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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

War Damn Tattoo

This is a few days old, but it involves a recruit switching to a hated rival, and a on-a-whim tattoo.  Reuben Foster, the number 1 LB and Top 2/5/10 recruit had originally verballed to Roll Damn Tide switched to War Damn Eagle.  He had changed high schools and there was some rumbling that he was wavering on his commitment to Saban and co.  He did switch, and the old adage of “if he switched now, he can/will switch again” seems not to apply, since he, seemingly hours after the change of heart, posted a picture of a nice new, AU tattoo, colored, on his forearm.  Obviously he can rock a half sleeve, but this seems like he is warring damn eagle and warring damn eagle for life.  Way to go, young’n.  If you’re going to Heisman Bama after giving your undying support, Heisman them in the gnads, with new, visible, ink.  Earmuffs in Tuscaloosa.  Earmuffs.