dating Alissa.  Ohio State had just come off their best season with a devastating loss to Florida in the championship, a basketball loss to Florida, in the championship, and the Indians were in the midst of a season that took them to a 3-1 lead in the ALCS with game 5 at home and CC on the mound.  The Cavs had just lost in the finals to the Spurs after taking out the Pistons and the Clippers were still playing at the Coop.  My sister was at OU and I was still driving my '02 Jeep Cherokee.  Oh and I had just been suspended from coaching JV football at UA for being in a picture during sibs weekend at OU with a high school senior who was also there to see his sib (my sister's roommate).

Here's the spark notes from those next 5 years:
My mother passed away in December of '07, I moved from the Quarry to Dublin, to Cambridge road in UA, then to my dad's, then with Trapp, then with Tiffany at the condo, then into a house on Zollinger and now at our house on Kentwell.  That's 7 different places I called home.  I coached Hastings Middle School football for 2 years and Hilliard Bradley JV baseball for 3.  I was off-and-on at Ashland and Columbus State and ended up getting a real desk job (temp) at Ohio State HR last year after being a sub teacher all over Columbus from '08-'11.  I then took a job 3 weeks ago at STRS (temp-to-hire) and have quit coaching (for the time being).

I met Tiffany in the fall of '08 and we now live together in UA with her two sons (10 and 8) and our daughter, Ella, who was born in Nov. 2010.  A few of my friends have gotten married and most of them live with their girlfriends.

Ohio State won 4 B1G championships, beat Michigan 4/5 years and had the 2010 season erased, along with the firing/resigning/retiring of Tressel.  Urban is the OSU coach and there is a playoff starting in 2014.  Lebron never made is back to the Finals with the Cavs and left, the Indians and Browns have sucked and the Clippers moved into a ballpark of the year and won back-to-back titles.  The Buckeyes returned to the Final Four this past March.

Twitter was invented and myspace died.  Facebook blew up and now is really really lame.  Oh and I stopped buying shoes/hats.

I am 290 and am struggling with eating right/working out/weight issues.

Anyway, there was a whole lot of change in the last 5 years of my life (age 23-28) and I doubt there will be that much change in such a short period.

When you look back at the '90s or '80s, you think that decade is pretty much the same, but it's crazy to think about how much has changed in just half a decade.