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Thursday, July 12, 2012

New A&M Unis

Texas A&M rolled out new unis from Adidas, and if you know anything about me, then you would know that the TAMU unis in the late 90s (Dat Nguyen 4 LIFE) are one of my all-time favorites.  Deep maroon, all white, nike, simple/clean, sleeve numbers.  All me.  Even a little pattern on the sleeve and neck trim a la Penn State and Florida State.  They would have been in my top 5 if I was a 5-star.  GIG EM!!

Anyway, when they switched to Adidas, they added gray, but just a little bit and ruined the freaking TAMU brand.  They brought back the old style during Von Miller’s prime, but used the stretchy style that looks like a colored trash bag.  Their stretch fit looks like shit and Adidas sucks balls.  Anyway, new conference, new unis for the Aggies.  Here they are, via @AggieFootball.  Hey A&M, when you go back to Nike, let me know.  Oh and have fun getting to a bowl in the SEC.

Not too bad, they look like Sparty before they went Nike psycho with just one stripe down the side.  And the two stripes coming down the shoulder is nice, but if you're gonna use two stripes, then use two stripes.  If you're gonna use one, use one (I'm all about consistancy). Update from Uni-watch: The shoulder stripes come for the '70s.  Uh OK.  Why not keep the current set and use this as another option?  Oh well.  At least there is no black (nor white helmet - the guy with the gloves kinda looks like he's got a white helmet, but it could be the glare, youneverknow) Looks like there is a white helmet, along with the addition of the grey facemask, a must for any Dupe uni.  The color finish is also flat/matte.  The #techfit still look like shit BTW.  The Nationals-style numbers with the shading on in the inside, called beveling, looks like shit.  I’m not even gonna speak on the continued sleeves.  Or gloves.  Or socks.

Here's a nice video from the guys at adidas:

Updated source: