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Monday, June 25, 2012

LeBatard goes off after Heat win the title

Since I have a desk job and have had one for just over a year, I sit in my cube, enter data and stream sports radio.  In the morning, on my drive into downtown Columbo, I hit up the Morning Zoo on WNCI 97.9.  I simply cannot take Mike and Mike (unless they get after certain coaches in the B1G)...

9:00-12:00 Dan Patrick show on
12:00-3:00 Jim Rome on
3:00-4:30 Common Man & The Torg or the Dan LeBatard Show

I am a huge MYGUY fan, but I can't stream their show on the Internet, which is a total pain in the ass, so I head on down to 790 The Ticket in Miami for a few hours.  I went down there when everything was happening in the summer of 2010 to get their perspective, and his show is really funny. 

Anyway...After the Heat do something, like when they got James, when they took Boston out and after they won the title, Dan goes on a tirade and yells a few things about the city and team, then yells, "GIVE IT TO ME AGAIN" and compares the city of Miami to everything.  It's great.  Here is the latest rant after the 3 kings got their first crown together.