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Thursday, June 21, 2012

That Queen City

Looks like on Saturday I am headed down to the GABP to catch the 'legs and Twinkies duke it out in an interleague tilt.  First pitch: 4:10.  I am staying with Heider (with Hale to join after he gets off of work at 2PM on a Saturday, sounds like a bunch of terrorism to me) and with two days before the ball game, he came through and got us tickets, which I turned into a picture.  Here is wehre we will be "sitting" even though the plan is to get in early to capture a Sean Casey bobblehead (the only requirement to receiving free tickets) and head to the bar in left field.  Anyway, here are our tickets:

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And no, my year and a half old daughter did not write that for me.  It's hard to write with a mouse, aholes.