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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frogs go out east, come back home

You'll fit right in

 Texas Christian University announced last night that they have officially accepted an offer to join the Big XII, starting July 1, 2012.  This comes after the school had accepted a move to the Big East last year, which made absolutely no sense other than TCU getting out of the Mountain West and into a BCS situation.  After Boise State joined the MWC, it looked like they were going to have their little BCS-Buster playoff per the winner of the Mountian West.  The move to play UConn as a conference foe seemed even more peculiar.

With Texas A&M gone to the SEC and Mizzou wanting the Big Ten but would settle for the SEC, the Big XII, who has been on the complete brink of collapse twice, had to make a move and TCU makes the most sense.  If not for them, the conference too, filling a void left by the Aggies.

Now what for the Big East?  They have already lost Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC.  They are now looking outward, and Big East Coast Bias as the tale of the tape for the prospective schools here.  The Big East has also shown interest in the service academies, Navy, Army and Air Force.  Some do not see the departures of the Orange and Panthers as much of a loss.  Oliver Luck (Andrew Luck's father), who is the AD of WVU has said as much.

Texas A&M is gone to the SEC, making the conference looking for one more school.  The Big XII still has its core members, with Mizzou seemingly out the door and the team that used to play the "Little Sisters of the Poor" coming in.

I'm still of the thought that the foundation of the Big XII is uneasy with Texas having their own network and not sharing their revenue evenly.  I see UT going indepentent, like the rest of the state views itself from the other 49, and the Pac-12 absorbing the rest of the Oklahoma and big time Texas schools. 

It is difficult to look far ahead because there are many dominoes left to fall, but at the end, there will be 3-4 super conferences and the winners will face off in a Fatal Fourway battle for the Championship, with every week a self-made playoff.