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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Week 13: GET IN MY BELLY

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Showdown Saturday is here, just in time as you are released from your turkey coma.  A lot of people don't like the Michigan game after Thanksgiving, but I love it.  No work on Friday, and it caps off a great holiday break.  Also next year, it will give the Buckeyes one week less of layoff before the championship game.  Last week I took some 'dogs and ended up 4-3 with the money game as Northwestern went in to Sparta and beat them straight up.  This week I am going with a lot of heavy hitters and taking the biggest spread as my money game.  I also have tonight's game, a game tomorrow and the rest on Saturday.  I also came out of the basement and now I am second to last and owe $77.  A far cry from last year, but my head is up and my picks are in...on to week 13...

Record Last Week: 4-3, $
Record to Date: 38-41-1, 5 money games, 11.5 games back
Place: 14th out of 15

TCU +7 at 16Texas
7:30 ESPN
The Longhorns have been playing better, but they couldn't really play worse than they did at Kansas.  TCU has shown up this year, and a whole touchdown is a lot of points.  Patterson is good at either stopping the spread or keeping up with it, and I think Texas may be a little down not playing A&M anymore.

West Virginia -1.5 at Iowa State
3:30 ABC
Going with my heart on this one.  I think WVU walks in Ames and blows them out of the cornfields.  Anything under 10 and I like them 'neers.

Ohio State -4 vs 19Michigan
12:00 ABC
I mean come on.  Michigan is now running more pro-style with Gardner under center and their best injured player who is a quarterback at running back and running power plays.  Michigan's defense came back to Earth this year and I think Ohio State wins by at least 10.  It could be close because RIVALRY GAME but really, Ohio State wins 55-14.  #hateweek

5Oregon -10 at 15Oregon State
3:00 P12N
Oregon bounces back and puts a whoopin' on State in the Civil War.  Either that, or OSU beats them outright at home and Chip Kelly goes to the Eagles next week.  If you win, your uniforms looks sweet.  You lose, you look like f*cking clowns.  Back to warp speed please Ducks.

$$$ 2Alabama -31.5 vs Auburn $$$
3:30 CBS
This could be a literal murder.  I'm going 55-0 Alabama.  Chizik should have been fired after going to overtime with Monroe.  There is a new NCAA Investigation (don't get me started) and Auburn is runaway Tire Fire of the Year, which after the Razorbacks motorcycle wreck, seemed impossible.  Alabama got up 24-0 on Cam Newton, what in the hell are they going to do against this Auburn team?!

Wisconsin +2.5 at Penn State
3:30 ESPN2
Bucky ends their season with a W in Happy Valley.  Could be close, but I think Wisky pulls away because Penn State doesn't really have anyone.

1Notre Dame -6.5 at USC
8:00 ABC
I keep telling myself, how in the hell does USC score on these guys with a backup freshmen quarterback?  Then I look at the wideouts and Silas and I think they could put up some points.  However, a team that struggles with Matt freaking Barkley behind center will for sure struggle against a top 5 defense.  Notre comes in as a team that has shown up big in big games against a team that has no-showed in big games.  Under 7?  I'll take this all day (which is exactly what Vegas wants).  Notre Dame wins and heads to the National Championship game.  Unbelievable.

Games I like and will keep an eye on:
Rutgers +2 at Pittsburgh
12:00 ESPN
I took Rutgers as a 'dog at UC and they won outright.  They do the same at Heinz Field.
12South Carolina +4 at 11Clemson 
7:00 ESPN
Louisiana Tech +4.5 at San Jose State
10:30 ESPN2
Tech was down by 3 touchdowns in the second half last week (to 1-loss Utah State) and ended up forcing OT.  They go to San Jose and get that W.  #WACATION