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Friday, June 22, 2012

Arkansas football unis for 2012

Arkansas has made some changes since they went 11-2 and had their starting QB and stud RB that has returned from injury.  The Razorbacks looked like a top 5 team that was ready to challange 'Bama and LSU (both teams come to Fayettesville) for the SEC and National crown.  However, their coach had a motorcycle accident, was fired, and the best coach of all time now leads pig sooie for 2012.  They have also changed their look.  Not a drastic change, but added some silver razor wire thingy on the shoulders and a black uni option.  Also, to fit the mold of every other team, they have added a white helmet for the first time ever.

I don't really mind the shoulder thing, but the two-tone numbers, adding a black uni and a white helmet option really is played out.  The all white look will be nice, but it's not really Arkansas.  Whatever, time to move on I suppose.


New Arkansas Razorbacks Football Uniforms 2012

Source: Uni Watch