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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Mississippi State football uniforms (2)

adidas is doing it again.  They are really getting annoying.  It would be cool if they did anything (something) new, but they just keep repeating themselves and Nike.  This time, they are giving the Bulldogs a "snow bowl" uni for when they play Texas A&M this year.  They are paying homage to the 2000 Independence bowl, of course, when the two teams played in a snow storm and Miss. State went all white.

You might be asking, "Oh that's cool, are they going to wear the uniforms they had in 2000 (which are one of your favorites)?"  Um no, because they (and A&M) were Nike schools at the time, they couldn't possibly wear a 2000 Nike template.  No, adidas is going to do what Maryland and Under Armour did last week and go with an all white/silver errrrthing uniform.  Very lame.  The helmet also has a giant dog face on it.  So they have ripped off Under Armour (Maryland) and now Nike (Missouri, and don't forget Carolina basketball's silver anniversary edition uniforms from a few years back). I do like the template, pretty plain and classy, but yeah, not original and you can't even read the numbers.  Oh yeah, your competitors have been doing the same thing for about 5-10 years.  Do something (anything) original for one team.
Grade: D

Now onto their "Battle for the Golden Egg" unis.  Last year: Cool.  This year: Over done/trying too hard.  Let's Miss. State has a new uniform for all of 2012, and then a white out and an Egg Bowl 2.0 uniform.  And they are an average to below-average SEC West team.  Holy shit, enough already.  The only thing missing is #HAILSTATE as the back nameplate.
Grade: C

Source: Hail State