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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Penn State Announces Uniform Changes

So kind of.  On twitter, naturally.  A blue ribbon will be added to support the victims of child abuse.  And also names will be added to the back to honor those who stayed.  For Penn State, that's a major change, which is fine with me.  It will be odd to see white names along with the numbers, but to the average guy it won't matter much.  And I don't give a shit what the PSU fans think.  The ones I have read, they can go f*ck themselves.  I used to think that Wisconsin and Ohio State fans (along with the entire SEC) fans were the worst, but Penn State fans hoping the NCAA would get raped like the boys did...I don't want to group all PSU fans into one group because I have a few good friends that are Staters, but my goodness...Anyway, stay tuned for next off season where there is a possibility of a "major" PSU uni change (I hope not).