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Monday, August 6, 2012

Official Oregon Green Jersey

This is what the Ducks will wear when they go with their standard green shirt.  It first debuted in the Rose Bowl but had a giant patch on it and I wasn't sure if it was a special Rose Bowl jersey or just a preview the this year's. 

The silver Air Force wings are gone and there is an addition of sleeve numbers, which I both like.  They are using extra material like they did in the early 2000s (and I guess you could count the diamond plates too) that are in the form of wings which I guess works...but for Oregon, this is pretty tame. 

I am suprised the numbers weren't rejected due to the fact that they are hard to read.  Black on dark green is tough enough, but with the metallic finish on them, it's almost impossible at night with the lights.  I also wouldn't mind that wing design on the pants in some fashion, on the knees like the diamond plates or down the side at a stripe...I think it would look cool as the same color but with a different glossy finish.  No word as to whether or not their chrome lids will be used more or just once like the best helmet of all time, the Holiday Bowl la flama blanca, which needs to be put in NCAA '13 like yesterday.

Anyway, what I am really using this for is to see if I can embed a tweet into this thing...