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Thursday, June 28, 2012

WVU Gray

Here is what the new gray WVU uni's will look like when all paired together.  I would've liked to see the gold featured with blue outline, or a new (or old school) look instead of their current white design and have the only thing change is the white replaced with gray.  The helmet looks nice, with a little pro-combat heritege in there.  Hopefully they either wear the entire set together on the road to replace the all white, or wear the gray pants with the blue, yellow and white tops.  I am not a fan of light shirts on dark pants and I don't even wanna know what gray on yellow or white will look like.

When I played Heisman mode on NCAA Football '12, I played at WVU and mix and matched their current set with their pro-combat and it didn't look half bad, but it also didn't go together.  Those helmets though....nasty

Here's what the complete set looked like vs. Pitt.

Thanks to Uni Watch and WVU Facebook