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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Earl Simmons: Where My Dogs At?

Dog is a dog,
blood's thicker than water

So I hop on twitter this morning and I see #DMX is trending.  This is either pretty cool (hey a comeback!) or a sad day (RIP DMX, which is highly likely).  I do some research and see he performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards last night.

As many of you know, my favorite rapper is Dark Man X.  I started listening to rap in middle school.  My first rap cd was Puff Daddy's "No Way Out" and Busta Rhymes' "When Disaster Strikes" (had a gift card to Blockbuster).  I was all in on Bad Boy and Def Jam.  I would play the cds on my boom box and record them onto cassette tapes, then listen to those mixtapes on my dad's walkman as I made my way to Hastings on my bike. 

When I got to high school, I had a discman and my newly found Jones friend Brad Frye introduced me to DMX and the single "It's Goin' Down" as we were walking to Big Bear for lunch (F Freshmen Freeway).  That was it.  Earl was my guy and took over as my favorite rapper.  His movie "Belly" is also one of my favorites.

DMX has hit some rough times as of late, and when I went to see him in concert in 2007 at Skye Bar, he was 2 hours late, high and drunk off his ass.  He played all his hits and I had a great time. 

Anyway, here are my favorite DMX songs (in particular order).  "It's Dark and Hell is Hot," and "Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood" are still in my top 10 albums of all time.

Some SFW, some not.

Things in this post that have dated me:
Puff Daddy
boom box
cassette tapes
Big Bear
Skye Bar