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Monday, November 19, 2012

New VT helmets

These were worn against BC this past weekend.  All white, with a new Hokie bird on one side, TV numbers on the other.  I don't mind the look if the rest of their set was non-traditional, but with the classic look, the helmet looks 1)stupid 2)out-of-place and 3)trying too hard/ripping off Boise State.  If you're going to rock the UCLA stripes on the shoulders and the same stripes down the pants, go ahead and put those same exact stripes on your helmet.  If you want to go psycho, go all in, like Maryland or Boise or Oregon.  Don't class up the joint with a suit and then wear a neon trucker hat.  All class or all psycho.  And I would like to see the numbers on the helmet match the numbers on the jersey.  Alabama doesn't so not a huge deal though. Grade: C-

Source: Nike Blog

New White Virginia Tech Helmets

New White Virginia Tech Helmets