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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Clemson of the Week: Mississippi State and Notre Dame

I have to preface this by saying I love everything about Clemson in a football program I do not live and die with.  I respect anyone who calls themselves an actual Clemson fan.  Why you would voluntarily root for a team that is .500 no matter who is playing, coaching, or where they are.  Guy who would go to bigger programs, but are just missing something.  Could be attitudee.  Could be discipline.  Could be anything, but Clemson gets guys who seem to only play for NFL, and care a lot about what name is on the back of the shirt and not on the front.  They are truely the real live create-a-team.  Why Nike hasn't been all over them I have no idea.  They would be Top 10 if they added black and gun metal grey to their current orange, purple and white outfits.  They are my favorite team outside of Ohio State.

Find a way to lose a game in a way that you thought you would never see in your life? Clemson has already done it.  Ranked in the preseason top 25 and barely made a bowl? Clemson did it.  Dictator of the "Other Recieving Votes" isle? Clemson has complete authority.  Top 10 recruiting class and goes .500 in a weak conference? Clemson did it.  Huge win followed up by a terrible loss? Clemson has done it.  Single digit visored predators roaming the defense that falls for playaction/misdirection EVERY TIME? Clemson does it every weekend.  Get into a brawl with your biggest rival and bring a cloud of embarrassment? Clemson has done that as well. This award goes to the team who does their best Clemson impersonation.

This week Clemson Award goes to...TIE! Mississippi State and Notre Dame.  First, let's go to Jordan-Hare.

Miss. State gets the co-Clemson Award due to the fact they had :10 seconds on the clock and were at 2nd and goal at the 1 1/2.  If you throw a quick slant/fade and it is incomplete, you still have around :05 seconds left and 2 downs.  Then you can choose to do another quick pass or a running play.  If you run the ball, and do not get in, that is the ball game.  To recap: If you pass, you have at least two more tries.  If you run, you have no more tries.  LET'S GO TO THE GAME TAPE
When he gets tackled, there are :05 seconds left, but with no timeouts, the game is over.  Good Job Bulldogs.  Get those cowbells ready for LSU.

Now, to the night game at The Big House.  College Gamday was there.  Electricity even made an apparence.  Great matchup of unranked teams.  THROWBACKS!!!

For the game...Notre Dame heads into the 4th quarter up 24-7, in complete control.  From there,  well I don't think I really have to say anything.  Just hit the highlights.

Have a look out for Clemson as they are 3-point favorites against Auburn this weekend.  I have no doubt in my mind that this year might look like last year.