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Monday, September 17, 2012

*Results Update* Straight Ca$h Homey: CFB Picks Week 3

Alrighty, last week I went 2-5 again and losing my money game outright with Bucky falling to the Beavers, 10-7.  I don't know if Danny O'brien knows he isn't playing at Maryland anymore, but the fat man fired the o-line coach the next day, after Montaye Ball was held to under 100 yards.  And, um, 7 points against Oregon State.  Yikes.  So with that, you probably won't see me take any teams I hate with my money game, because it really did dampen a great loss by the Badgers.  Anyway, holy hell does the B1G 5UCK. 

Here are my picks for week 3 as I try to get out of the cellar with an overall 4-10 record.  Winning the championship is hard.  Defending it is harder.  Big shout to Trapp for going 3-11 to keep me from the worst picker in the first two weeks.  Week 3.  It starts now!
Winning week!  After starting 0-3, rallied for 4 straight!

Money Game:
13Virginia Tech -10 at Pitt
12:00 ESPNU
Pitt is horrible.  10 is a great number.  I was thinking it was going to be around 17 to 21.  I can't believe I am making myself flip between Ohio State and an ACC/Big East ESPNU game at noon.
L 31-17 Holy shit, Virginia Tech.  I was off them starting this year, but down 21 at this Pitt team?  They were not only not close to covering, they weren't close to winning.  Another stupid early season loss for the Beamer boys.  Sweet money game pick, Dupe.

Western Michigan +2.5 at Minnesota
12:00 BTN
Putting my MAC love where my money is.  Broncos go into TCF Bank Stadium and get the dubbya.
L 28-23.  Very close, and the Gophers' lost their only above C- player Gray in the second quarter.  Could have gone either way.

Auburn -16.5 at Louisiana-Monroe
12:21 SEC Network
Classic next-game-after-huge-upset.  Last week, after beating Houston, Texas State lost to Texas Tech 58-10.  I hope this gets ugly real quick.  Last time I take Auburn if they do indeed turn in a Tire Fire 2.0
L 28-21 OT Monroe did it again, down 14 late in the 4th, came back and forced OT.  Damn.  Auburn sucks.  They have LSU now.  Guess who I am taking?

UCONN -2.5 at Maryland
Maryland is horrible.  Anything under 14 is a great number.  Don't let me down, Huskies.
W 24-21 Huskies held on.  Next for Maryland?  WVU.  Yup.

Texas A&M -13.5 at SMU
3:30 CBS Sports Network
The Aggies have a freak freshmen at QB.  SMU has no freaks on defense.  This is based solely on the 'stangs blowout loss to Baylor in week 1.
W 48-3 Honestly forgot I picked this game.  Saw the final scroll at the bottom during the Sparty-Irish game.  Very close to being my money game.  Shoulda Woulda Coulda.

18Florida +1.5 at 23Tennessee
Haven't been sold on Tennessee since 1999.  The Gators proved something last week in College Station.  This game could go either way, but I'm rolling with the Gators.
W 37-20 Gators came on very strong in the 2nd half again.  Vols looked like the Vols of the past.  Florida ripped a few long scores.  Great win for Gator nation.

14Texas -10.5 at Ole Miss
9:15 ESPN
I have no idea why this isn't 21 to 24, but I like Texas by that much.  I don't know if you can tell, but I am basically going against every team that has sucked in the past 2 years.
W 66-31 Texas would score in 2 minutes.  Then Ole Miss would score in 2 minutes.  Texas stopped them more.  Great late-night game to switch back to during USC-Stan and MSU-ND timeouts.

Best of the rest:
12Ohio State -17 vs. Cal
12:00 ABC
The Buckeyes are down to their 3rd string running back, and even though Jordan Hall is "back", he is not ready for a full game and would a surprise factor.  I love Urban in non-conf so that is why this game is up I can see if I can trust him.  Ohio State's offense has been psycho (along with the defense) and the Cal Bears lost to Nevada, who run an running-option attack, but with less 3/4 stars than Ohio State.  Could be close, could be ugly.  17 is pretty big.  I'll take the Bucks 34-17 ish.
L 28-21 Buckeyes went into Tressel mode on offense and 2011 mode on defense in the second half.  Very glad I stayed off this one.

16TCU -21.5 at Kansas
12:00 FX
Kansas is Horrible. 21.5 is a big number, but I'm thinking this could be 30-plus.
L 20-6 Saw one play.  The most 20-6 game ever.

2USC -8 at 21Stanford
7:30 FOX
I want to take the high-powered high-ranked team again, but they have looked average compared to the weapons and points they put up last year.  Stanford struggled in their first game, but crushed Duke and seemed to return to form.  USC last in double OT last year and that's when Stanford had their best team maybe ever.  I like USC by two scores, but am staying away from it since it's over 6.
L 21-14 Stanford beat SC for the 4th straight year and the underwhelming Trojan offense was held to 2 scores.  Not the usual high-powered top team ala Bama and OK State last year.

Game I will not touch with a 27 1/2 inch pole:
Arizona State +6.5 at Missouri
7:00 ESPN2
Sparky is hot, Mizzou is coming off a close-but-then-beatdown in their welcome to the SEC.  I honestly don't know which team is going to show up.  Both for the Sun Devils and the Tigers.  No idea.  None.  Could be close, could be 10, could be a total blowout.  Either way.  If a game was ever a Saw situation, this would be it.
W 24-20 Vegas got this one right.  Sparky was intercepted in the endzone.  Mizzou didn't have their QB.  Could've gone either way on numerous plays.  I looked at this game like every NFL game.  No freaking idea.