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Monday, August 27, 2012

Quote of the New Era of Buckeye Football

This comes from wide recieve Corey "Philly" Brown earlier today,

"Coach Tress’s was kind of just play it safe and win the game, as opposed to Coach Meyer’s which is we’re going to go score 100 points, and do this and do that, and try to run scores up, and just have a good time out there. Try to defeat our opponent’s will, just ‘no mas’ everybody.”
No Mas is right
This is exactly why I still cannot believe Urban is the head coach of Ohio State.  Tress had to apologize for scoring in the 4th quarter at Northwestern in 2007.  A 30-7 win over Akron was deemed good enough.  Seniors got to start no matter what.  That era is over.  I loved Tress.  I still do.  But with our 4 and 5 stars, his offense was boring and predictable and overall BLAH.  They are not going to lose to Purdue anymore.  Michigan thinks they had a nice season by only giving up 34 to the worst Buckeye offense in history.  No Mas is right.  Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.  Once this thing gets rolling...look the F out.

Thanks to Lori Schmidt via twitter (@LoriSchmidt) and her blog Fear The Hat