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Monday, November 19, 2012

Ohio State "Rivalry" Nike Unifroms

Nike came out and said they were paying homage to the 2002 team.  Then they said they were going to pay respects to the 1968 team.  They did neither.  This looks like a uniform from the Mario level where everything is huge.  I don't mind them and will use them in NCAA '14, however, for the Michigan game, where you can see all the Buckeyes they have earned the entire year, and for this year to be THE last game, I think I am with everyone else when I say that these should have been worn for the Nebraska game, not for THE game.  This game will be the most watched and I get it, Ohio State has now done this for 4 years (3 out of 4 Michigan games).  I just want a normal-looking Ohio State-Michigan game.  These are all the pictures from the pep rally tonight from the Ohio Union.  The numbers are reflective, but won't be that big of deal on a gray November day at noon.  The stripes are all exaggerated, and there are 7 Buckeye leaves on the back collar.  The helmet will feature no Buckeye stickers and is a "dull chrome".  It looks like the scarlet stripe has texture to it, probably Buckeyes or buckeye tree bark.  No black tv numbers (1968) or normal stripes like in 2002.  Good effort, wrong game.  It would be a lot cooler if Nike only chose special teams.  When every team and their mother are doing special uniforms every week, the teams that don't change shit seem to stand out more.  Dream senerio?  1990-2000s throwbacks but used as normal jerseys with the big Steeler gray stripes.  Whatever.

Uniform: B
Timing: F

This picture comes via @BenAxelrod a must follow for Ohio State fans.
Like years in the past, former Buckeye running back Raymont Harris is the model.