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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Walking the Plank

Last night I proposed to my girlfriend of 4 years and the mother of my daughter.  She said yes.  The plan to propose totally blew up but I ended up toughing through it and got it done.

How we roll, from last fall
The plan was to have our daughter take the gift box to her has she pulled up after work.  I told her to text me when she was on her way, however her phone was in her purse, and after a few minutes with no response, I checked out the window.  Car in the driveway, car empty, door opening.  I was sitting in the living room with the gift box out in the open, so I jumped up, got the box and ran into our room and put the box under our covers.  She also has two boys from a previous marriage that live with us for half the week.  The plan was to have her and my baby girl walk in with the box and the boys and I would all be there.  Since she was walking into the house, I wasn't ready, the babe was playing with a toy and the boys were downstairs killing zombies on Call of Duty.  I yelled that she was home as I ran into our room.  I returned and had to have a secret meeting with the boys, after trying to get the baby into the room, but she was then face-deep in Tiff's purse.  I said screw it, walked out with the boys with the box and proposed.  Not nice and tidy, but got the job done, kind of like LSU's offense last year, you know, before they played in the championship game.

Ok, so it's a major life step, and after the proposal, my sister came over to watch the babe as we went to dinner at Cap City.  Between tweeting and facebooking it (most 2012 thing ever) and when the dinner ended, my phone was basically dead due to all the alerts from all my friends.  Apparently every one checks facebook and twitter every second of every day, not just high school girls.  It was great, and it was time for this to get done.  She's already been through the traditional wedding and I don't really care, so we are just going to have a reception/party-type deal after a bachelor party, presumably sometime in the summer.  I'm really happy, she loved the ring, and everyone has been great.  Nothing to do with sports, but just thought I would share a little personal story.