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Monday, August 13, 2012

Chad Ochocitgo Released By the Dolphins

This also happened over the weekend.  The same old story of a premiere athlete who met his wife after cussing her out on twitter, headbutts said wife after she found a receipt for condoms.  As he wait in jail, his team releases him.

Chad Johnson, who was a force with the Bengals, wore out his welcome after he changed his name to Ochocinco was moved to the Patriots, who love to take a chance on players who were run from their previous team.  Johnson was a top 10 WR just a few years back and last year had less than 20 catches in a pass happy offense with a hall-of-fame quarterback who made Dion Branch a lot of money.  He couldn't figure out the playbook and "lost himself".  His hometown team scooped him up this year and from the first episode of "Hard Knocks" on HBO, seemed like he was their main only threat to gain yards at any point of the year (THEY ARE HORRIBLE).

Now he's pumping gas after going Lord Tensi on his twitter wife.  I could care less about this, other than putting your hands (or forehead) on a woman is deplorable.  But at least "Hard Knocks" will be watchable for two more weeks.  That is, until the 3rd preseason game, the "dress rehearsal" if you will, when the "first" team gets outscored by 30.  Maybe they will be able to draft Barkley next year.  You know, a quarterback in college who played quarterback for 4 years in college and high school and middle school.  Who also has a hot wife/girlfriend, WHO PLAYED QUARTERBACK THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE IN COLLEGE.  Sorry, but taking a WR who converted into a QB for a year and half at the 9th pick, I do not like.  How very Browns of you.

SO ANYWAY, if you have HBO or have HBO GO and use someone else's password and are on the fence about watching "Hard Knocks", the Dolphins were the 10th team asked and the 1st team to say yes.  This incident will be featured so watch the next two episodes.  Then move on to Brickelberry.