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Friday, November 16, 2012

Straight Ca$h Homey Week 12: I Let the 'Dogs Out

Please pick us.

This week is personal.  Ohio State plays Wisconsin and I hate Wisconsin. I hate their team, I hate their style, I hate their coach, I hate their program and I hate their shitty fans.  When did Wisconsin have a win over Ohio State and when was that win not the biggest win in their program's history outside of Pasadena?  F*ck Wisconsin.  This week, I'm taking the 'dogs.  And whoever is playing against Maryland.  And Bill Snyder.  Simple enough.  On to Week 12...

Record Last Week: 3-4, $
Record Last 2 Weeks: 9-5, $ $
Record to Date: 34-42-1, 4 money games (Last)

10Florida State -31 at Maryland
12:00 ESPNU
At this point, I'm looking at Maryland as Jacksonville State or Savanna State or whatever team that was a 70-point underdog earlier this year and the coach was being questioned about his players literal safety.

$ Northwestern +6.5 at Michigan State
12:00 ESPN2
F*ck Sparty.  If NW gets up by double-digits and then loses to Mich St in OT by 7, I'm going to kick my dog and smack my fiance.

Rutgers +6.5 at Cincinnati
12:00 Big East Network (?)
F*ck Nippert.  Rutgers looks bad one week and now they are just under a touchdown 'dog to a very very average UC team.  Big East Football errr'body!

17UCLA +4 vs 18USC
3:05 FOX
F*ck Lane Kiffin.  If anyone could get the preseason no. 1 team to 4-5 losses, it's Lane.  Coach 'em up.  THROW THE RECORDS OUT FOR THIS GAME.  Home 'dog all day.

Ohio State +3 at Wisconsin
3:30 ABC
F*ck Bert and Bucky.  Ohio State is 10-0 and has shown up to every tough road game this year.  Wisconsin had a good day running at IU.  You know who else had good days running at IU? Lydell Ross.  F*ck Bucky.  No spread offense (aka run right at Hankins and Simon and Sabino is back)? I like the Buckeyes.  A LOT.  ON TO 11-0 after going 6-7!!!!!!!! BLEEP YOU BADGERS!

20Louisana Tech +3 vs Utah State
WAC Championship.  Both teams have one loss.  Utah State is a missed field goal away from beating Wisconsin at Wisconsin.  LTech put up 48 against TAMU. Utah State is 10-0-1 ATS this year.  LTech is at home and scoring over 50 points a game.  Please put this game on TV.  Home 'dog. Yes.

1Kansas State -12 at Baylor
8:00 ABC
F*ck yes Bill Snider.  Baylor cannot stop anybody and having this as a night game gives Klein an extra 4 hours to heal from his elbow or head or whatever.  Could be a shootout, but K-State pulls away late.