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Monday, September 19, 2011

Money May: PO$

Looks like boxing is back in the news.  So glad we ordered the fight after the Buckeye debacle in South Beach.  I miss title fights that don't include choke and poke, ground and pound, Affliction and rolling around in a cage.  Needless to say, something wwf-esq has to happen to get boxing on the front page, and that certianly happened Saturday night.
Wham. Bam. Thank you ma'am

Just as the fight was hitting its stride in back half of the 4th round, with Ortiz landing a few shots and Mayweather against the ropes, not in trouble mind you, but good action, Ortiz tried to get to Money's head, with May deflecting most of the shots.  The kind-hearted Ortiz appear to snap and lunge forward for the most blatant head butt I've ever seen live. 

May was cut on his upper chin and a point was deducted.  Ortiz hugged and kissed Money May's cheek.  The ref got them together after the point was taken off and Ortiz once again approached May in an apologetic way.  May accepted but you could clearly tell he was bent and was going to go after him in the next round.  As the ref looked to the ringside judges, May saw Ortiz standing there, almost waiting for the ref.  May went left hook, paused, right overhand to the face.  Goodnight Ortiz. 

From ringside, it looked like this (via Deadspin, via

If you thought the ending inside the ring was bazaar, here is the post match interview with HBO's Larry Merchant.  Money May snaps right before Merchant is going to ask him about Pac-Man (NSFW-language)

That is not the way a PPV should end.  May starts out by thanking everyone for buying and knew he didn't earn this victory.  Yes, Ortiz, always keep your hands up and head on a swivel, but it was obvious both men we not ready to continue to box.  THE REFEREE WASN'T EVEN LOOKING.  I was so upset at this ending.  May is the kid who racks up 10 kills on Call of Duty when his buddy is in the bathroom.  He technically could hit Ortiz in the face twice and get the KO, but this isn't Gladiator.  It is not winner lives, loser gets tossed to the lions.  Ortiz did cheap-shot May and got a point deducted.  This is not a street fight.  You are self proclaimed "The Best Fighter Ever" and you knock out a guy when the ref wasn't even looking?  Where's the steel chair Stone Cold? Sweet dude.  Here's Mannix's recap.

You know what?  As I sit here and think about it, maybe this is the way a PPV should end, and maybe this is what boxing needs, not only for the sport, but to get May and Pac together for THE FIGHT.  The ending made the fight a lot better than a 12-round unanimous decision in favor of Mayweather, where he spends the last 6 rounds dodging punches, gaining points and getting another victory over a younger, less-experienced and less talented fighter.  Like I wrote earlier, I was glad we got the fight and I don't know if one round of Ortiz doing minimal damage would have been better than the Vince MacMahon-themed ending.

Fight Pac-Man now or forever live as the greatest below the greats.  Anything May says/does now is just bull sh*t until you fight Pac next.  No more waiting.  You got the win.  Congrats.  Now fight Pac-Man for the biggest fight of this century.  And get your ass whipped.

Vote Merchant 2012