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Monday, November 12, 2012

Johnny Psycho

Major upsets are fun.  First, when the game is brought up, anyone who brings up that the favorite could lose gets laughed at.  Then the upset happens and everyone then claims they saw it coming and that the favorite was ripe for the upset.  Bullshit.
Texas A&M went into Tuscaloosa and beat Alabama and didn’t trail one time.  Their redshirt-freshmen quarterback showed up, balled out, and become a legend after he went half-RGIII half-OMG OMG OMG hey look an open guy.  Bama was down 20-0 and in the 4th,  needed a Michigan/Nard-dog-everyone-go-deep-and-I’ll-underthrow-it-deep-pass just to be put in a position to take the lead in the 4th.  Then the QB on the best team who never makes a mistake made a mistake and threw a pick at the goal line which sealed Bama’s fate.  Alabama did have a chance to get the ball back, but what was a microcosm of the entire game, they jumped offside on the punt which resulted in a first down and the Aggies shocked the world.  They were two-touchdown underdogs.
Last week, at Game of the Century IV or V or whatever, LSU lost to the Best Team Ever in the History of College Football after they failed on a fake punt, failed on an onside kick and missed a field goal.  The writing was on the wall.  Alabama should have lost and needed a last-minute drive to beat LSU.  Was Alabama showing merit of a champion, because no season goes untested, or did this show that Alabama wasn’t a perfect team and chaos should be prepared for?  Would Bama bounce back and crush the newbie at home, or would the now-overrated Best Team in the History of College Football have to fight for a second straight week and could get beat?  Latter and Latter.
A&M came in white hot, but I thought their defense couldn’t stop Alabama.  The spread might give the Tide some problems, but Johnny wouldn’t leave the game under his own power.  You cannot throw 50 times against this defense (see: Michigan) and tell your girlfriend(s) about it on the ride home.  I also thought that even if A&M does give them early fits, Saban will figure it out (like his teams always do) and they will methodically beat down (like they always do) the Aggies and run away with it in the 3rd and 4th (like they…you get it).  I took Bama -14 and figured the score would be 35-14 ish with at least two picks and a fumble recovery.

The Aggies came out with 0 shits given and got up by 3 touchdowns.  Alabama looked rattled but was in no way out of it by halftime.  Even when you thought in the 3rd quarter, “Ok, Bama has settled in.  They  just scored and all the Big Mo is with the Tide.  They will stop A&M or get a pick or fumble, and the rout will be on.”  Well John went legend and marched the Aggies down the field.  That was it.  He showed that he just doesn’t care, and anything wrong that could happen, he’ll just run around ala RGIII and find an open guy because you can’t cover guys for 10 seconds.  He has the speed to get away from 2013 NFL rookies on Bama’s d-line and will/can find an open receiver that has come back to him and find the open spaces.  If not, he’ll just run for 10 yards, make a guy miss and get another 5-15.  Dude is straight out of NCAA 13 for XBOX/PS3.
Their new coach came from Houston and has spent a good majority of his career preparing for upsets, and his team showed no fear.  They threw the first punch, then a few more, took a few, but never backed down, even in the belly of the beast.  When TAMU opened up with Florida, Johnny showed up and played like a psycho.  I remember sitting there with my eyes wide open, shocked that this young kid doesn’t care about getting killed by Florida’s defense.  He just did his thing over and over and over again.  His offense might be trashy, with every big play as a broken-play, but I’ve seen young QBs and most of them just get sacked and throw picks and look like young kids.  Johnny is a freak.  There is something with this kid that I haven’t seen out of a QB in a long time.  He doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing, but he’s going full speed and just doesn’t care.  He is going to ball out no matter what.  Welcome to the SEC.  Gig em.  Rawl Tide.  Hello, chaos.